On July 28 a competition is being launched for game developers. Winners will receive Evoplay Entertainment’s support in bringing their projects to life.

Competition aim
The competition aims to identify talented people capable of, if not changing the entire game industry, then at least bringing something new to it. Evoplay Entertainment is looking for creative and ambitious developers of games and game platforms with bold ideas. Creators of truly promising and original projects will receive support in bringing them to life.

Competition terms
The competition is open to all developers who dream of playing an important role in the growth of the gaming industry. To participate, developers must have:

  • a sophisticated design worked out for their game;
  • ideally, an alpha or beta version ready;
  • either a free-to-pay or pay-to-pay format;
  • support for PC (Windows or Mac OS) or mobile (iOS and Android) platforms.

Contestants must send their project by e-mail at [email protected]. The deadline for submission is September 30, 2016.

The contestants’ submissions will be judged by a special jury consisting of leading Evoplay Entertainment developers.


  • First place – $40,000
  • Second place – $10,000
  • Third place – $5000

The winners and Evoplay Entertainment will sign a contract where Evoplay Entertainment will act as the publisher, and the winners the developers and creators. The basic provisions of the contract include a 70% royalty to the developer, assignment of non-exclusive rights to the publisher, and an NDA.

Each participant can look forward to, at a minimum, the reward of helpful advice and comments from experts with many years of experience in game dev.
The creators of the most memorable concepts will be invited to work for Evoplay Entertainment, where they can expect a high salary and outstanding prospects for career growth and professional development.