Lucky Sector

  • RTP 96.00%
  • MAX WIN € 720 000
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Evoplay welcomes players to try out its latest multiplayer game, Lucky Sector, where the player’s chance of winning is directly impacted by the bet and the number of players in the round.

By placing a bet, a player is assigned to a specific sector with its own color, the size of which depends on the number of opponents present and the bet. The bigger the player’s sector is, the bigger are the chances to win.

When all bets have been accepted, a 10 second round begins in order to determine the winning color. The player in the sector that the wheel stops spinning on takes all the winnings, which consists of the sum of the bets of all players in the round, minus the 4% casino margin.

But it doesn’t stop there, when a round is bolstered with additional opponents, a player can make additional bets that will increase the chances of winning!

Start the game and let the Lucky Sector’s wheel spin for some big wins!

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