Happy to have VideoSlotsOnline onboard!

30 June 2021

Evoplay is excited to introduce to you our latest partner, VideoSlotsOnline!

This B2C platform is dedicated to Italian-speaking players who want to discover the latest casino games. On the website, gamblers can find around 2,000 of the most recognized titles in the iGaming industry, and enjoy playing a demo version without the need to register.

Soon, the platform’s visitors will have access to Evoplay games and reviews of our titles – in Italian and prepared by the VideoSlotsOnline team.

More news is just around the corner!


Find Evoplay games on PathosOnline IT!

25 June 2021

Evoplay is excited to announce a new B2C deal, signed with PathosOnline IT.

The platform strives to provide players with the best gambling experience by offering an informational hub dedicated to the topics of all players’ common interests. PathosOnline IT also takes care of safety, and publishes the rate list of the most trusted online casinos in Italy every month.

We’re very excited to partner with PathosOnline IT, and stay tuned for more updates that are coming soon!


New B2C connection made!

23 June 2021

We are glad to share the news that Evoplay has established a valuable new connection with RichSlots!

The RichSlots B2C platform is a well-trusted gambling and entertainment source for Italian players. More than 4,000 games have already been listed and reviewed by their team – giving the site’s visitors deeper knowledge and understanding.

We encourage all Italian-speaking players to keep an eye on the latest Evoplay updates at RichSlots – we’re sure that it will become a helpful tool for a better playing experience!


ProGame is now streaming Evoplay games!

18 June 2021

Evoplay is excited to announce the start of our collaboration with ProGame!

The Belarussian streamer, who has a broad audience of players on his YouTube channel, constantly presents the latest casino games, plays them in real time, and then shares his trusted and fair feedback from a player’s perspective. 

Moving forward, Russian-speaking players can attend streams of Evoplay games, and join the chat and game discussions on ProGame’s page.

Information on upcoming Evoplay streams will be announced soon on the streamer’s Youtube page and on our social media channels. 

Stay tuned. And then join the conversation!


Evoplay signs with Slots-777

16 June 2021

Say Hello to Evoplay’s latest B2C partner, Slots-777!

This exciting platform pays great attention to reviewing new gambling games – ensuring that its visitors are fully up to speed when it comes to new releases and updates hitting the market. 

We are very excited that Slots-777 will make sure our games are presented in a creative but trusted way to players around the world.


Let’s e-meet Casinos Hunter!

11 June 2021

On the hunt for Evoplay game reviews? Look no further than our latest B2C partner, Casinos Hunter.

We’re delighted to announce our collaboration with this platform that provides honest, detailed and unbiased reviews that help online gamblers find the best games and the safest sites to play them on. 

Head over there now, and find Evoplay game reviews and our company updates.


Not a chance! Why skill-based games boost online casino traffic

10 June 2021

Skill-based gaming shouldn’t be seen as competition to iGaming – it’s a gateway. And that’s why we’re seeing blurred lines between what were often distinct genres. Game suppliers have known about this gateway for years – and more and more gamers are starting to explore it too.

There’s always a sense of satisfaction when you win a game of chance. You just beat the odds, and that feels good! But nothing feels better than winning when you know that your skill at playing the game was a reason for the win. You didn’t just get lucky – you earned it.

The future of iGaming is tied to pulling in more players from Generation Y (Millennials, born 1980-94) and Generation Z (born 1995-2010). One of the similarities they share – they love playing skill-based games. And they’ve grown up putting in serious hours doing it.

Skill-based gaming is a gateway to skill-influenced gaming in online casinos. 

Back in 2015, a report showed that 26% of social casino gamers reported having migrated to online gambling. Importantly, engagement in micro-transactions was the only unique predictor of migration from social casino gaming to online gambling.

One year later, 9.6% of participants reported that their gambling had, overall, increased – and 19.4% reported that they had gambled for money as a direct result of social casino games. 

From free play, they were slowly moving to gambling. And it perhaps started with features that required earned (or bought) functions. Types of play have greatly impacted Loot Boxes, for example – in-game chests (mystery boxes) that can be opened through a purchase or through successful, often skill-based, gameplay. 

Research last year showed that Loot Boxes are now common in games. On the Google Play store, 58% of all video games have them. That number is 59% for all top iPhone games. 

Loot Boxes can be for paid and unpaid openings, opportunities for cashing out, paying to win, using in-game currency, unlocking key mechanics, or obtaining exclusive items – showing that whether you play on a desktop or a mobile, using skill  to unlock items of interest or value is dominant.

As seen with mainstream gaming, skill-based games can be played against the game itself, or against other players – and where there are multiple players there are in-game chat rooms. 

Simply put, one of the strongest ways to attract a new, younger audience to iGaming is with skill-influenced games. Today, such games are a hot topic of discussion in our industry, where almost all games are RNG-based. 

Millennials are ready to experience something new. And they can be shown that gaming and iGaming can be two sides of the same, or at least a similar, coin. Such skill-influenced iGaming can give the Millennials something new, but also something familiar. Something exciting, but with a different sense of reward. 

It’s our responsibility, as an industry, to adapt content to make sure we appeal to that audience. It’s how we can inject new blood into the market, and how we can grow revenue.

In a recent Synergy Blue study of online casino owners, there was very telling feedback. In total, 67% of respondents said they now want games that appeal to “a new generation of gamblers”, and 81% indicated that they believed that skill-based/skill-influenced games would provide that different player experience.

Are your game suppliers providing these news types of games that appeal to a new generation of gamblers? Are they truly helping to grow your web traffic?


Evoplay teams up

9 June 2021

The Evoplay team is excited to announce a new B2C deal! With immediate effect, visitors to the platform can now explore Evoplay games absolutely for free by playing demo versions and reading detailed game reviews. 

We’re looking forward to what we know will be a fruitful and enjoyable collaboration between our two companies. 

Be sure to stay tuned to our website and social media pages for more news!


The brand that goes beyond games

8 June 2021

The 2021 Evoplay rebrand was recently nominated for the CasinoBeats Game Developer Award ‘Innovation in Marketing’. 

What does the rebrand mean to us, and how important a role does it play?

As Seth Godin, the marketing and leadership expert, once said, ‘A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.’

We believe that good branding is a key component to business success, scalability, and finding ways to truly connect with customers and partners.

Ivan Kravchuk, Evoplay’s CEO, and Vladimir Malakchi, our CCO, were recently interviewed and explained the importance of this belief.


Tell us about the rebrand – what does it symbolise and how will it change the way Evoplay interacts in the iGaming industry?

Ivan: The rebrand is really an evolution – something that naturally started to take shape as our company grew and we made plans for the coming years. We’re really proud that in just three years we grew our team to over 100 people, and going forward we needed a brand identity that would help tie together our people, their work, what we stand for and how the industry itself recognises us – a company that’s at the forefront of technological development in the iGaming space.

In terms of how that plays out regarding interaction – that is, in short, a key component to our brand and our future. We’ve always made sure that we meet the needs of online casinos and their audiences, but in addition to that we also have a strong drive to help actually shape operators’ future audiences.

Evoplay is itself a brand. One that stands for great gaming, progressive ideas, industry-leading tech, and market firsts. We’re a prime mover, and that means more than just producing new games that no one else has created in this space. 

It means we create the type of games that will bring in a whole new audience to iGaming. We’re interacting with mainstream gamers – and showing that huge group of players that iGaming can be a natural continuation of the gaming they love – just in a different form of entertainment. Gambling. 


Are there other objectives, too?

Vladimir: One is to reflect our insights and plans in a way that sets the tone and future-proofs our messaging – as much as that is ever possible. Or, in other words, to represent how Evoplay will be perceived in and outside of the gaming industry.

Now it’s time to really show the world of entertainment our technological capabilities, our art, and that we’re mature enough to set our name in stone.

We’re bringing our business to a completely new level, shaking up iGaming and making a strong statement to the industry. One of the objectives of our rebrand is to start showing that. 

We think of our brand as, essentially, a platform for reaching and tapping into the wider world of entertainment.


Was this done in-house, or did you use an outside agency? 

Vladimir: All of our rebranding work was done in-house, and this was possible because we’re actually structured like a creative agency. We have the capacity for market research and analytics; and have the brand, communications, graphic design and marketing expertise that many agencies would themselves be proud of.

Indeed, some of our staff have agency backgrounds. Our marketing and communications team, for example, are an incredible mix of talents. Some have worked in gaming before, and others come from outside of our industry and have worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet – from Red Bull to Audi, from Nike to HBO

What you see from our rebranding is really just the start – the beginning of our journey as we move onwards and upwards.


Talk us through what’s new in the Evoplay journey – what can visitors now expect to see on the Evoplay website?

Ivan: Journeys for any company should be holistic – touching every aspect of the business. Our rebrand took this into account and so it’s more than just how we look on social media, for example, or how we use visuals. 

It’s really everything – from the PR we use to engage the media, to the emails that partners receive, to the way we present our work for award recognition, to the communication we have with players, or even the way we set up contracts and draft official letters. It touches everything!

But for the website specifically, we tidied up the functionality and put into place the elements needed for the future tools it will offer. 

Then we applied the cosmetics –  our logo that playfully represents the letter ‘E’ but also represents a wing (a reference to our new mascot, which is now being implemented in our work). 

The logo has many clever visual cues behind it  – it looks like a menu icon, and also looks like a dropping stack of casino chips… so expect to see us play with that logo as we go forwar

We also used the brand visuals to better represent our games in a clearer way, and showcase our various channels – including social media – more comprehensively. What you see on our website today is it’s initial refresh. There’s much more coming, especially for our partners.


What are your brand values? 

Ivan: Evoplay’s values are very important to us. Two of those are fairness and honesty – and so we do our very best to make sure that partnering with Evoplay is a win-win for operators. 

Our partners know that our games have got fantastic retention rates, but we also want operators to know that we can help them boost their business with newly acquired players too. Our website, and our communications in general, better reflect that.

We created a Brand Book that is, at the moment, an internal tool but in the future we will probably make that a publicly accessible dedicated microsite. So stay tuned for that. 

But I would like to say something about our values, because one part of that is about how we operate as a company – and how we work like a family.

We have corporate values in place that direct our company’s approach to its people. Before you start applying values that partners and players will see, you have to make your own home a place that is good to be. 

And so we’re also in the middle of an internal rebranding too. This looks at how we hire people, who we hire, how we motivate and incentivise – how we treat people and build their careers and help put meaning into their work and time with us. 

Within the iGaming world, we want to be the employer of choice. If you love gaming, love gambling, love brands and love entertainment – Evoplay is the company that stands for that. 

Our other brand values are not a secret, but are personal to us. They are tied to our 10-year plan and how we’ll achieve our goals. They give us meaning, give us confidence, and make sure we stay on the right path. We’re trailblazing that path, and we hope others will follow us.

Vladimir: To add to that, we have values that focus on our Brand Mission, our Brand Vision, and our Brand Promise – which of course is a promise to both our partners and our games’ players. 

In very simple terms, our brand values are there to motivate us and to make us question what we offer the industry, how and what we deliver to our various audiences, how we influence, how we work together, how we inspire, and how we always keep moving forward. Everything starts with branding!


For slots and other games – what’s going to be new? Your new mantra promises the future of iGaming today – what can players expect, and how does your company’s 10-year plan shape up? 

Ivan: We will continue to create amazing gaming experiences, just as we always have – and that means releasing titles that follow themes and mechanics that players love. If you’re experienced with online casinos, we’ll provide you with incredible games to play.

But beyond that, the future is also something else. It’s about realising that the world of entertainment, in general, is booming like never before. From streaming services to social media sharing platforms, from interactive and virtual technology and interfacing.. we’re seeing a seachange – and it’s entertainment that you largely carry around within your mobile devices.

And so your question hits the nail squarely on the head. It’s all about the future. Evoplay is not standing still, or acting passively. We’re looking to the future and embracing it right now. 

You’ll see this later in the year when we release our flagship game for 2021. Once again, Evoplay will bring an industry first to the world of iGaming. And it’s pretty spectacular. 

But not everything we do will be on such a grand, cosmic you might say, scale. We will, however, keep pushing the boundaries. Just recently, for example, we released a title called Neon Shapes. It’s super cool – a fairly simple Tetris-inspired instant game, but one that has a retro feel in its graphics… and it also includes skill-based elements.

Imagine, an instant game that also lets you put some skill to the test too for twice the fun! So why would we do this? Because skill-based games are dominating the entertainment sphere for Generations Y and Z. 

Going forward, from now into the future, you’ll see us continue to do this each year – bringing more games that blur the lines between gaming and iGaming, between gambling and more mainstream entertainment. 

Our 2021 flagship game is coming soon, and it takes this concept to a whole new level. The only sad thing for us is that we can’t tell you about it yet. But suffice to say, it’s a game with huge scope. 

I’d say that it’s not enough for us that Evoplay is a known brand in iGaming. We want to be a known brand, full stop. Period. 

We’ve got big ambitions and our 10-year plan is all about steadily realising a dream. We went from being a small fish in a big pond, to a bigger fish. Now we’re no longer even thinking about the water – we’re growing legs and climbing out of the pond, and taking some of its ecosystem (our partners) with us as we go. 


Can you tell us more about your 10-year plan for the business?

Ivan: We can’t openly talk about the collaborations yet to be signed, or the new tech we’ll introduce. But I can say it involves new types of games, how we’ll use new technology, how that crosses over with gaming in a broader sense, and how we’ll attract new audiences to iGaming for the benefit of our partners. 

At Evoplay we talk a lot about iGaming and mainstream entertainment. There are certainly a few video slots that most adults are already familiar with. But mainstream, for us, has another meaning. Our plans involve how iGaming can align with current and future mainstream entertainment trends.

That’s why we were the first company to release a ‘hack and slash’ RPG (role playing game) slot. It’s also why we released the first mass market 3D/VR slot, and why we are so dedicated to producing games that play blindingly-fast (and seamlessly) on mobile devices – whatever the device.

Always, we aim to lead, embracing new technologies and entertainment trends. 

And this year we have something even bigger coming, so stay tuned. It’s gonna be out of this world!

Earlier, I spoke about our diverse staff and the talent they bring from other industries – and this fits within our 10-year plan. We look to other industries for inspiration in what we create, how we create it; how it can inspire others, how it can be branded, and how it can transform not just our company, but the industry itself. 

What we offer today is truly an integrated approach that combines game development with branding, marketing and communications, and our sales and key account support. 

I think that Vladimir recently said it best: 

The next decade of the Evoplay journey will be a well thought out plan of action –  rather like a game of chess. Planned, but adaptive. 

If our pawn’s opening move was made three years ago when we founded the company, 2021 is when we start truly dominating the board.


Evoplay partners with Mr Gamble!

2 June 2021

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with casino affiliate Mr To celebrate the collaboration, Mr Gamble’s streamers played the latest Evoplay games, Temple of Dead, Runes of Destiny, Ellen’s Fortune, Unlimited Wishes, Valley of Dreams, and more on their popular live stream.

Jonas Kyllönen, Chief Marketing Officer at Mr Gamble, said: “We thoroughly enjoyed playing the latest Evoplay slots on our live stream. The Temple of Dead slot instantly became my favourite game, but our audience enjoyed Treasure Mania the most. 

“We are definitely going to keep playing these games on our live stream after seeing how well received they were by our audience. We are beyond excited to have Evoplay as a partner, and we are looking forward to promoting their entertaining games again.”

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