We’re in play for 3 shortlists at the SiGMA Eurasia Awards 2023!

22 February 2023

We are overjoyed to share the news that Evoplay and its leaders have been shortlisted for 3 categories at the upcoming SiGMA Eurasia Awards 2023. 

At Evoplay, we have always strived to be an employer of choice – a community where talented people unleash their full potential, and so, being shortlisted as Workplace of the Year is truly a tremendous honour. 

Ivan Kravchuk – our CEO and the driving force behind our innovative approach to game development. We are over the moon to see this being recognised, landing the nomination for CEO of the Year

Vladimir Malakchi – CCO at Evoplay, an iGaming expert and frequent keynote speaker at industry events focused on the sector, has been nominated for Influencer of the Year, and we’re all behind him – he totally deserves to land the top spot. 

Our fingers are crossed – if you could find the time, we would greatly appreciate your support and contribution to our wins!


Evoplay’s Incredible ICE London Experience

17 February 2023

The week of ICE London 2023 was an unparalleled experience for our team at Evoplay. We were excited to be part of the 35,000 professionals attending the event and to showcase our innovative vision for the iGaming industry. It was inspiring to witness the creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm present at the event!

Evoplay premium online slots provider


3 years was too long! 

After three years away, we were delighted to be back at ICE London this year! In the intervening time, we have grown our collection of games and enriched it with even more exciting mechanics, features and gamification tools. We were excited to connect with many of the industry’s leaders and to show off our portfolio’s most popular titles.


Shiny new stand

This year, we’ve come back bigger and brighter than ever – and our new and improved stand is the perfect reflection of our commitment to providing the ultimate iGaming entertainment experience. Our stand showcases our professional standards combined with a playful attitude, ensuring that the hospitality at our stand is at max. 

Evoplay premium slots provider ICE London


Here is what our Head of Marketing had to say about our stand…


Evoplay premium online slots provider


We rocked ICE London with a bunch of solutions!

At ICE 2023, we’ve decided to bring back this year’s all-time favourite – Ethan Grand:

Mayan Diaries – an immersive endless runner game. With its innovative foundation and captivating design, the game has been a huge success and a crowd-pleaser at this year’s event. 

And our other show-stealer – The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy, showed a huge surge in statistics. It’s a truly unique and heart-warming game designed to resemble a fishing trip out by the lake, with its calming and tranquil atmosphere and the Bonus Buy feature, which is becoming increasingly popular in the iGaming world. 

But that’s not all! 

This year we are excited to announce our new gamification tools, such as the Quest Tool and Tournament Tool, which are perfect for all kinds of markets! Get ready to be wowed by our innovative features that are sure to take your gaming experience to the next level. Keep an eye out for our announcement.

Dose of inspiring networking

It has been an incredible journey with our partners, and we want to extend a special thank you to each and every one of you. It was a pleasure meeting you in person and discussing the potential for future partnerships; we are thrilled about what the future holds!

Here are some quotes from our partners regarding their ICE experience with Evoplay;

“The experience I had at the booth with Evoplay, specifically with Elena, was like entering and visiting your own home and family. Thank you for such caring and sweet treatment.”

“Anna is so cordial and polite, and apart from being an absolute legend of an account manager and discussing strategies with me at ICE, she even went out of her way to allow our team to use your space for a short period, things like this create a real bond between the 2 companies as well as the personnel.”

We also want to extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has taken an interest in Evoplay. We are confident that you will love the exciting new releases and features that are coming soon.


Global Gaming Awards and ICE Baby London

We were also proud to sponsor the ‘Product Launch of the Year’ at the Global Gaming Awards this year! 

And another exciting event was the London Baby party, which took place at the prestigious National History Museum. We extended the afterparty invitation to our partners, which was the perfect way to strengthen our relationships with our partners in a more relaxed and informal setting. 

Evoplay premium online slots provider


’til the next one! 

We were truly inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of the gaming industry at ICE London this year. We left feeling motivated and ready to continue our mission of creating quality, innovative gaming experiences. We can’t wait to make next year’s event even more special and hope to see you there!

And a message from our CEO…

Evoplay premium online slots provider


Send us an e-mail at [email protected] if you’re interested in our updates for 2023, game releases and business opportunities with us.

Partnerships and Evoplay Strike Dutch Media Partnership

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Evoplay and – the leading independent online casino website in the Netherlands. is a leading authority in the online casino industry in the Netherlands, offering a comprehensive source of information for Dutch online casino fans. With reviews covering online casinos in the Netherlands, live casinos, table games, bonuses, and more, they keep visitors well informed with the latest news in the industry.

This partnership with will give us the opportunity to spread our brand’s awareness to all corners of the world through the latest and most reliable information on all things online casino-related. We are confident that our innovative titles will be featured on’s website and will engage players from all over the globe.

We are truly excited about this partnership and the possibilities it will bring for all of us! With this new collaboration, we hope to make online casino gaming even more exciting, engaging, and rewarding for everyone.


Spice Up Your Online Casino with Branded Games

13 February 2023

With an estimated 1.6 billion online casino players around the world, standing out from the competition can be a challenge. That’s where branded games come in. By adding your logo and branding to your games, you can make your casino much more memorable and recognisable. This can help increase brand recognition, giving players an easier time finding your casino when they search online. Branded games can also help your casino stand out from the rest of the industry, helping to draw in new players and boosting your overall success.

One of the benefits of partnering with Evoplay is that we provide our partners with fully marketed games, supplying them with a ready-made solution. Our Affiliate Marketing department is one of the strongest, enabling us to build and maintain professional relationships with streamers and influencers. Suppose you choose to partner with a provider that offers these marketing benefits, then every time a streamer plays and live streams a certain game that you implemented on your online casino website, branded game integration will allow you to tag a game with your branding; ergo, all the viewers of the live stream will be exposed to your brand. 

Branded games are an exciting new feature that enables online casino operators to stand out in the competitive online casino market. With branded games, your casino will gain an edge and provide your players with the best gaming experiences. Custom-designed themes enable branded games to open up exciting opportunities that will draw in new players and keep your existing customers coming back for more. Take your casino to the next level with branded games, and enjoy the benefits of having a unique and innovative offering that sets you apart from the competition.


What Are Branded Games

Branded games provide online casino operators with an unprecedented opportunity to customise any element of an existing game to suit their own needs. The possibilities are endless! With branded games, the sky is the limit for creating a truly unique user experience.

The development process usually takes approximately two and a half months to ensure that the game runs smoothly and crash-free, all the while incorporating any requested edits. This timeline ensures that the game is of the highest quality before its release.

After launching the Branded game, you will likely observe a significant surge in both interest and exposure. Our analysis comparing branded games to their non-branded equivalents has revealed a substantial increase in these metrics; Rounds +56%, Bet Sum +74%, GGR +72%, and Users +190%, which is a huge increase that has many benefits. 


What Are the Benefits of Branded Games? 

Branded games are much more than just slapping your logo on a game. They offer your online casino a range of short-term and long-term benefits that will help you succeed. From increased brand recognition and customer loyalty to the potential of attracting new players, branded games can be a powerful part of your online casino’s strategy. With the right game selection, you can create an engaging and memorable experience for your players that will keep them coming back for more. Take advantage of the power of branded games today and reap the rewards for years to come.


Evoplay expands its partnership with CasinoHEX!

10 February 2023

Our B2C partner network is continuously expanding, and we’ve been busy reinforcing some of our existing partnerships to foster an even more fruitful collaboration. In 2021, we first announced news of our deal with CasinoHEX; now, we are delighted to report that we are escalating our cooperation! Reviews of Evoplay’s games are now available on 2 more of its websites, reaching players based in the Philippines and Europe.

CasinoHEX is a rich repository of useful information for iGamers, including lists of top casinos, helpful ratings, as well as the most bountiful game offers and bonuses up for grabs. This major development will undoubtedly enhance our mutually beneficial partnership!

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