The shape of things to come? A neon bright future!

20 May 2021

Why would Evoplay, a company known for its cutting-edge technology and for bringing new styles of iGaming to market, produce Neon Shapes – a simple-looking game with a distinct 1980s vibe? Because everyone loves a classic. And because this classic does something truly unique in iGaming.

Back in 1984, a Russian software engineer called Alexey Pajitnov created a tile-matching game called Tetris. It went on to become one of the video game greats. To date, it’s sold over 200 million copies and despite its seemingly simple gameplay, requires a mixture of intelligence and skill.

Earlier this year, Evoplay released Neon Shapes – a colourful, modern twist on the widely loved Tetris – and a game that we believe will be the go-to strategy title for iGaming. Because under the hood, Neon Shapes takes you one step closer to conventional gaming. 

Created with the latest in mobile gaming software, Neon Shapes is one of the industry’s most advanced retro-based titles – and we (again) baked in an industry first: we introduced a skill-based element.

While innovation drives the iGaming market – and captures the interest of the next generation of players – we also believe that there’s strong engagement behind long-term retro game favourites. Because these are the games close to so many players’ hearts. 

The future of iGaming will move us ever closer to mainstream gaming trends, habits, technology and playability. The next generation of online casino players will expect to experience a smooth transfer – one where skill, new technologies and favourite ways of playing are like puzzle pieces that seamlessly fit together. 

In Neon Shapes, you can strategically select where to put the shapes to maximise your chances. For each success, a player gets a special reward – skill points – which are collected in a Skill Balance Pot, and eventually impact the game’s outcome!

Evoplay’s brand promise is that we deliver the best iGaming entertainment. And over the past year the drive for creating entertainment that can truly engage and stand out has never been more important. 

Because we deploy state-of-the-art, in-game technology to make our catalogue 100% mobile adaptive – exactly what other suppliers lack when developing classic games – Neon Shapes works flawlessly across global markets, no matter the device someone is using. 

The vivid neon lighting and immersive soundtrack lends the game a unique style, puzzling players by forming horizontal and vertical lines with randomly generated ‘Ordinary’, ‘Gold’, and ‘Orange’ shapes. 

And, of course, this game is proving popular because retro is always cool – whether you like wearing retro fashion items, binge watching 80’s-inspired Stranger Things, or heading to the cinema to watch Wonder Woman 1984

A fun fact: it’s been said that when Alexey Pajitnov first introduced his game, a friend requested a copy for the Moscow Medical Institute where he worked. People there loved it so much, the game was soon banned from the institute in order to “restore productivity”. That’s the power of fun playability. 

We think that Neon Shapes is also a game people will love playing. You could say that it demonstrates the building blocks of making old school, new school. It’s the gaming of yesterday, made for the iGaming of today. 

And that’s a bright-looking future.

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