Evoplay provides a variety of sports-themed online slots; whether that is football, boxing, or fishing, you won't run out of options. Sport-themed slots are very popular, especially among sports bettors, as this gives them a similar alternative to the type of betting they're used to. Jump into one of our games and test your luck!
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Sports-themed online slots have been around for decades now, and they continue to be popular. You'll find them in almost every online casino, and they come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. From simple table games to complex video slots, there are many different types of sports-themed online slots available today.
The football World Cup is one of those events of the year when there is an abnormally great demand for sports-themed online casino games. Several of our games are modelled after the types of wagers made by sports bettors, like the final score of a football game or taking a penalty shot.
A slot of sports themed online also include tournaments and leaderboards, which adds a layer of excitement and healthy competition between players and adding a sense that you are playing real sports.
As you can see, there are many reasons why sports-themed online slots have become so popular. Newer titles are bringing in more gamification features, and a wide variety of sports to choose from. All of this makes them a refresher for players who want something a little different from the traditional 3-reel slots.
  • What are sports-themed games?

    You can expect a wide range of online casino games, from football to boxing, with Evoplay’‎‎s sports-themed games. These games are top-rated among sports bettors and could be a great gateway to attracting a broader audience to your online casino.

  • What are the most popular sports-themed games?

    We offer a variety of sports games in terms of themes, gameplay, additional features, and other factors. Evoplay sports games would be a fantastic addition to your online casino. The most popular casino games (with the majority of them instant games) in this category are Penalty Shoot-out, Penalty Series, and Football Bet.

  • How do sports-themed games actually work?

    Select your favourite sports-themed game and click the ‘Bet’ button to begin playing. Any additional features will be prominently displayed on the screen, which would maximise your chances of winning.

  • How do players win in sports-themed games?

    Please note that the Evoplay sports-themed games are fully RNG-based and do not involve skills. Your winning will depend on the randomly generated result, not on the real sports events’‎‎ or football matches’‎‎ outcome or competitiveness of the specific national teams.

  • Where do I find the best sports-themed games provider?

    Evoplay develops out-of-the-box, innovative games with high-quality graphics and sound effects. We create games that bring ultimate entertainment. So, look no further because we are sure that Evoplay can fulfil all your desires regarding providing online casino games!

  • How do I find the best sports-themed games for online casinos?

    To jump right into demo mode for one of our games, head over to the ‘‎‎Games’‎‎ section on our website and test out our sports-themed games!

  • How to make technical integration of sports-themed games?

    To make onboarding with us much more accessible, we take care of everything: from supplying all information for fast and easy game integration to providing you with high-quality marketing content to keep players coming back!

  • How to boost your casino with sports-themed games?

    In order to boost your key business metrics, you can do a number of things. To lend help, Evoplay provides access to all out-of-game gamification features, including tournaments, quests, freebies, and more.

  • Where can we find your games?

    Make sure that you play our games on trusted partners’‎‎ websites, as they have all the necessary certifications to make your gambling experience as safe and fun as possible.

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