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E-meet us at the Virtual Edition of MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit!

28 April 2020

On 7th May, Vladimir Malakchi, our Chief Business Development Officer is joining a panel discussion called, ‘Virtual Edition of MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit.’

The event sees a whole host of industry stakeholders come together to virtually network, discuss and share insights on the commercial challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

If you would like to hear Vladimir discuss a fascinating range of topics alongside other industry experts, you can register here.

By signing up, you will gain access to the Virtual Conference Room, where you can book a meeting with attending delegates in the Virtual Deal Room. In case you miss any of the speaking panels, your ticket will also give you access to the recorded sessions post-event.

The networking platform will be accessible on the 23rd of April for participants to set up meetings with fellow delegates.

For any other inquiries, please contact Zoltan Tundik (Head of Business at European Gaming Media and Events).

Looking forward to e-meeting you at the MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit!


Welcome our new partner SixSlots!

27 April 2020

We’re excited to introduce you to our another partner, SixSlots – a platform that offers the most beneficial online gambling opportunities from around the world.

SixSlots strives to offer the best of online gambling world: bonuses from the finest and most trustworthy online casinos and in-depth casinos, slot game reviews along with free demo versions, and exciting gambling live stream videos.

SixSlots opens doors to a fun world of online gambling, whether the visitor searches for the next online casino destination, the best bonuses, or inspiration and practical tips from live stream videos.

Evoplay Entertainment is looking forward to starting working together with SixSlots and provide players with a more immersive user experience.

The far – the more!


Evoplay Entertainment and SlotoZilla join forces

24 April 2020

Evoplay Entertainment continues to join forces with the most influential names in the iGaming industry, and announces a partnership with SlotoZilla!

SlotoZilla is one of the most reliable data sources in the iGaming industry for almost a decade. It offers game collections of all top-tier developers in the industry completely free of charge.

Now, you can visit the SlotoZilla website and try all Evoplay Entertainment free slots with no restrictions in the demo versions of games at no cost.

But free slots aren’t the only thing you’ll get. SlotoZilla also offers detailed reviews of these games and allows each player to share their comments with other visitors. Every day, thousands of slot players visit this gaming portal and try hundreds of different games to choose the best casino games following the comments.

Spoiler: All Evoplay Entertainment slots are more than worth playing!

SlotoZilla website also contains detailed information about casino game developers and guides that offers playing like a professional gambler.

Tips and basic tactics about slot machines that help one to increase winning chances are available absolutely for free without registration. The games do not require a download either: all you have to do is click the “Play now” button.

Evoplay Entertainment aims to partner with leading and credible partners in the iGaming industry and offer the best to its customers, and believes that collaboration with SlotoZilla will be fruitful for both sides.


Evoplay Entertainment launches a collaboration with SlotsSpot!

22 April 2020

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with SlotsSpot!

Splotspot is a one-stop-shop for all the information you need on today’s slot market. Recommending all the hottest online casinos and slot developers, it’s the place to be for slots fans around the globe.

With over 1200 online casinos currently in operation, each offering different bonus systems, SlotsSpot saves you the time and hassle of sifting through them all to find the best option. The site offers detailed, fully accurate and up-to-date information on the best bonuses available.

SlotSpot also serves as a videoslots database, where customers can play the all the highest-rated games totally free of registration charges – jumping straight into the action.

Thanks to our partnership, players on SlotsSpot can keep their ears to the ground on all of Evoplay Entertainment’s latest product launches.

This relationship allows users of the site to reliably keep up with all of our portfolio’s innovative new developments and be sure that they are playing on fully regulated and responsible casinos.


World Creativity and Innovation Day

21 April 2020

Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day. As someone who has enjoyed a long career in the creative development process, what does creativity mean to you?

Ivan: Creativity comes in many forms. It can mean different things to different people. Ultimately, however, it’s about having the freedom to pursue the things that are most important to you.

No single profession can claim a monopoly on creativity – it comes from the passion, desire and courage to try new things. The term is conventionally associated with people who work in the world of art, such as illustrators, designers, musicians and actors. But the technological advancement of the 21st century has given some degree of creative licence to a whole host of different professions – doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and game developers are now among those whose job now demands creativity and innovation.

Do you ever find it hard to think creatively?

Ivan: Creative inspiration comes and goes. New ideas may occur to you at unexpected times– and on some days, not at all. At one time or another, we all get frustrated by the loss of creative output. All you can do is believe in yourself, work hard and never give up. Do that, and new ideas will come eventually. Inspiration may come and go, but creativity is the result of constant practice.

What other obstacles do you face during the creative process? How do you overcome them?  

Ivan:  The drive for discovery can be exciting and terrifying in equal measure. We all face fears – it’s part of being human. Whether it’s a fear of failure, uncertainty or taking the first step, everyone knows what it’s like to be afraid.

Courage, however, comes from the realisation that everyone else is scared, too. Understand that, and you’ll overcome your fears. Not every idea will prove successful, but nobody ever innovated by playing it safe and avoiding risk.

What is the importance of creativity for business? 

Ivan: Today’s economy is defined by globalisation, interconnectivity and competition. That makes it impossible to stand out without thinking outside the box. Creativity is the driving force for innovation – and that’s what will make your company stand out from the crowd.

Here at Evoplay Entertainment, our hiring policy puts a strong emphasis on the creative process, rewarding those who are brave enough to try something new. That’s why our business prides itself on breathing fresh vision into an industry that, in many ways, lacks creativity.

What methods do you use to channel your creativity? Are there any rituals you use to decide on a game concept?

Ivan: At the outset of any game development process, I like to create a bank of ideas and fill it with anything I can think of. Imagination is a state of mind, and you never know when the next idea will arise – at work, eating breakfast, in the middle of the night, during exercise or even in the shower.

Of course, that’s just my personal method, and everyone has their own individual techniques. There are no right or wrong answers, but you must balance the free flow of ideas with logic, reason and reality. In our industry, for instance, it’s important to avoid focusing on concepts that do not match up to what players want.

Expertise means knowing the difference between a good idea and a bad one – and it’s built on years of monitoring industry trends, immersing yourself in developing technologies and constantly trying out the latest games. To produce a game that revolutionises the industry, it’s vital to understand which products are in-demand among players but do not exist in today’s market.

Finally, what advice would you give those trying to think of ground-breaking new ideas on World Creativity and Innovation Day? 

Ivan: Never be afraid to fail. There is a far-Eastern expression that says, ‘losing is the mother of winning’. Throw caution to the wind, don’t be afraid to break a few rules and let your creativity overcome your fears.


Meet the team – Chapter 6

6 April 2020

In our next edition of the “Meet the Dungeon: Immortal Evil Team” our programmer Max will tell more about the development process of the industry-first RPG inspired slot.

What do you personally like about Dungeon?

Max: Dungeon: Immortal Evil turns the slot experience on its head. Offering so much more than the traditional ‘spin and win’ format, it’s an amazingly immersive title combining the best of both casino and videogaming.

Within the game, every spin is an epic battle pitting good against evil against the backdrop of an ancient temple in the mountains. Any title boasting such a complex and inviting narrative is sure to give players a level of excitement that goes far beyond simply trying your luck on the reels, and I’m delighted to be part of the team that created it.


What is unique about this game?

Max: Dungeon: Immortal Evil is a pioneering fusion of classic slot gameplay and immersive RPG-action. An industry-first, the game brilliantly exemplifies our company’s founding mission – appealing to a new generation of player with the ultimate gaming experience.

Of course, enticing new players means offering something different. The RPG, fantasy and Hack and Slash elements of the game give bettors an experience far more absorbing than the tired old themes you see time and time again in today’s slot market.

However, awarding players loot-based prizes equal to money means that Dungeon: Immortal Evil does not diminish the classic feature on which casino games are built– the exhilarating prospect of financial reward – as well as the luck of the RNG spin that comes with it!

What is your role in the project? What were your challenges and how you solved them?

Max: I’m a programmer. My main role on this project was to optimise the game across both PC and mobile devices. We wanted to maintain the spectacular graphics with which our titles are synonymous, without overloading the device used by a given player – particularly those with older smartphone models or a slower internet connection.

For instance, we used a unique data retention format that reduced the size of a given picture without compromising their original quality, which means the game can be flawlessly enjoyed on any device and anywhere.

What character are you Dungeon?

Max: For me, it has to be Mimic. The character is always a surprise and you never know what to expect, but when you see it, your heart starts beating faster. For the player, meeting him is a pleasant surprise, and a guarantee that you will be rewarded. I like to think our development department is like that in some ways to … Thrilling to work with and also full of surprises!


Evoplay Entertainment makes UK debut with Nektan partnership

2 April 2020

Innovative game development studio Evoplay Entertainment has launched in the UK for the first time in a major agreement with Nektan, the international gaming technology platform and services provider. 

The deal sees Evoplay Entertainment bring its hugely popular portfolio to the UK market, with the company’s ground-breaking series of titles set to be distributed via E-Lite, Nektan’s content distribution platform. 

With an action-packed catalogue set to be exclusive to Nektan, UK players will soon enjoy the industry’s first ever mass market 3D and VR games, including the SBC-shortlisted Necromancer, as well as Elven Princesses, Epic Gladiators and Candy Dreams

With the current gap in mainstream sporting fixtures ensuring a legion of UK players are on the search for alternative entertainment, the innovative studio sees its debut as a chance to bring an entirely new offering to the market. 

Commenting on its debut, Evoplay Entertainment’s Chief Business Development Officer Vladimir Malakchi said: “We are thrilled to be joining the UK’s legendary iGaming community in a partnership with one of the industry’s most established businesses, Nektan. 

“UK players are some of the world’s most demanding, and we can’t wait to introduce them to our catalogue of cutting-edge, innovative content and see what they make of it.”

Gary Shaw, CEO for Nektan PLC, added: “We are delighted to welcome Evoplay Entertainment aboard, and being the first to bring its fresh, pioneering portfolio to the UK is a real plus.

“We have no doubt that this is the start of a long and fruitful commercial relationship and are sure that Evoplay Entertainment’s immersive catalogue will prove to be a hit with players and operators alike.”  

Building on a host of widely acclaimed 2019 titles, including a raft of award nominations for its revolutionary in-game tech, Evoplay Entertainment is dedicated to transforming the gaming experience for the next generation of player.

Now boasting an 80+ strong portfolio of slots, table, and instant games, its latest gaming catalogue set to be unveiled throughout 2020.

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