Since most people have a soft spot for animals, games based on that theme consistently rank among the most popular online slots. Because there is such a wide variety of creatures — from terrifying werewolves to adorable forest mice — in the animal kingdom, players rarely get bored. Browse Evoplay's animal-themed slots below.
Young Wolf Song
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Ocean Catch
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Battle Roosters Bonus Buy
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Battle Roosters
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Wonder Farm
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Wolf Hiding Bonus Buy
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Tree of Light
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Candy Dreams: Sweet Planet Bonus Buy
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Wolf Hiding
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Forest Dreams
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Tree of Light Bonus Buy
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Animal-themed online slots are extremely popular because they allow players to indulge in their love of animals and nature. The graphics are top-notch, and many games also include special gamification features such as free spins and bonus rounds.
The designers at Evoplay really went to town on the animal-themed games, which feature a wide range of mythical and real-world animals. Another reason why slots with animal themes are so popular is that people have an innate emotional connection to them. Because animals are so pervasive in popular cultures, such as household pets, movie stars, and even influencers. Animal-themed slots are a natural fit for any online casino.
The fact that players get the opportunity to experience a wide variety of exquisite animals, both real and mythical, is another reason animal-themed online slots are so popular. This adds an additional layer of excitement and mystery to the gameplay, which makes these titles so loved by players.
  • What are animal-themed games?

    In our animal-themed games, you can expect to find many four-legged furry creatures which can be cute, like our mouse from Tree of Light, or mysterious, like our wolves from Wolf Hiding.

  • What are the most popular animal-themed games?

    Fluffy Rangers and Animal Quest are the most popular games in the animal-themed games section. However, we offer various titles where players can find the stories that resonate with them and dive into their worlds.

  • How do animal-themed games actually work?

    When you’‎‎re ready to play, select a game and click the ‘Spin’‎‎ button. The screen will clearly highlight any bonus features, such as Free Spins or multipliers. If the player is fortunate, they might hit a winning combination.

  • How do players win in animal-themed games?

    To ensure fair play and transparency, we use a random number generator (RNG) in all of our games, including our animal-themed games.

  • Where do I find the best animal-themed game provider?

    Evoplay strives to make games that are both innovative and visually striking. In addition to winning, we value our players’‎‎ enjoyment of the game. When it comes to providing online casino games, we are sure that our iGaming titles will exceed your expectations.

  • How do I find the best animal-themed games for online casinos?

    Simply navigate to the ‘Games’‎‎ tab on our site to try out one of our animal-themed games in demo mode.

  • How to make technical integration of animal-themed games?

    To simplify the process of getting started with us, we will send you instructions on integrating chosen games onto your website and provide you with promotional material to keep your players engaged.

  • How to boost your casino with animal-themed games?

    There are many things that you could do to boost the popularity of specific titles. Evoplay provides promotional marketing material such as banners, tournaments, quests, and freebies. This will help you retain your customers and attract new ones.

  • Where can we find your games?

    Enjoy our games only on the sites of our trusted partners, which have been thoroughly checked and hold all the necessary licences and accreditations to ensure a fun and safe gambling experience.

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