Double shortlistings at the 2020 EGR B2B Awards!

22 May 2020

We are feeling immensely proud and honoured to be shortlisted for the EGR B2B Awards this year in 2 categories – ‘Software rising star’ and ‘Mobile supplier’.

EGR B2B Awards is one of the most prestigious ceremony awards in the iGaming industry that recognizes achievements of suppliers that have demonstrated a strong commercial success and innovation technologies over the past year.

The expert panel, represented by the external and independent judges, admitted the rapid growth of Evoplay Entertainment and supported edge-cutting approach to game development we’re bringing to the iGaming world.

The winners will be revealed via a series of online ceremonies, split across 3 days – 21-23 July.

Wishing all of our partners and other successful nominees the very best of luck, and hope to have your support on 23rd July – 4:00pm – 7:00pm BST in the virtual format.


Evoplay Entertainment is partnering with Mr. Gamble!

20 May 2020

Evoplay Entertainment has joined forces with Mr. Gamble, a B2C affiliate platform that offers one of the most trusted casino guides on the iGaming market.

As one of Europe’s leading Online Casino Portals, Mr. Gamble provides high-quality, accurate and objective reviews of online casinos to help players choose a casino or compare different bonus options.

Mr. Gamble also evaluates casinos with its own CasinoRanking-algorithm, combined with the latest player feedback to give an overall rating for maximum convenience. They have a heavy emphasis on responsible gaming features, and each of their showcased casinos gets points based on the responsible gambling tools that they offer their players. In total Mr. Gamble has over 400 online casinos in their selection.

As a result of this collaboration Mr. Gamble proudly presents Evoplay Enternainment casino games.

Jonas Kyllönen, CMO and Co-Founder of Mr. Gamble says: ‘We are extremely happy to join forces with Evoplay Entertainment, which has taken a completely different approach in designing casino games. They have a nice mix of action and fresh crispy graphics in their games, some games even remind us of real action games! We are excited to showcase their game pallet on our Twitch channel. We have seen a huge demand in slot streams and we are hitting tens of thousands of channel views every day! People are showing very big interest towards games of Evoplay Entertainment.

Now, players can access a plethora of trusted and in-depth reviews on the Mr. Gamble website and choose the best casinos on which to enjoy Evoplay Entertainment’s unique games!

Company Updates Industry Firsts

Jetting off to space with ‘Rocket Stars’!

15 May 2020

Now that we’ve launched our way to the cosmos with Rocket Stars, we sat down with two of our brightest minds behind the game to take a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s development.

Meet Roman, our Product Owner, and Evgeniy, our Creative Manager – two of Evoplay Entertainment’s gaming superstars!

Congratulations on releasing a new 2D game! Tell us more about ‘Rocket Stars.’



Roman: Every new game produced by Evoplay Entertainment transports players to a world like no other. Rocket Stars is no different.

The title takes you on a mesmeric journey through outer space after building a supersonic rocket alongside a team of Starmallows.

It is jam-packed with fun surprises, with the exciting addition of a Free Spin game and Scatter Symbols ensuring that your cosmic adventure goes the distance.

Evgeniy: I agree – ‘Rocket Stars’ offers so much more than the typical ‘spin and win’ format found in today’s slot games. The experience starts with an immersive rocket building exercise among an enthusiastic team of stargazers, followed by an intergalactic quest beyond your wildest imagination.

As creative manager, my role including finding the best way to make players feel fully involved in building the rocket, and in the journey to space. We’re very proud of the title’s inviting theme and emphasising this theme at every stage of the gameplay was certainly a priority.

Who are the Starmallows, and why are they building a rocket?

Roman: The Starmallows are a crack team of 5 members that are united behind one dream – experiencing the infinity of space. What they lack in size, they make up for in bravery and determination. Rocket Builder brings years of rocket-building nous to the table.Scientist, meanwhile, has memorised all there is to know about Rocket science and created a detailed guide, in contrast to Welder, who blissfully eats donuts while welding away completely unaware. Kiddo is the youngest member of the team, so being nasty is what he does the best.



The engineer is an avid details man, able to instantly identify the exact location of all the rocket’s features.

Evgeniy: The main challenge we faced was to create so many different interactions between the characters while optimising the game’s quality across a range of different devices. With around 100 animated scenes, the gameplay features a plot that is as exciting as it is unpredictable.

How does the ‘Rocket Stars’ game differ from other games created by Evoplay Entertainment?

Roman: ‘Rocket Stars’ is the first slot in our portfolio to boast a cumulative progression system that saves players’ place when they go offline, so they are in the same position upon returning.

The game is also wonderfully simple. It’s a personal favourite of mine because of its unique storyline and charming heroes, combined with an immersive cosmic soundtrack for an entertainment experience like no other.



Evgeniy: ‘Rocket Stars’ has a more detailed narrative than virtually every slot out there. That’s why we feel confident it will attract the attention of a wide range of players.

The game’s extended pop-up mechanism entails 30-second in-game animations of Big Win, Mega Win and Huge Win events, another unique feature within today’s iGaming market.

What’s’ your advice on how to become a Rocket Star?

Evgeniy: Be stubbornly resolute about reaching your objectives, and never forget that, in ‘Rocket Stars’, everything is possible.

Roman: The key to success is simple – having the belief in your dreams, and the determination to achieve it. Every detail gets you closer to finishing the rocket and conquering space.


Behind the scenes of a tropical jungle ‘Animal Quest’

7 May 2020

Having recently launched our inspiring video slot ‘Animal Quest,’ we’ve spoken to Oleg, our Product Owner, to cover curiosity on the game’s creation.

What is the backstory of ‘Animal Quest’ creation? What inspired you to create such a quest?

Oleg: The lovable antics of the game’s characters make the jungle one of the world’s most attractive places to escape to. We wanted to recreate the experience with our own lovable slot twist. Offering an action-packed rainforest adventure, it encourages players to harness their inner Tarzan in an immersive quest for massive prizes.

We were inspired by the classic cartoon, ‘Zootropolis’, along with other beloved favourites such as ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Lara Croft’. Stories about the lost wonders of Atlantis captivated our imagination, so we wanted to create a game that does the same for our players.


Tell us about the storyline of the game: what is awaiting players in the jungle of ‘Animal Quest’?

Oleg: ‘Animal Quest’ is the story of four intrepid explorers, united in search of exotic treasures hidden deep in the jungle.

Our brave heroes venture to the jungle to find the lost city of Dinotitlan, a place where legend, mystery and the natural world meet to create an extraordinary experience for our adventurers.

An ancient civilisation, which is still inhabited by giant reptiles and cunning dinosaurs, the team delves deeper into this wonderful new world, unearthing some astonishing findings along the way.

What team characters will be helping players to find treasure, and why have you chosen them as members?

Oleg: Strength in numbers is the name of the game in our new slot title, with an adorable team of well-loved heroes including Turtle, Rhino, Opossum and Red Panda. Full of surprises, each brings a unique set of characteristics that prove useful to the hunt for treasure. Rest assured; they’ll be the perfect companions for your rainforest adventure.

Turtle – a curious inventor who uses a remote-controlled camera to track down treasure.

Red Panda – undoubtedly the team’s best-dressed member, donning a trendy denim soot, biker gloves and a deadly pocket-knife to match!

Rhino – the team’s seasoned jungle bodyguard. Not to be messed with.

Opposum – the resident climber. She always makes sure to get out ahead and spot treasure from the top of the rock.

But how do players find the treasure?

It’s very simple – play Animal Quest!


Evoplay Entertainment starts cooperation with Tabbybet!

5 May 2020

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with TabbyBet – a B2C affiliate platform founded in 2018 to give players all the latest news, special offers and bonus systems from throughout the casino industry.

A small team with years of professional iGaming experience, TabbyBet understands player requirements and has a proven track-record of fulfilling them.

Tabbybet’s global mission is to help animals in need by donating a percentage of its revenue to a selection of leading charities. It encourages slot and animal lovers to assist its efforts by enjoying titles from industry-leading providers such as Evoplay Entertainment while helping animals around the world at the same time.

Tabbybet is delighted to be working with Evoplay Entertainment and looks forward to introducing its pioneering portfolio to players.
Evoplay Entertainment Is excited to partner with TabbyBet and can’t wait to impress its players with a revolutionary suite of games. Watch this space!

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