Please, e-meet TragaperrasWeb!

30 April 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Evoplay has started to work with another B2C platform, TragaperrasWeb.

The TragaperrasWeb website is dedicated to the sector of online slots and casinos with a DGOJ license. Being a player-centric platform, TragaperrasWeb offers players articles, reports on various topics of their interest, and game and casino reviews to keep them updated on all big events in gambling in Spain.

We welcome TragaperrasWeb to our B2C partnership network and look forward to fruitful cooperation!

Industry Firsts

You know your audience.  Do you know your potential audience?

29 April 2021

How do you attract new players – those new to the world of iGaming and gambling – to your online casino? 

Firstly, by understanding that while someone might be new to the online gambling experience, they are absolutely not new to gaming and gaming tech. 

And you can’t easily attract them if you’re not offering what they now expect a game to be. 


To appeal to this largely untapped group of gamers, you need to give them a gambling/betting experience that is new, but familiar. One that riffs on their gaming and social habits – one that makes sense to them. 

Enter skill-based elements, quality mobile play, AR and VR, third- and first-person shooters, multiplayer, spectator participation, and premium gaming experiences, to name but some. 

These are game components that will help you get people ‘through the door’, and once inside they’ll be exposed to the other more established games in your portfolio. But first… you have to appeal to their existing gaming interests.


More of the same

Online casinos actually already know this truth. They often tell us that they don’t have a huge problem when it comes to player retention. People come to play the games they know they like. They play them, and return to play them (and games similar to them), time and again. 

Operators have a much bigger problem with new player acquisition. Solving this problem is all about getting the type of games you don’t yet have – the games your future audience can relate to because they play them in their mainstream gaming.

And many iGame developers are simply too slow in developing such titles.

Take mobile games, as an example. People want to play on their mobiles but don’t want to sacrifice quality. They want great graphics, fast downloading, no lag during play, and the same immersive experience comparable to playing on a PC or console. Regardless of the mobile device they use, they want it to just work. And work perfectly.


What’s it worth?

By the end of last year, mainstream mobile game revenue was valued at just over $76.5 billion. That was more revenue than the film and music industries combined ($60.7 billion). 

That’s right… the biggest movie stars and recording artists couldn’t compete with games on someone’s phone. How much of that $76.5 billion could be moved to iGaming if mobile offerings gave more of a gaming experience, and offered the same quality? 


I like to watch…

Mobile gaming is, of course, not new to iGaming. But it’s often a bad experience if the games don’t have an engine optimized for mobile play. A mobile-first approach to iGaming should be the first thing operators look for when partnering with game developers. 

And what is played on mobile isn’t confined to just slots and instant games. How about esports, for example? The numbers are also compelling. And iGaming can get in on the action.

Tournaments, leagues, multiplayer teams – last year saw the esports industry explode, both in audience and in revenue. It pulled in almost half a billion viewers, and revenue of over $1 billion. China was the biggest audience, where income was pegged at almost $385 million. 

That’s a lot of people watching other people play video games. 

Now ask yourself, do people watch your players? And if they do, are those games actually compelling enough to watch for the play itself, not only the winning

A report from Neilson earlier this year indicated that around 70% of millennial gamers aren’t just players – they’re watching games too (largely on YouTube and Twitch). Interestingly, those aged 18-25 are now more likely to watch gamers than watch traditional sports.

They might not know a gamer’s real name, but they’d prefer to watch him/her rather than watch Lebron James on a basketball court, or Lionel Messi on the football pitch. That’s a trend many in the industry would never have foreseen. 


Real/Not real. There/Not there.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been growing in recent years, and as with esports, are on the cusp of a huge boom. It will likely take one big push from the likes of Apple, Sony or Samsung to see the market light up – and when it does, gaming will be at the forefront. Where then, will iGaming reside?

Five years ago, AR and VR technologies and games generated roughly $1 billion according to Treasure Data, and its reports from market analysts have predicted that this revenue will grow to a staggering $19-22 billion before the close of this year. A report from VYNZ Research put this number at $161 billion by the year 2025.

The mobile AR fun of Pokémon Go, which albeit briefly made global news, will be just the start. Could that lead to iGaming bringing poker, for example, truly into your home? Meaning, literally at your table. Could a video slot’s reels or scrolling play be displayed on the wall in front of you?

Combine AR and 5G with a mobile-first approach to game development, and an operator’s online casino won’t be limited to a screen that only one player can see. The potential for collaborative gaming and gambling is clear.

All of the above demonstrates growing exposure to new audiences, and that brings with it another potential revenue stream – advertising. And for gambling, it’s a dream vertical for affiliate marketing. 

And this – market exposure – brings us back to the audience itself. 


So who are they?

We’ve started to outline some of the approaches that iGaming needs to take to draw in new players. In the second part of this article (to be released next week), we’ll examine more of this tech, and also the audiences connected to it:

Generation B (Baby Boomers: b. 1940-59), Generation X (b. 1960-79), Generation Y (Millennials: b. 1980-94) and Generation Z (b. 1995-2010). 

Each group has different gaming and iGaming needs. You might actually be surprised by the type of games each prefer. 

But most importantly… understanding their entertainment needs, what they play, how they play and how they gamble, will give you great insight into how your online casino needs to offer more when it comes to games. 

Not necessarily more games… just new games that reflect the trends in mainstream gaming. 


Check out our blog next week for Part II.

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Growing our audience with

28 April 2021

We are excited to share that we have partnered with a well-recognized B2C platform in Germany, is considered to be one of the most well-known and trusted B2C websites. It provides the latest and up-to-date reviews on online gambling games along with a list of places where players can continue enjoying them as a real adventure.

Welcome to our B2C network,!

More news is to be announced soon!


We’re teaming up with!

23 April 2021

Evoplay would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to our new partner,


The website provides its readers with all the latest game demos and ratings for games found in Italian online casinos.


Now, the platforms’ readers can find our most impressive titles and play them for free, while having a list of places, where they can safely enjoy the real gambling experience.


Follow our website and social media pages – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to be updated with all exciting news from Evoplay!


Reaching Portuguese players with

21 April 2021

We’re ready to announce our new B2C deal, signed with, that will allow us to appeal to Portuguese fans of immersive gamblimg-related entertainment. is considered the most comprehensive guide to casino operators in the regulated casino market in Portugal. 

With the following cooperation, Portuguese players can try out Evoplay’s new games, discover exclusive and unique bonuses available on the sites of the most trusted casinos, and be updated with all the latest news about our upcoming game releases.


Evoplay has partnered up Meridianbet!

20 April 2021

We continue to extend our strong partnership network by signing a new agreement with the advanced sportsbook and casino solutions provider, Meridianbet.

Meridianbet will therefore launch Evoplay’s game catalogue that includes 100+ unique titles that feature the best of casino innovation across its B2B and B2C operations.

Commenting on the agreement, Vladimir Malakchi, Evoplay CCO, said: “We are delighted to be teaming up with Meridianbet, an impressive platform provider and operator group with a strong track-record in regulated markets across the globe. 

“Our recent rebrand transformed not only our brand vision, but the identity that underpins it, and we are more committed than ever before to providing the iGaming community with next-generation games and solutions.” 

Milan Djurmez, Head of Online Casino at Meridianbet, added: “Having Evoplay on board is a fantastic step for us, because integrating with such outstanding suppliers helps to take our customer offering to the next level. 

“We’ve developed a deserved reputation for quality over the years, and agreements like this one are key to that image.”  


We have partnered with!

16 April 2021

We are excited to announce that we’ve struck a deal with the widely known Chile-based B2C platform,!

Players in Chile can now enjoy a selection of Evoplay game demos for free, and find the most comprehensive list of online casinos where they can get the full gaming experience.

In addition, players will benefit from the latest exclusive promotions and bonuses from online casinos, and receive tips on safe and legal playing.

Stay tuned for more news!


Let’s welcome Polski Sloty!

14 April 2021

Evoplay is extremely excited to announce another partner, Polski Sloty!

Polski Sloty is a B2C platform that strives to inform Polish players about the most beneficial casino deals in the world of gambling.

Every day, the platform adds game reviews along with free demo versions that are especially popular among Polish players.

Starting from now, players can play Evoplay’s most thrilling titles on the Polski Sloty website for free and find the best casino offers.

Evoplay is impressed about working together with Polski Sloty and looking forward to engaging more Polish players with the following deal.


B2C deal with

9 April 2021

We are delighted to welcome our new B2C partner to the Evoplay family.

The Brazilian platform offers comprehensive comparison lists and expert assessment of all online casinos in the country. On their website, players can find and try out the most engaging game titles for free, and discover well-trusted online casinos they can use for actual gambling. also provides players with other essential information: customer support, the possibility to play tournaments, live casino games, deposit bonus systems, and more.

Following our deal with, Brazilian players have a professional overview of Evoplay games along with lists of where to play them.


Exclusively in Germany with PlayPearls!

7 April 2021

Evoplay is extremely proud to announce another groundbreaking B2B deal for 2021 – an exclusive partnership with the fast-growing provider, PlayPearls!

PlayPearls has now integrated our high-tech game titles – more than 50 slot titles and 12 instant games – within the German market.

Commenting on the agreement, Vladimir Malakchi, Evoplay CCO, said: “We’re thrilled to team up with PlayPearls, a rapidly expanding platform provider based in one of the world’s most promising markets.

“We’ve made an impressive start to 2021, generating strong momentum with a range of key deals and operator partnerships. Agreements such as this are integral to that success, and we look forward to working with the team at PlayPearls.”

Uwe Küstner, Public Relations Manager at Paypearls, said: “It’s fantastic to integrate Evoplay’s award-winning suite of titles, which we have no doubt will prove popular with players in the German market.

“We can’t wait to continue attracting new customers with an action-packed offering of unrivaled quality, and this comprehensive content deal is key to that endeavour.”


We’re now working with!

We are thrilled to announce that our extensive B2C network reaches ever deeper, with Evoplay having struck a partnership with

The Italy-focused B2C platform, dedicated to offering in-depth and up-to-date information on Italian online casinos, explains to players and users the details around safe and enjoyable gambling. 

Ensuring player protection is a theme close to the heart of both Evoplay and, and we’re proud to be working together to provide players with high quality, safe entertainment.


Evoplay partners with!

2 April 2021

We’re very happy to showcase another great B2C partnership, this time made with!

At, players can find the online slots that deliver the best offers – and do so without needing to download or install the game. 

In addition, the platform provides reviews of the hottest game titles and lists the casino websites where players can find and safely play the games. Evoplay welcomes to its ever-widening B2C network, and we look forward to appealing to a broad audience of Spanish players with our existing and upcoming hit games.

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