Let’s welcome Machine Slot Online aboard!

28 May 2021

We end this week with some exciting news – our new B2C partnership deal, recently signed with Machine Slot Online

The platform lists the rates of Italian online casinos and their special offerings such as welcome bonuses and bonus systems that players can use and benefit from. 

With a constantly updated database of 2,978 online casino games reviews, players are sure to keep pace with the upcoming releases on the market. 


Evoplay has partnered with GamblersPost!

26 May 2021

Evoplay is delighted to announce our new B2C partnership, made with the widely known platform, GamblersPost.

GamblersPost is a player-centred platform, dedicated to informing players about news, opinions and interviews in the iGaming industry. It also serves as a networking portal that unites operators and affiliates and helps them find opportunities for growth.

Following our deal, players can find Evoplay game reviews and our company updates on the GamblersPost website.


Welcome to the team, SlotHits!

21 May 2021

Evoplay is ready to announce our new B2C partnership, recently made with SlotHits!

The platform is dedicated to providing players with the latest gambling news and a detailed overview of online casinos and slot games. 

Following our deal, players will have access to our most thrilling game titles and their reviews and the websites of online casinos, where the games are presented.


The shape of things to come? A neon bright future!

20 May 2021

Why would Evoplay, a company known for its cutting-edge technology and for bringing new styles of iGaming to market, produce Neon Shapes – a simple-looking game with a distinct 1980s vibe? Because everyone loves a classic. And because this classic does something truly unique in iGaming.

Back in 1984, a Russian software engineer called Alexey Pajitnov created a tile-matching game called Tetris. It went on to become one of the video game greats. To date, it’s sold over 200 million copies and despite its seemingly simple gameplay, requires a mixture of intelligence and skill.

Earlier this year, Evoplay released Neon Shapes – a colourful, modern twist on the widely loved Tetris – and a game that we believe will be the go-to strategy title for iGaming. Because under the hood, Neon Shapes takes you one step closer to conventional gaming. 

Created with the latest in mobile gaming software, Neon Shapes is one of the industry’s most advanced retro-based titles – and we (again) baked in an industry first: we introduced a skill-based element.

While innovation drives the iGaming market – and captures the interest of the next generation of players – we also believe that there’s strong engagement behind long-term retro game favourites. Because these are the games close to so many players’ hearts. 

The future of iGaming will move us ever closer to mainstream gaming trends, habits, technology and playability. The next generation of online casino players will expect to experience a smooth transfer – one where skill, new technologies and favourite ways of playing are like puzzle pieces that seamlessly fit together. 

In Neon Shapes, you can strategically select where to put the shapes to maximise your chances. For each success, a player gets a special reward – skill points – which are collected in a Skill Balance Pot, and eventually impact the game’s outcome!

Evoplay’s brand promise is that we deliver the best iGaming entertainment. And over the past year the drive for creating entertainment that can truly engage and stand out has never been more important. 

Because we deploy state-of-the-art, in-game technology to make our catalogue 100% mobile adaptive – exactly what other suppliers lack when developing classic games – Neon Shapes works flawlessly across global markets, no matter the device someone is using. 

The vivid neon lighting and immersive soundtrack lends the game a unique style, puzzling players by forming horizontal and vertical lines with randomly generated ‘Ordinary’, ‘Gold’, and ‘Orange’ shapes. 

And, of course, this game is proving popular because retro is always cool – whether you like wearing retro fashion items, binge watching 80’s-inspired Stranger Things, or heading to the cinema to watch Wonder Woman 1984

A fun fact: it’s been said that when Alexey Pajitnov first introduced his game, a friend requested a copy for the Moscow Medical Institute where he worked. People there loved it so much, the game was soon banned from the institute in order to “restore productivity”. That’s the power of fun playability. 

We think that Neon Shapes is also a game people will love playing. You could say that it demonstrates the building blocks of making old school, new school. It’s the gaming of yesterday, made for the iGaming of today. 

And that’s a bright-looking future.


Ready to entertain Swedish players with CasinoHEX!

19 May 2021

No week without B2C growth! 

This time, we’re thrilled to introduce you to our new partner, CasinoHEX, a Swedish B2C platform.

It offers players some useful guides on safe gambling and a list of trusted Swedish online casinos with the best casino bonuses, secure payment methods and widest range of games and outstanding user experience. 

The Evoplay team is happy to join efforts with CasinoHEX in entertaining Swedish players and looks forward to fruitful and long-term cooperation.


New B2C partner – Slot Vegas!

14 May 2021

We are extremely delighted to introduce you to our new partner, Slot Vegas, a B2C platform that offers the latest news and updates from online casinos licensed by DGOJ.

Following our deal, players can find our game overview on their website in Spanish and play the most appealing titles for free, continuing their adventure only on the trusted online casinos.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!


Evoplay now live inside the network!

13 May 2021

Evoplay is thrilled to announce our latest deal – a partnership that places us in the growing Estonian market with, the well-established casino operator governed by the Coingaming Group. now has access to Evoplay’s 40 game titles from the award-winning portfolio, including our constant leaders such as Hot777 and Fruit Nova.

Commenting on the agreement, Vladimir Malakchi, Evoplay CCO, said: “We’re delighted to partner with, a well-deserved market leader located in a key market that we’ve been looking forward to entering for quite some time. 

“Agreements such as this are integral to our success. And with a growing library of high-quality products, we believe that our content adds significant value to each of our partners.”

Sveinung Axelsen, Retention Manager at, added: “We couldn’t be more excited to integrate Evoplay’s pioneering collection of slot titles, which will provide our customers with unrivalled gaming experiences.

“Evoplay places its partners at the heart of its operations, and signing this comprehensive content deal marks a great milestone for us in our quest to offer the best games available.”


Evoplay has joined forces with!

12 May 2021

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with, an Italian-based B2C platform!

On, players can find and benefit from the best welcome offers available on AAMS online casinos and stay updated with the exclusive welcome bonuses.

Following our partnership with, players will have access to game overviews of our most engaging game titles with a list of casinos to start the real adventure.

Reach out to us at for more information.



Evoplay welcomes Gaming Insider!

7 May 2021

We are ready to share another great news – we have partnered with another well-recognized B2C platform in the world of iGaming, Gaming Insider.

Gaming Insider thoroughly analyzes the best ADM licensed online casino operators (AAMS), sports betting sites, and their bonus programs to provide its readers with unbiased game reviews and relevant news. 

Evoplay is happy to welcome Gaming Insider and looks forward to all fantastic opportunities to be provided to players in the nearest future.

Industry Firsts

You know your audience. Do you know your potential audience? Part II

In Part 1 of this article, we established that to grow your online casino audience today and tomorrow means embracing player trends and technologies found in mainstream gaming. 

This audience is a single category consisting of various different groups – each with specific entertainment needs.

So, who exactly are these people? And how do you bring them to our world of iGaming?


The first thing to note, is that generally speaking the younger your (legal) potential audience, the less likely they are to gamble. The very people you’d love to have visit your online casino, are those who are the hardest to convince to do so. 

No one said this was going to be easy! 

But surveys also suggest that their reluctance to gamble is not determined by a general rejection of the idea of gambling. These people simply don’t find the available games and gameplay options appealing. Today’s casinos don’t, in short, reflect their entertainment needs.

To find out why, we need to break down your future audience by age-based categories.

Starting with Generation X (those born between 1960-79), we first see something that goes against many online casino design, visuals and game provision assumptions – gender bias. For Gen X, gender plays a fairly insignificant role in gaming needs. 

Both male and female Gen X gamers prefer to play on their mobile devices rather than on a PC or a console. And both genders opt first for sports games, shooters, puzzle-based play, and the classic arcade games that they grew up playing in their youth. 

Interestingly, however, research from the Entertainment Software Association has found that female gamers were more likely to play card and casino games compared to their male counterparts. Particularly poker and blackjack. Which is in stark contrast to what you often see when you visit a land-based casino and join the tables.

But whether male or female, Gen X wants a high-quality mobile experience above all else, and they want sports and shooters as their first choice in game type.

Next up is Generation Y, or Millennials as they are more commonly known – those who were born between 1980 and 1994. Just like the generation that came before them, playing on a mobile device is still the tool of preference, but for this age group gender leads game players down very different paths. 


Girl Racers

Millennial men are far more likely to play shooters, action and sports games. Women tend to gravitate towards casual play and puzzle-based games. But women in this age group are also more likely to choose racing games over their male counterparts. 

Elsewhere in their lives, Millennial gamers often have a ‘creative’ hobby – and this is usually connected to drawing or painting, singing or writing. Food for thought in terms of cross-over content for potential instant games or interactive video slots.

But whatever paths are taken, and whatever the gender who treads it, these are paths they take often

Research from Nielsen shows that Millennials in the US are spend-easy and two in every three of them play video games regularly each month. Over 50% of those gamers are in full time employment, their household income is around $60,000, and 76% pay for movie/TV streaming services. The entertainment in their lives is already digitally based, and so they’re primed for an engaging iGame experience.

As highlighted in Part 1, eSports and viewing others play is important to this group – 71% of Millennials do so each month, spending approximately six hours per week watching others gaming, and they prefer to follow regularly scheduled events – meaning, their game-based entertainment is structured/planned, and not random. And as we’ll now see, it’s also something they happily hand over money for. 

Millennials not only pay to play, they pay to watch. On average, they support creators through donations to the tune of an average $28.73 per month. They also pay $25.21 per month for gaming-related subscriptions.


They watch, they click

As the saying goes, ‘follow the money’ if you want to understand how important a target group might be to your business or industry. In this case, follow the advertising money. 

According to PwC, video game advertising reached $1.6 billion in 2020, and will grow to $1.9 billion by 2023. 

If there’s this much money to be made from advertising to Millennials through gaming, your online casino really should be offering the game types that most appeal to them. 

And also note that Millennials exhibit another interesting trait – once they do step through the door to online casino gambling, they are quick to try out various types of games outside of their usual gaming experience – particularly poker and video slots. The games relevant to their entertainment habits will bring them in, and once there they will also play your existing portfolio.

You just need the right type of entertainment to get them through the door in the first place. That means offering premium quality, multiplayer options, being mobile-centric, and mimicking Millennials’ existing entertainment experiences.

Generation Z (those born between 1995 and 2010), provide another path entirely. For this age group, gaming is something that in their eyes actually defines who they are. These people were ‘born digital’ – the toys that they grew up with are a variety of console/game controllers. 

In a recent study from Whistle, 68% of male Gen Z gamers said that gaming was “an important part of their identity.” Just over 90% of respondents said they regularly play video games, 84% said it is cool to play video games, and 71% consider themselves to be a gamer. 

While there are similarities here with Millennials, the generation gap throws up something else we discussed earlier – for Gen Z, digital venues that provide social engagement are key to their entertainment habits. 

This group forms a deep connection with gaming through community building and online social interaction. Three quarters of all Gen Z gamers regularly watch others play, and for them Twitch is a tool to “chat and build friendships”. 

Multiplayer games rule the roost, and, more than any other age group, the gender divide has almost no relevance. In South East Asia, for example, females make up almost half of all Gen Z gamers. Everyone is welcome at the party. 

As you’d expect for such a tech savvy audience, the newer the tech, the more natural it feels to them. Perhaps this will be the first ‘augmented generation’. One thing is clear – their entertainment choices are cutting edge.


Play for pay

Particularly powerful is their connection to gaming and personal revenue. They see gaming as a potential source of income from competitions, subscriptions, and donations; in addition to in-app purchases for game items such weapons, skills or modifications.

And interestingly, Gen Z does have a leaning towards betting – though not for the most obvious reason. In 2020, a US report on sports betting was conducted by Civic Science. It found that 10% of Gen Z bet on sports, and when asked if they would do so if sports betting were legal in their state, 27% said they would. 

While this group is usually seen to be keen savers, they are willing to spend on gaming and gambling and do so for two reasons – they believe they can achieve success in skill-based play, where they are confident they can influence the outcome, and they see these forms of  entertainment as collaborative experiences.

As Mark Beal, author of Engaging Gen Z, tells it, “They talk about happily spending money on experiences. Pre-pandemic that might have been a concert, a sporting event, traveling. But to them, wagering a few dollars, that qualifies as an ‘experience’ to them. It’s fun, it’s interactive, it’s engaging, it’s something they can do with their friends.” 


How ‘you’ can win

We know that the future of gaming entertainment will be social, streamed/cloud-based, involve a mobile-first approach, be premium, and integrate new technologies such as AR and VR.

And this means that Beal’s quote could, in many ways, sum up the whole approach to getting new audiences into online casinos. 

To grow online casino participation, and tap into people that have made mainstream gaming one of the biggest and most revenue-heavy forms of entertainment today, the games that operators offer will need to be fun, interactive, engaging and something that can be played (or viewed and experienced) with others.

Does your game developer offer games that utilize these technologies and these features? Are you, as a result, offering them to your potential audience? 


To keep up-to-date with our articles, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram


We welcome Gaming Report!

5 May 2021

Evoplay is excited to announce our partnership, made with Gaming Report, aimed at engaging Italian players.

Gaming Report is a B2C platform dedicated to the world of online gaming. It strives to become a real guide for players to stay updated on what is happening in the world of iGaming Italy and find information on new promotions and useful information for playing.

Evoplay is happy to welcome Gaming Report aboard! We look forward to discovering new horizons together!

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