Festive fun: December’s game releases from Evoplay

1 December 2023

As the winter winds usher in a season of merriment and joy, iGamers can unwrap a virtual wonderland of excitement with December’s enchanting lineup of game releases from Evoplay!


The Belt of Champion & The Belt of Champion Bonus Buy

Release Date: December 5 & December 26

MMA has transcended its origins as a niche sport to become a cultural phenomenon, captivating fans worldwide with its unique blend of athleticism, strategy, and raw intensity. Its meteoric rise can be attributed to its charismatic athletes who transcend the sport, becoming household names and inspiring a new generation of fans. 

Captivated by the intensity and allure of this dynamic sport, we’ve crafted a slot game that embodies the same energy – The Belt of Champion

It’s a showdown in the ring! We’ve got a five-character face-off: two eager contenders, their wise mentors-turned-coaches, and the reigning champ who’s been holding court for ages.

The young guns are duking it out, hungry for a shot at the champ’s throne. The stakes are sky-high, not just because of the title but because these contenders are coached by former arch-enemies. Those seasoned pros can’t seem to let go of their age-old grudge, and they’re living vicariously through their proteges in this showdown. The mechanic with random Wild symbols and The Hit It Bonus game add more passion to this octagon allowing players to feel this sweet taste of triumph. 

The Belt of Champion Bonus Buy introduces an exhilarating additional dimension to players’ gaming sessions. Offering them the option to acquire and immediately activate 10 Free Spins, accompanied by a unique number of Random Wild symbols, the Bonus Buy feature elevates the gameplay and engagement. 


Battle Roosters

Release Date: December 14

Explosive birds ruffle some feathers to make it hot to each other in our upcoming slot – Battle Roosters

Feisty roosters gather in the 3-reel arena to assert dominance. Swift and aggressive, they refuse to let the dust settle, showcasing captivating features, including the thrilling Fight Spins.

Prior to kicking off the Fight Spins, a random Hero symbol gets picked out of the 7 regular symbols. This Hero steps into the ring to battle for the player. With each round, the Hero symbol takes on a fresh opponent, one of the other regular symbols. The feature keeps going as long as the Hero keeps winning those showdowns.

Who emerges victorious in this legendary battle? Will it be Douglas Bully, Eggy Chan, Roy Cocky, or perhaps Mr. Roosterson? Only Lady Luck knows for sure!

It’s a game where the clash of feathers meets the thrill of the spin!


Christmas Crash

Release Date: December 21

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially because Santa is delivering gifts to all those who have behaved well. We took this as a plot for our instant socket game – Christmas Crash.

In the midst of a winter wonderland, bathed in the gentle radiance of a crescent moon, Santa sets off on a whimsical adventure to bestow joy upon a town. Guiding his sleigh with a touch of magic, he gracefully glides through the star-studded night sky. Gifts tumble from above, resembling a shower of sparkling confetti, landing in front yards, ensuring each residence is adorned with the true essence of the festive season. 

However, challenges can occur even in the best of tales. The generous old man might face a crash, leaving players without a gift. The celebrations of those who have already started enjoying the holidays – fireworks – or a defective sleigh can bring his fly to an end. The win occurs when a player cashes out before Santa hits the earth’s surface.

This multiplayer instant game includes a two-bet feature, a top 100 players list, chat functionality, and quick access to history – everything you need to unwind during the holidays and soak in the festive spirit!


Let your players unwrap the gaming experience from the most innovative iGaming developer, Evoplay! Contact us at [email protected] to bring the sparkle of our games to your casino.

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