January joys: Upcoming game releases from Evoplay

3 January 2024

New year, new thrills! And we can’t wait to unveil the exciting lineup of Evoplay’s games slated for release in January.


Winter Star & Winter Star Bonus Buy

Release Dates: January 4 & January 25

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, we often forget to pause and look up. Yet, in that very act lies an escape from the daily chaos. Gazing at the sky, the soul is filled with peace, and all worries fade away.

From that spirit of tranquillity emerges our new slot game – Winter Star. Set against a crystalline winter sky with stars and occasional flickers of passing satellites, the stage is set for the unfolding actions. Players are invited to experience the magic of the season as they spin the reels adorned with delicious fruits, letters, bells, and the charming Winter Star itself. Aligning to create winning combinations, they bring rewards to lucky sky watchers.

The presence of Wild Symbols and Scatter Pays adds even more excitement. But the real magic lies in players’ hands, as they can navigate their adventure with the special Multichoice Free Spins feature.

An enchanting journey across the crispy sky reaches a new level in Winter Star Bonus Buy. Here, Free Spins aren’t just at the mercy of chance – players can decide when they roll in thanks to the Bonus Buy feature. Each of the purchase options unlocks a distinct experience: players can choose among 8 Free Spins adorned with the thrill of high volatility, 12 Free Spins, offering the optimal balance with medium volatility, and 16 Free Spins with a mild touch of low volatility.


Battle Roosters Bonus Buy

Release Date: January 9

The mightiest birds are gearing up for a triumphant return to the ring in Battle Roosters Bonus Buy. The title of champion and a taste of absolute supremacy are at stake, promising intense battles that can’t be missed.

All enthusiasts are invited to gather around the ring, where emotions are about to erupt, and feathers will vigorously ascend into the air above. And when exhilarating Free Spins are triggered, players turn from mere spectators into the masters of the ring. With the Bonus Buy feature, they have the power to handpick their Hero for epic showdowns against other roosters.  

With every spin, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as these feathery contenders strive to win as many rounds as possible to secure a victory in the fight. Each successful battle propels the chosen Hero closer to the ultimate showdown against the Boss, a formidable and skilful opponent. Triumph over him will not only crown the Hero as the coveted champion but will also shower the player with generous rewards.

Get ready to witness a clash of feathered titans like never before!


Temple of Thunder II

Release Date: January 16

Ancient Greece, steeped in the ethereal glow of myths and legends, continues to enchant contemporary minds with its timeless allure. At its heart stands the majestic Mount Olympus, a realm where gods and goddesses reside, and now, a breathtaking background for our new game – Temple of Thunder II.

Inhabitants of the mortal world are invited to spin the reels and seek the favour of the divine beings. At the forefront awaits Zeus, the ruler of the gods, seated regally upon his golden throne, ready to grant thunderous multipliers to the bravest ones. Beside him, there is Hera, the queen of the gods, who graces the reels with her presence, showering blessings upon those who dare to take a spin. Meanwhile, Hades, the enigmatic god of the underworld, offers a thrilling descent into the depths of hidden riches. 

Let the enchanting magic of Olympus sweep across the reels, bringing Wild, Mystery and Coin symbols to elevate winnings to godly heights. And the presence of Free Spins and Hold & Win Bonus is what gives an extra layer of excitement to this divine gaming experience. Every spin here is a chance to write a new legend and claim the treasures of Olympus!


Let your players explore the thrill-packed world each of our games brings! Contact us at [email protected] to discover ways of setting your casino apart with our exceptional products.

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