Sun’s out, fun’s out: Meet Evoplay’s August game releases!

2 August 2023

Evoplay continues summertime joy with a new wave of releases! We unveil a fresh portion of thrilling online video slots and instant games, ensuring that players will dive into a sea of fun and high-quality entertainment. 


Europe Transit & Europe Transit Bonus Buy

Release date: August 1, August 17

We are driving onto the road of adventure with Europe Transit – our latest slot game, full of action and adrenaline-pumping twists.

Carrying a clandestine cargo, a transport entrepreneur, John Hawk, takes a roundabout way through central Europe, avoiding unnecessary attention. He strictly adheres to two crucial rules: never opening the cargo and keeping it a complete secret from everyone else.

The game’s dynamic is heated up by its features. With the multipliers appearing on the 5th reel, players gather speed as the winning combination appearing on the same payline with them will be increased. 

In Europe Transit Bonus Buy – the sequel to the game – the driver becomes even more high-skilled as he continues this journey with the Bonus Buy feature available to players. They take the wheel with more Free Spins at hand for purchasing, navigating through all the excitement of the gameplay.

Set the wheels in motion with a spin button, step on the gas but don’t get spotted – the winning destination is worth the cargo!


Lucky Porker & Lucky Porker Bonus Buy

Release date: August 10, August 22

Cute piggy bank, bringing luck, a talisman that has turned out to be a special item for Mr. Joker – a business mogul. The deep-pocketed man activated the piggy bank’s power by putting its first special ancient coin into it. He doesn’t even think the lovely statuette is just a place to store spare change. The first coin holds all the luck that has helped Mr. Joker to multiply crisp banknotes and gold bars.

Lucky Porker is a light-hearted title, giving players a sense of relaxation and full immersion into the story. Spinning the reels, they will encounter a set of features and symbols expanding the winning opportunities. The Bonus Game adds a gamification layer as players can shoot at Piggy symbols containing exciting prizes.

Lucky Porker Bonus Buy, the title following the release of the classic game, allows players to open the piggy bank’s safe and get more Free Spins. A pink coin jar holds golden opportunities inside, and the Bonus Buy feature is here to unlock them! Players can buy more Free Spins and see the story unfolding with the additional round filled with more lucky coins!


Elven Princesses: Crown Quest

Release date: August 31

The Elven Kingdom is once again shaken by epic battles! Its courageous princess Amaniel leads her army to victory in our instant game – Elven Princesses: Crown Quest

The army headed by the elven princess goes through the field filled with triumph and obstacles. When players come across the Crown symbol, they secure a winning step for the princess, gaining her favour and strengthening her army’s morale. However, the perilous journey is not without dangers, as Skull symbols can wipe out all the achievements. Players can strategise the game by choosing a risk level that regulates the number of Skulls on the field. 


Now is the best time to consider adding Evoplay’s August releases to your game offering! Just drop us a line at [email protected] to discuss how you can maximally capitalise on our upcoming products.

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