What Type of Casino Games Will Attract Sports Bettors During the World Cup?

22 November 2022

With huge anticipation from people all around the world, the Football World Cup is upon us. This event will make waves not just in the football world, with fans eagerly gathering together and cheering on their favourite team. But also in the online casino and sports betting world. Being prepared for the year’s biggest sporting event could result in a phenomenally profitable quarter for you; to aid you with that, we will go over the types of online casino games you want to equip for your online casino to attract sports bettors in time for FIFA World Cup 2022. 


Sports-themed Games

Sports bettors will undoubtedly seek sports-themed online casino games, notably football-themed games. The FIFA World Cup has captivated the attention of the entire world. Even if players are not so excited about the event and wouldn´t call themselves football aficionados will still be drawn to football-related games among all the craze. Especially if the online casino is providing some sort of tournaments, leaderboards, promotions and freebies – all of this is a great way to attract more players during the World Cup. Providing sports-themed games will give bettors a familiar feeling, and offering them something they´re used to will draw their attention. 

If you’re looking to boost your website’s traffic, try these football-themed games from Evoplay;


Instant Games

Instant games will be particularly popular during the World Cup for a couple of reasons. One of which is that Instant games will attract sports bettors as the results from the type of bets they place usually take weeks to come in. Instant games here serve e a refreshing alternative. 

Instant games = instant pleasure. Whereas sports betting is a delayed pleasure. 

Another incentive is that bettors will be able to swiftly get onto your website and play games between matches, on their way to the stadium or a pub, or even at half-time, giving them a way to pass the time while earning! Have a read through our blog post on instant games to find out more. Meanwhile, here are some of our most popular Instant games, and you can browse all of them here;


Crash Games 

Sports bettors and casino players will undoubtedly seek similar rushes as they do while placing bets or watching football events. The kind of rush that sends blood all around the body and speeds up the heart’s ´lup-dup´ sound. Players will want to feel the same sense of urgency, and crash games are ideal for this.

Crash games are the optimal solution to reproducing those emotions because they are a ‘risk it all’ sort of online casino game that will immerse you in a tense yet exciting environment; after all, the surge of adrenaline is what keeps players coming back for more. Here are a few of our most well-known crash games:

Evoplay premuim slots provider


Added Gamification Features

Casinos can also make their offerings more exciting with exclusive player vs player tournaments – these increase engagement and build camaraderie between players as they compete against each other. 

Adding games with gamification features, such as tournaments and leaderboards, will be very popular among sports bettors as it will submerge them into a competitive atmosphere similar to the one at FIFA World Cup. 

Other gamification features such as point-and-shoot, which we have in our games, Penalty Shoot-out and Penalty Series, where players can choose which corner of the goalpost they want to try and score a goal or even choose which country they play for, are all gamification features which will be extremely popular during the world cup. 

Evoplay premium slots provider

Evoplay premium slots provider

Back of the Net 

The Football World Cup is one of the most events, and even if you are not a football fan, you can´t help but get enveloped by the intense atmosphere that comes with it. Adding some of the above-mentioned games to your website will surely increase traffic to your website and keep the players coming back for more. 

Exclaim, `Back of the Net!´ With Evoplay´s online casino games just in time for the World Cup.


Evoplay strengthens its Italian presence with Scommettendo

11 November 2022

We have once again harnessed our power of partnering up with the iGaming industry heavyweights, this time landing a deal with Scommettendo. The Italian operator, which has made a name for itself as the market leader in one of the most promising European marketplaces, with a profound player base.

The partnership sees Evoplay going live with Scommettendo, delivering a roster of its innovative and unrivalled titles to the operator’s platform. By doing so, it will bolster our presence among Italian players, contributing to Scommettendo’s ability to drive yet even more traffic to its online casino.    

There is no doubt that the operator’s experience, topped up by our superior gaming portfolio, will help both of us expand our footprint in the Italian market.


All the Relevant Slots Information From Our Newest Partner

9 November 2022

It’s understandable to feel a little overwhelmed when faced with the seemingly endless options of slots when choosing which slots will be the one you take a risk on. There are many factors that you should consider, such as the RTP rate, whether you are playing on trusted websites, what type of deposit and withdrawal options are there available, and many more. 


This is why we have partnered with Gratis Gokken, a platform that eliminates all of your unanswered questions and expedites the process of selecting the best online slot for you. You can find reviews from experts on specific games with positives and negatives, characteristics, bonus terms, payment methods accepted by the casino, and any current bonuses, as well as summarised Terms and Conditions, making your life that much easier! Gratis Gokken is a fantastic Dutch platform for any online casino player.

This partnership with Gratis Gokken will open up a fast-track lane to enjoying the best games that are available from the most trusted online casinos without having to go through all the hassle of researching yourself. We’re positive that this collaboration will produce beneficial outcomes.


Evoplay announces a partnership with Novibet!

This month marks the arrival of a major partnership: Novibet, a dynamic and rapidly evolving iGaming company, has joined our ranks of partners.

The collaboration with such a reputable casino operator allows Evoplay to offer a selection of its 62 exclusive gaming products, including video slots and instant games, to players in MGA-supervised markets and Ireland.

It’s an honour for us to team up with Novibet and have our games available on its platforms, bringing together iGamers looking for high-tech, cutting-edge, and one-of-a-kind online entertainment. We can accomplish a great deal when we work together!


Evoplay premium slots provider signs Italian deal with Sportbet

1 November 2022

Our 65 high-performing and revenue-generating titles are poised to win over the audience of Italian players as Evoplay goes live on Sportbet’s online platform.

Sportbet is an outstanding operator that exclusively offers premium, high-quality and entertainment-filled products to iGamers, and we are super excited to be adding our gaming front-runners to its roster! Our collaboration offers mutual advantages, and we are confident that our games will boost traffic and significantly improve our partner’s business KPIs.

We are incredibly thrilled to begin working with the operator and can’t wait to see our online slots on their website!

Commenting on the launch, Vladimir Malakchi, CCO at Evoplay, said: “We’re pleased to add yet another up-and-coming brand to our network of partners, reinforcing our ever-growing presence in Italy. Establishing deals of this kind is of paramount importance to our business, and we look forward to providing Sportbet’s customers with round-the-clock entertainment in the build-up to the tournament.”

A Sportbet spokesperson added: “We’re thrilled to go live with a name as prominent as Evoplay in a deal that will provide us with additional exposure. In addition to the developer’s sport-inspired titles, we are excited to deliver a real variety of themes to our customers that guarantee both excitement and engagement.

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