TOP 8 Instant Betting Games for Sportsbooks

16 September 2022

There are various categories of slot games: classic slots, video slots, table games, instant games, etc. Today, our primary focus is on instant betting games – the type of online casino game that is a cross-play product and can be integrated by sportsbooks for their betting offer diversification and new audience – iGamers – reach. 


Instant game = instant result.

Instant games are popular among casino slots players exactly for that – their instant results. Players are able to find out whether they have won almost instantly, with one click. These games are perfect for players who are interested in quick and hassle-free results and want to get straight to the point. 


Why Your Sportsbook Website Needs to Add Instant Games 

For so long Sportbooking websites have provided sports bettors with technically one service, and that is; placing bets on real-life sports games. 

This article aims to propose and hopefully convince you that your Sportbooking website, can offer and benefit much more from acquiring some instant games. 

Why Your SportsBook is still You won’t be limited to live sports fixtures. Instead – you will receive alternative betting opportunities to supply your bettors with 24/7! 


  1. Waiting For Special Events

Sports bettors are tied to special events like the Premier League or other sports. No bets will be placed if there are no matches because sports bettors wager on their favourite team or player. If their favourite team or player doesn’t have a match, they can’t wager. This was exactly the case with the rise of COVID-19, where it was impossible to place bets on teams because practically no matches were happening. 

What could be done to leverage these situations when Sportbooking websites see a seasonal decrease in revenue as major sporting events come and go? 

This is where instant slots come in. Providing your players with a similar alternative when there are no matches around could be crucial to customer retention and increases the number of returning players. Bare in mind that the typical instant slot game, which is typically scratchcards, might not be of much interest to sports bettors; this is precisely why we at Evoplay have developed the types of sports-themed games that are very closely related to the mechanics and beloved aspects of sports betting. Evoplay has a wide variety of slots that might attracts sports bettors;



Penalty Shoot-out is a dynamic gambling instant game where you need to beat the goalkeeper, score a penalty shootout and get the prize!

  • Choose the country for which you will play 
  • Place a bet and start scoring some goals. 
  • Select a specific area between the goalposts, or rely on the will of chance.


Football Bet

Place your bets on the various championship events, including the 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and the championship final.

  • There are 16 national teams to choose 
  • Predict the outcome of the match, such as how many goals were scored, or the general outcome of the match.


Penalty Series

Players are provided with an opportunity to attack the opponent’s goal while having to keep eye on their own.

  • Guess the direction of the opponent’s shot by clicking on the highlighted area.
  • Players can have multiple wins in one round with a side bet feature.

Football Manager

You have to work with a sports exchange and compete with thousands of other managers in order to get the most financial gain from the sale of services of football players. And when you become the most successful and lucky manager, your name will appear in the TOP 100 best managers.

  • Monitor the progress of other players in real-time, and there are many additional settings for a comfortable auto-game. 
  • The interface is designed taking into account the latest trends.


High Striker

Whole result changes within a fraction of a second! The riskiest player will get up to x1000 bet multiplier! As participants place bets, the scale of the multiplier starts growing.

  • The longer you wait, the bigger would be your prize. 
  • Be aware that the multiplier may crash anytime and the game finishes.


Save the Hamster

Save the Hamster is Evoplay’s new colourful instant multiplayer game, where your goal is to save the cute hamster, Tom, who dreams of flying to the stars.

  • Two bets feature allows you to place two bets on the same round. 
  • Top 100 List gives an opportunity to see the scoreboard.
  • A unique formula ensures low-risk play in the form of early cashout, or for big risk takers x1000 maximiser.


Lucky Crumbling

Lucky Crumbling is a multiplayer game designed in the stock style, where you need to try to predict when the stock graph will crash in exchange for the highest winnings.

  • Two Bets feature, 
  • Top 100 List, 
  • Unique Formula.


Pride Fight

Pride Fight combines the freedom of mixed martial arts with the thrill of making a bet on your favourite fighter. No barriers, fighting techniques from various combat sports, and the power of your choice turn every stake into an extreme rush of adrenaline.

  • Pick a country, and a fighter’s skin, place bet’s on his victory, and even participate in battle tactics


  1. Lack of Availability 

Sportsbetting websites do not always accept bets 24/7, bets are accepted during specific hours, and this is usually up until the second the game starts. This means that those that didn´t have an opportunity to place a bet, miss out. Including Instant games on your website ensures that there are games that can be played around the clock.  


  1. Waiting Time 

The waiting time to receive the results and reap your winnings is usually quite long. First off you have to wait until the match has happened, and then sometime after that for the results and the prizes to be distributed. All of this takes a lot of time during which players will leave your website (resulting in a drop in website traffic). 

Providing instant games for customers to play whilst they are waiting for results, entertains them like a time-killer would, and ensures that their attention remains on your Sportbooking website. 


  1. Attracting a Wider Audience

Another huge benefit of including casino betting games on your website is that you have more chances of attracting casino players to your website, widening your target market. On the subject, adding betting sports games to your website will surely increase your organic traffic, as casino players will type into the search engine, ´instant games´ for which you will then rank. 

Those searching for instant games, now have a possibility to land on your website, and when an opportunity arises to increase your target market, why wouldn´t you take advantage of it? 


  1. Bigger Incentives

Sports bettors, while playing instant betting games have a higher chance of going home with a bigger prize, as aside from the sports bet they placed, they also have a high chance of winning at least one round of instant games and increase the chances of them playing other instant games. 

This also increases the chances of bettors returning specifically to your website as you provide multiple ways for them to leave with winnings, rather than just placing sports bets.


  1. Football World Cup is Approaching

We are all aware that the football world cup is approaching, which means that sports bettors all around the world will be automatically drawn to all things football. Such as memorabilia, souvenirs, merch, and of course, sports bets. You can provide Evoplay´s football-themed simple betting games, which will most likely attract sports bettors who are excited about all things football. 

  1. Great Marketing Move

Including instant games can be a great marketing move. You can provide your players with cross-offers such as welcome packages that word off the basis that if a player wins a bet they have placed, you offer them an X amount of free spins on the instant slot game, which will have more chances to hook the player, resulting in them placing more bets. This is also great for retention as the customer is left with a pleasant feeling that they just received something for free. 

Why you need Evoplay´s Instant Games 

Now that we have covered why implementing instant games can be very beneficial, let´s cover why you should go for one of our sport-themed online slot games. 

As mentioned above, providing your players with just any instant game, might not give you the edge that you want. Focusing on not only sports-themed slot games, but also making sure that the game mechanics are similar to what sports bettors are used to, is what will make a difference. Evoplay offers multiple football-themed instant slots where players can choose for which country they play for, bet on the outcome of the game such as shots scored, and compete in leader boards creating that healthy competition – all aspects that sports bettors adore. 

We have other instant games which might be of interest to sports bettors such as the Pride Fight. This might be of particular interest to boxing bettors. In Pride Fight players can choose which country to fight for, as well as pick body locations on which to blow their punch. Which is an amazing gamification function that adds excitement to otherwise routine games.


Let´s Attract a Wider Audience Together

To sum up, adding instant games, with a sport-themed style could open you up to a new and bigger audience, it can increase your customer retention rate, and overall provide a better experience for your betting website visitors. This is the perfect time to provide some instant games for your players as the world cup is approaching, and this is a great opportunity to pleasantly surprise your customers.   

We are constantly available to answer any of your questions, so feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. And here is an article about why you should choose Evoplay as your designated slots provider. 


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