How Gen Z is rewriting the iGaming rulebook

26 July 2023

Sorry traditional online casinos, but Generation Z is challenging the concept of iGaming. 

And sure enough, Zoomers represent a whole new era and audience cohort, having grown up amidst diverse cultural backgrounds and unique experiences. 

Their emergence as a burgeoning iGaming audience marks a transformative stage in the industry. Setting them apart from older generations is the fact that Gen Zers are true digital natives, having grown up entirely within the virtual landscape. This fundamental distinction makes them a unique and dynamic force, reshaping the landscape of iGaming consumption with their innate familiarity and profound affinity for all things digital.

Gen Z is here to disrupt the product and marketing approach to iGaming carved out by previous generations.



Zoomers have rightfully earned the title of the “iGeneration” due to their upbringing in a digitally-full era. Born in the late 1990s to the early 2010s, these tech-savvy individuals have experienced a world immersed in digital advancements like never before. From their formative years, Gen Zers have been surrounded by cutting-edge technologies, witnessing the rise of smartphones, social media platforms, and on-demand entertainment. This digital immersion has fundamentally shaped their communication, entertainment, and even consumption habits.

“Screenagers” is another term coined to describe Generation Z’s intimate bond with screens and digital devices, capturing the essence of their distinctive upbringing. Unlike previous generations, Zoomers have never known a world without smartphones, tablets, and computers. From an early age, screens have become an inseparable part of their daily lives, shaping their experiences, interactions, and perspectives. This deep-rooted connection has bestowed them with unparalleled technological fluency, allowing them to effortlessly navigate the digital realm and embrace the ever-evolving world of iGaming with unmatched ease.


Why unlocking Gen Z is vital for iGaming businesses

In pursuit of continuous growth and relevance, online casinos and sportsbooks are perpetually on the lookout to expand their audiences and appeal to newer, younger generations. The profound intertwining of Generation Z with all things digital, including entertainment, establishes them as a direct and enticing target audience for gambling businesses.

Gen Z’s discerning nature demands authenticity, personalisation, and genuine engagement. As a result, iGaming brands must understand their unique preferences and aspirations, crafting experiences that resonate with Screenagers on a deeper level. By embracing innovative product and marketing strategies and the digital landscape with finesse, iGaming providers can build lasting connections with Post-Millennials.


Click ‘Start’ to engage the Gen Z audience

Gone are the days of relying on previously effective strategies that worked well for older generations. Zoomers are on the lookout for fresh, innovative entertainment experiences. Who, if not they, considering their ultimate digitalisation, want casino-like experiences that deliver a brand-new form of online entertainment.


From TikTok to spins: understanding Gen Z’s iGaming preferences

To effectively cater to iGen, it is paramount to delve into the depths of their psychology as players. Recent research has shed light on a startling trend: the average attention span of human beings has significantly decreased over the years. In the span of just over a decade, from the year 2000 to 2013, it plummeted from 12 seconds to a mere 8 seconds. This revelation elucidates why the younger generations, like Gen Z, gravitate towards content that can swiftly seize their attention. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram’s Reels, which specialise in succinct and snappy content, have successfully captured the interest of this tech-savvy demographic.

In response to this ever-shortening attention span, we witness a proliferation of crash and instant games tailored to cater to the desire for quick entertainment and immediate results. These games capitalise on the need for fast-paced experiences that can be easily integrated into the hectic lifestyles of Post-Millennials. Furthermore, their vast capacity for implementing a diverse array of mechanics appeals to the generation’s thirst for novelty and constant stimulation. The younger players find gratification in the rapid-fire nature of these games, as they provide an instant rush of excitement and satisfaction, fitting seamlessly into the on-the-go way of living.

At Evoplay, we have developed a series of products tailored to pique the interest of the next generations. Our fast games are designed to captivate them in the blink of an eye, aligning perfectly with their ever-shrinking attention spans. Leveraging the flexible framework of instant games, we have been able to implement various captivating plots and settings, creating truly immersive worlds for our players.

One of our standout creations is a third-person runner crash game Goblin Run. In this dynamic adventure, players meet the mischievous goblin and the formidable dragon, the main heroes of the game. Throughout their journey, they experience a dynamically evolving storyline that unfolds seamlessly as they engage with the gameplay. Boasting stunning 3D graphics, a vast array of customisable skins and game settings, and five levels, Goblin Run offers an experience that goes beyond the boundaries of a conventional casino product, incorporating elements of video gaming that strongly resonate with the next generations. 

Recent statistics show that a significant portion of Gen Zers consider themselves sports fans, with 53% identifying as such. Moreover, a remarkable 61% actively engage in watching sports events. With this in mind, we have introduced Penalty Shoot-out: Street – a sports-themed game capitalising on one of the most hyped themes. Building on the success of its predecessor, Penalty Shoot-out, we’ve taken the excitement to the next level, immersing players in the heart-pounding action of Brazil’s street football scene.

However, that doesn’t mean capturing the attention of forward-thinking next generations stops at instant games. Bringing authenticity and innovation to online video slots can make them a perfect match for iGen. Unlike traditional slots, Evoplay’s flagship game Star Guardians revolutionises the gaming landscape by drawing inspiration from the video game industry while retaining its gambling component. It breaks new ground by offering a third-person shooter experience, granting players manual control of their characters. In this game, players have the freedom to choose from three unique characters, each with their own set of skills and abilities. 


It’s not just a game…

For iGaming providers, to win the attention of Screenagers, it isn’t enough to develop an innovative product. It should be backed by a multitude of features and supplementary tools that make them truly valuable products for this digitally-savvy demographic.

Scan the list of features, making a casino title a viable option for Zoomers to pay attention to:


  • seamless mobile experience
  • social component;
  • gamification elements


Generation Z is highly engaged with mobile devices, spending 4 hours per day on their smartphones on average. They demand a mobile-first approach to casino experience and gambling content fully adapted to a mobile screen. This comes as no surprise with their desire to consume online entertainment on the go.

As they like to stay socially active even while enjoying their gambling experiences, multiplayer games take the stage. Evoplay’s renowned titles – High Striker, Football Manager, and Lucky Crumbling – have proven to be the top picks among players as multiplayer games, considering metrics like Bet Sum and Round Count. With their engaging gameplay and social elements, these titles provide a perfect platform for next-gen iGamers to connect, compete, and socialise in the virtual world.

Gen Z has demonstrated a profound affinity for gamification, making it an unequivocal strategy to captivate this audience. At Evoplay, we cater to our partners with products that align seamlessly with the next generations and furnish them with an array of supplementary tools designed to foster a captivating gamified environment. Among these cutting-edge resources, our exhilarating tournaments stand out, offering participants the chance to not only indulge in captivating games but also to partake in riveting competitions against fellow players. Additionally, our Evoplay Quest Tool adds another layer of excitement, enabling gamers to embark on thrilling missions and reap enticing rewards, heightening their overall gaming experience.


Engaging Gen Z with cutting-edge marketing tactics

As Gen Z stands apart from previous generations in various aspects, it is crucial to connect with them using methods that resonate with these individuals. In today’s online realm cluttered with information, iGaming brands need to convey straightforward and captivating messages to grab Gen Z’s attention.

At Evoplay, we understand the significance of catering to the preferences of younger demographics in terms of our products and the channels we use for marketing. With social media strongly influencing 54% of Zoomers, we actively embrace influencer marketing as a means to promote our brand and introduce new products to them. Our collaborations with popular streamers have been particularly successful in reaching this audience, and we are continually expanding our influencer network to forge new connections.

We’ve had numerous instances where streaming celebrities have been the first to shine a spotlight on our games, showcasing the playing process to their enthusiastic audience. This outcome doesn’t surprise us, as our games have consistently captured the attention of not only the iGaming sector but the entertainment industry as a whole.


85% of Gen Z use social media to learn about new products. (Marketing Charts)


While influencer marketing is a significant part of our approach, we also recognise the value of building strong B2C partnerships. We continually seek out new faces to present the unique value of our products to a broader audience. We have a well-defined strategy for fostering mutually beneficial relationships with digital influencers, just as with other businesses. By combining these efforts, we ensure Evoplay remains at the forefront of engaging with Generation Z.

To effectively capture the next-gen’s attention, it’s crucial to redefine iGaming in a way that resonates with such players while breaking away from traditional perceptions. To compete for Zoomer’s focus amidst various entertainment options, gaming providers must embrace smarter strategies that may deviate from their previous approaches. Nevertheless, the payoff comes from a larger player audience and the ability to engage with new generations.


Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] if you’re targeting Gen Z and need a reliable partner with full-stack solutions to engage and retain it.

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Think twice: Casino games aggregator vs all-in-one provider

19 July 2023

There’s no denying the power of a game portfolio when it comes to the iGaming business. In an industry that thrives on entertainment and engagement, the collection of games a platform offers can make or break its success. The iGaming landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, with new technologies and innovative concepts continually shaping the way games are developed and enjoyed. As a result, having a robust and diverse game portfolio is more crucial than ever before.

When it comes to iGaming businesses, the choice between a casino games aggregator or a single provider is a decision that holds significant weight. Both options offer distinct advantages, and operators carefully weigh their considerations before making a selection.


Gaming aggregator vs direct integration with a provider

Players constantly seek fresh and immersive experiences that captivate their attention and keep them returning for more. By curating a wide range of high-quality games, operators can cater to different tastes, preferences, and demographics, ensuring they have something for everyone. A strong game portfolio serves as the lifeblood of any iGaming platform. It’s the driving force behind attracting new players, retaining existing ones, and ultimately generating revenue. 

Variety is a key aspect of a successful game offering. 


According to a report by Statista, an average online casino has around 700 to 1,000 games available for players to choose from. 


You’ve got two avenues to explore when it comes to accessing the content: either through a game aggregator or a single provider.


Partnership with an iGaming solution aggregator

A casino games aggregator is a platform that brings together a wide variety of casino games from multiple game developers and providers into a single interface. It acts as a one-stop destination for online casinos, allowing them to offer their players a diverse selection of games without having to establish individual partnerships with each game provider. 

A casino aggregator holds the capacity to diversify the portfolio, making them a solution for companies that lack the technical infrastructure to establish direct relationships with several game providers. Smaller casinos, in particular, benefit from using aggregators as they save valuable resources that would otherwise be spent on developing and maintaining individual integrations. By opting for a gaming aggregator, casinos gain access to a range of games that cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring a more engaging and entertaining experience for their players.

The pros of working with an iGaming solution aggregator:

  • Access to a comprehensive hub of iGaming products from various game development studios.
  • A single integration to existing infrastructure through an API.
  • Saving time and resources from the hassle of dealing with multiple integrations and technical complexities. 
  • Easy updates and upgrades: gaming aggregators typically handle updates and upgrades for all the games in their portfolio.


Direct integration with a game provider

Direct integration of a game provider’s portfolio is a wise and advantageous choice for big players in the iGaming industry. This form of integration allows for a more streamlined and efficient gaming experience for operators. With it, casinos can establish a direct connection with a provider of iGaming solutions, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

One of the main advantages of direct integration is the opportunity to negotiate favourable commercial terms. When a casino has a sufficient technological base to support direct integration, they can work closely with the provider to tailor the agreement to their specific needs. 

Furthermore, direct integration offers a more personalised approach to business partnerships. With this setup, operators are assigned a dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) who guides them throughout their journey, ensuring they achieve optimal results. The KAM serves as a valuable resource, providing insights into the provider’s latest offerings, updates, and features. As a result, casinos with direct integrations are always up to date and have a competitive edge in implementing new games and features, enhancing the overall player experience.


The advantages of partnering with a game provider directly also include the following:

  • Exclusive content: Partnering directly with a game provider can grant access to exclusive games and content that may not be available through a game aggregator. This exclusivity can attract players who are seeking unique gaming experiences.
  • Tailored solutions meeting a partner’s business needs and goals in metrics growth.
  • Early access to new releases: Operators get access to the latest game releases before they are available through a casino games aggregator. This early access can provide a competitive advantage and generate excitement among players.
  • Better integration control: Working directly with a game provider allows the online casino to have more control over the integration process. They can customise the integration to fit their platform seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and optimised gaming experience for their players.
  • Direct feedback and influence: Direct partnership with a game provider enables the online casino to provide feedback on games and influence future developments. This can lead to game enhancements and improvements that align with the specific needs and preferences of the casino’s player base.
  • Exclusive promotions: Game providers often offer exclusive promotions and bonuses to their direct partners. These can include special offers, tournaments, or incentives explicitly designed for the online casino and its players.
  • Branding and reputation: Partnering directly with reputable and well-known game providers can enhance the online casino’s branding and reputation. Players often associate high-quality games with certain providers, and aligning with these providers can help build trust and credibility among the player community.


Evoplay: Your one-stop destination for a comprehensive casino portfolio 

At Evoplay, we take great pride in being a leading game provider for the casino industry, offering a wide range of advantages that make us the preferred choice for operators worldwide. 

By partnering directly with us, operators gain access to a comprehensive package of our high-quality games backed by our award-winning marketing that enhances the visibility of our titles even further. 

We are result-oriented. So we provide not products but solutions that have a specific goal. Namely, growing our partners’ metrics and driving them nearer to their business objectives. 


As an established brand, Evoplay gives a partner more than just a set of games. Collaborating with us provides online casinos with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as the success of our products is data-proven and recognised in the industry.


Our comprehensive library of innovative games is designed to cater to diverse player preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether it’s classic slot games or online table games that evoke nostalgia, unique titles inspired by video games, or trailblazing instant games, our collection delivers a captivating experience with a wide range of settings, mechanics, and features.

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to diversification. We create cross-sell products that cover an impressively broad audience with the vivid example of our sports betting instant games. This means that our games have the versatility to engage various player segments, resulting in increased revenue opportunities for our casino partners. We understand the importance of providing a diverse portfolio that appeals to different demographics and gaming preferences.

In addition to our exceptional game offerings, we provide our partners with powerful promotional tools to help them achieve maximum results. Our suite of promotional resources assists operators in effectively marketing and promoting our games, ultimately driving player acquisition and retention. 

In contrast to a gaming aggregator, we adopt a personalised approach and offer a wide range of customisable options, allowing partners to select and utilise solutions that align perfectly with their needs and preferences. To facilitate seamless cooperation, we provide our partners with a comprehensive service that includes a dedicated KAM. These managers are specifically assigned to help operators fully leverage the potential of our strong brand. They are prepared to provide guidance and support in product selection, marketing activities, and overall strategy, all aimed at generating maximum revenue and achieving optimal results.


Contact us at [email protected] to discover how you can seamlessly integrate our content into your business through a direct connection or get the list of aggregators that provide our games.

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Tapping into the next-gen market with crypto iGaming business

12 July 2023

Cryptocurrency has swiftly emerged as a frenzy, making its mark across various industries. With many influencers hawking it, its original allure can’t be underestimated. In iGaming, with its inherent advantages, such as decentralised control, enhanced security, instant transfers, and global accessibility, cryptocurrency has become a powerful tool.

Some online casinos reported a revenue boost of over 15% after integrating cryptocurrency payment options.

With the cryptocurrency market swinging from side to side lately, its innovative technology and enhanced payment convenience ensure the accruement to casinos’ player bases. The difference maker? Those obsessed with technological affinity, innovation, and digital culture – younger generations.


Riding the trend: the advantages of crypto casinos that captivate next generations

The next-gen audience wants it. Blockchain technology.  

Younger generations have grown up in a digital era and are generally more comfortable with technology. A cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that operates on blockchain technology, which aligns with their familiarity and comfort with digital platforms and online transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are often decentralised and operate on a peer-to-peer network, allowing individuals more control over their finances. Younger generations, who value autonomy and independence, are drawn to the idea of financial systems that are not controlled by central authorities.

Blockchain currencies are often associated with cutting-edge technology and innovation. The next generations, who are typically more open to immersing in new technologies, are drawn to the potential advancements and disruptive nature of cryptocurrencies. They align with this digital native culture and the idea of virtual assets having real-world value.


Put ‘fun’ in ‘functionality’

As the next generation embraces online entertainment, the winning combination – cryptocurrency and iGaming –  has become an undeniable force. Crypto casinos are at the forefront of this revolution, offering a captivating experience where state-of-the-art technology intertwines with the thrill of chance. 

Baby Boomers or Generation X might wonder, “What is a crypto casino?” whereas Millennials and Gen Z are already well aware of the answer. In the ever-evolving digital innovation landscape, they have carved out a unique niche with their unyielding appetite for all things tech-savvy. The fusion of cryptocurrency and online gambling is a winning combination to reach and engage them, especially by adding the content they demand.

However,  younger generations are never enough with innovation. By constantly seeking novel experiences beyond conventional norms, blockchain-based solutions captivate their attention with unconventional offerings. Next-gen audiences often crave realistic digital gaming that provides a sense of escapism and adventure. 

That is why they have shown a keen interest in online gambling that has embraced implementing cryptocurrencies within the metaverse or VR experience. The metaverse provides a virtual environment where players can engage in various gambling activities, from traditional casino games to unique experiences explicitly designed for this digital realm. Answering this call, at Evoplay, we develop games that have stunning visuals and high-quality art, adding to realistic settings, as well as implemented VR technologies within some of our products.


Crypto iGaming business is changing the game. Here is how

What is the crypto gambling trend? It is one of the most rapidly developing sectors in the gambling industry, with an astonishing increase in participation over the past year. 

According to recent studies, the number of people engaging in crypto gambling has surged by a remarkable 75%. Approximately 45% of online gamblers now prefer using cryptocurrencies as their primary mode of transaction. The adoption of cryptocurrencies as a gambling medium has been particularly popular among younger demographics, with an impressive 85% of individuals aged 18-34 actively participating in crypto gambling activities

The global market for crypto gambling has witnessed an exponential growth rate of 80% in the past two years, indicating a clear preference for digital currencies over traditional payment methods in the gambling realm. Industry experts predict that the trend of crypto gambling will continue to dominate the market, estimating a further increase of 60% in the number of people engaging in crypto gambling activities during the next few years. 

As the number of crypto iGaming businesses continues to grow, we are witnessing an increasing demand for our cutting-edge gaming portfolio. 


Evoplay’s system data show an x5.3 increase in bets placed via cryptocurrency in Q2/23 compared to Q1/23.


The surge in interest from crypto casinos and players in our innovative products is a testament to their appeal. Not only do we provide an extensive range of games, but we also offer a plethora of opportunities – we support all cryptocurrencies listed on exchanges and are ready to add additional ones upon request. This flexibility ensures that our partners have the freedom to operate in the crypto space effectively.

How do crypto casinos work with Evoplay? They add our high-performing titles to their game offering and watch their metrics grow.


It’s time to take advantage of our innovative portfolio!

Crypto gambling is currently the talk of the town, and it presents a significant opportunity for crypto iGaming businesses to capitalise on this trend. However, for crypto casinos to truly succeed in this space, they must have reliable partners – content suppliers that offer online games meeting the demands of those interested in crypto casinos. This is where Evoplay comes into the picture.

Evoplay is widely recognised for its innovative content, which remains in sync with the modern world of crypto casinos. In fact, we have received prestigious industry awards that acknowledge our commitment to innovation. For instance, we were honoured with the Innovation in Casino Entertainment award at the SBC Awards 2022. Such recognition highlights our dedication to pushing boundaries and constantly evolving in the industry.

One key factor that sets us apart is our unique and unparalleled gamification tools and products that break the conventions of traditional casino gaming. Take, for example, Penalty Shoot-out – a highly successful combination of an instant game, a betting feature, and a trending sports theme. Another standout offering is Star Guardians, a non-standard video slot that allows players to have manual control over their character, transforming the gaming experience. Additionally, Goblin Run, a third-person runner crash game with a skins shop and five challenging levels, has garnered significant attention.


“The fast-paced crypto-casino industry is not just about payments, security, and anonymity; it’s about innovation. And when it comes to innovation in the market, Evoplay is leading the way. The audience of such projects differs greatly from traditional online casinos. And we have a lot to offer it. We provide our players with a fresh gaming experience and propel the industry forward with our modern and technological games. It’s no wonder that Evoplay’s slogan is ‘The Future of iGaming. Today.’’’

Head of Marketing at Evoplay


This projection highlights cryptocurrencies’ continued evolution and influence in the gambling industry. And it’s high time to make your online casino the one standing up to what crypto gamblers seek.

Breaking new ground content is the answer. And Evoplay is here for crypto casinos with its rich portfolio of games covering multi-generational audiences:


  • Online video slots – Evoplay’s slots offering is a flawless fit for crypto casinos, providing an extensive selection of games that boast ingenious features, captivating themes, and mechanics inspired by the world of video games. Players can indulge in an immersive gaming experience with an array of innovative options.


  • Instant games are an absolute magnet for younger audiences, seamlessly blending the thrill of gambling with various entertainment frameworks. This winning combination has enabled us to craft many instant titles that cater to diverse preferences in settings. Each game offers distinctive features, mechanics, and narratives, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience that takes it to a whole new level.


  • Online table games –  Evoplay’s online table games offer beloved classic and timeless favourites reimagined with a modern twist, capturing the next generations’ attention. With their innovative approach, we bring refreshing and engaging gaming to the table, ensuring that players of all ages can enjoy the best of both worlds.


What is a crypto casino with Evoplay’s products? It’s a cutting-edge playground for the modern iGamer! It’s time to think crypto and bet big on high-quality content. With our seamless integration of cryptocurrencies and customisable options for our partners, Evoplay is a perfect match for a crypto iGaming business.

Embrace the power of blockchain and let us be your trusted partner – drop us a line at [email protected] to unlock the limitless potential of our games in your crypto space.

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Evoplay secures multiple award nominations!

6 July 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Evoplay has once again gained recognition through a series of remarkable shortlistings!

It is truly an honour for us to be selected as nominees for prestigious awards at the GamingTECH Awards. We eagerly anticipate the results, as we are vying for the titles of Best Online Casino Provider in the CEE, Rising Star – Online Casino Technology in CEE, and Online Casino Innovator in CEE. Furthermore, we are ecstatic to share that our innovative offerings have secured us a well-deserved spot on the shortlist for the SiGMA Asia Awards 2023. This recognition comes in two highly sought-after categories: Integrated Game Provider of the Year and Table Game Provider of the Year. We are especially proud of our captivating creation, Andar Nights, which has contributed to our inclusion in the latter category. 

The anticipation is building, and we can’t wait to learn the final results!


July heatwave: Evoplay’s game releases

5 July 2023

The heat is on, as the summer collection of the Evoplay online casino games is going to be topped up with new exhilarating releases! Our hot July games are meticulously designed to make waves in the iGaming world, reach new summits, and turn your casino into a must-visit destination this summer. 


Penalty Shoot-out: Street

Release date: July 4

Do you hear the whistle? It’s our new instant game, Penalty Shoot-out: Street, rushes into the online gaming field to make its impressive goal for your business metrics. 

Sports-themed experiences have emerged as a powerhouse in terms of popularity and demand. The global appetite for online sports games has reached unprecedented heights, with enthusiasts and casual players alike embracing the immersive thrills of virtual athletics. Recent statistics highlight the remarkable growth and untapped potential of this genre. According to industry reports, online sports games have witnessed a staggering increase in user engagement, with a year-on-year growth of 27% in player participation. 

Harnessing the momentum and strategic market insights, we expanded our repertoire of betting instant games with Penalty Shoot-out: Street. To craft a truly authentic and captivating gameplay environment, we have chosen the vibrant streets of Brazil as the game’s backdrop. Brazilian football culture is renowned worldwide, with its streets serving as the ground where dreams of professional football careers and top-league glory take root. 

Penalty Shoot-out: Street boasts dynamic gameplay, thanks to its instant game nature. A progress bar with a growing multiplier is the stimulus to get round a goalkeeper and hit the back of the net. The match is off to an intense start!


Goddess of the Night Bonus Buy

Release date: July 11

Lucky for those players who adore our Bonus Buy games, we always have something interesting in the making. Goddess of the Night – the game featuring a female warrior during the Aztec empire epoch – enchanted players with its drop mechanic and progressive multipliers. We enhanced the title’s immersive plot and enthralling mechanics with the Bonus Buy feature and created Goddess of the Night Bonus Buy

The opportunity to get inside an ancient pyramid during the Free Spins game makes the Bonus Buy feature a driving force behind players’ desire to activate it. What secrets are hidden in thick pyramid walls? It’s time to uncover them and the treasures the place may hide!


Penalty Roulette

Release date: July 20

Roulette + football… the era of hybrid instant games starts here! We’ve taken the excitement of football, combined it with one of the players’ favourite table games, and created an action-packed title – Penalty Roulette.

It follows the rules of a classic roulette game but with a twist that will make football enthusiasts jump for joy. Picture yourself in a bustling football stadium surrounded by cheering fans. The player gets to make multiple bets by choosing sectors on a football net, and then it’s time to kick off the ball!

As the ball soars through the field, anticipation builds, and hearts race. Will it hit one of the chosen sectors? The chance of a triumphal win may become a reality! This unique combination of football and roulette creates an unmatched sporting vibe that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Penalty Roulette is set to become an instant bestseller at casinos, and here’s why. It’s a game changer in the world of table games, offering an innovative and fresh concept that’s never been seen before. By seamlessly blending the excitement of football with the thrill of roulette, we’ve created a game that appeals to a broader audience, including both sports enthusiasts and casino players.


Northern Temple Bonus Buy

Release date: July 25

Add Nordic adventures to your casino game offering with our upcoming Scandinavian-style release – Northern Temple Bonus Buy.

The Northern Temple Bonus Buy game is a true gem among online video slots that will captivate your players with its unique blend of immersive gameplay and innovative features, setting it apart from other titles. With its growing reels, every spin offers an expanding playground of opportunities, increasing the excitement and potential for substantial wins.

What truly sets the game apart is its alluring Bonus Buy feature, an addition to its predecessor – Northern Temple. It empowers your players to uncover the temple’s secrets like never before, allowing them to harness the magic within and unlock unimaginable rewards. The power of Free Spins can be invoked at any moment during gameplay, offering an extra layer of entertainment and anticipation.


Get ready to set the casino world ablaze this July with Evoplay’s hot releases. Remember, the early bird catches the jackpot!

Contact us now at [email protected] and let our games speak volumes as they transform your casino into a coveted destination for iGamers.

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