Penalty Shoot-out: Street

  • RTP 96.00%
  • MAX WIN €2,400
Instant Games
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Welcome to Penalty Shoot-out: Street, the ultimate instant football game that transports you to the lively streets of Brazil!

Imagine yourself as a football enthusiast with aspirations of becoming a player for a top-league team. The allure of lucrative contracts, worldwide recognition, and the desire to be the best in skills is what drives you.

The atmosphere of a local football pitch under a scorching sun is electric as you kick the ball around the bustling streets, skillfully dodging stray cats and manoeuvring around parked cars. The goal – a pristine white football net – beckons with its limitless possibilities for sports achievements.

The multiplier increases with every goal scored, but watch out for the skilled goalkeeper who is always on the alert to intercept your shots.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your football boots, hit the streets, and showcase your skills to the world in Penalty Shoot-out: Street!

Media reviews

Penalty Shoot-Out: Street by Evoplay is a unique casino game that you rarely come across. It's not a classic slot machine with symbols, but you take penalties where the longer your scoring streak, the more you win! ...

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