Evolution of slot symbols and themes: Influence of pop culture

28 November 2023

As the saying goes, ‘you can’t fight city hall,’ and you certainly can’t deny that pop culture is a force that shapes societies, influences trends, and fuels the pulse of our collective identity. Gambling, firmly entrenched as a form of entertainment, stands as a testament to the fact that pop culture’s pervasive influence extends even into the realms of chance and risk.

And we can’t downplay its role as the driving force behind the evolution of casino slots.


It all begins with a historical spin

Gambling has been around since the dawn of civilisation. Picture ancient folks throwing dice, medieval Europeans hitting the tables – it’s a history as old as time. While actual gambling parlours didn’t pop up, people driven by the thrill of luck began gathering together to share this experience with individuals who have the same interests. This shared passion laid the groundwork for the evolution of gambling into a pursuit of monetary stakes as participants sought meaningful incentives to enhance their gaming.

In terms of the rise of casinos in the United States, the frontier concept played a crucial role. When the Gold Rush began in the 19th century, a plethora of people with gold emerged, but they had nowhere to spend it because civilisation had not yet reached those corners of America. Consequently, they often gambled away their nuggets in humble saloons, engaging in card games with other gold prospectors, farmers, and cowboys.

As the Industrial Revolution gave way to a more leisure-oriented society, in the late 19th century, the dawn of the slot machine era unfolded, propelled by the winds of technical innovation. It became the beginning of the earliest slot machine – the 3-reeled Liberty Bell, crafted by Charles Fey. 

With the emergence of vaudeville and the lively entertainment scene, slot machines began to reflect the flamboyant and extravagant style of the era. Ornate detailing, intricate carvings, and vibrant colours adorned these machines, mirroring the exuberance of the entertainment world. 

As the Liberty Bell’s chimes reverberated through the corridors of time, slot machines embedded themselves in the American culture. 

In the mid-20th century, the neon-lit streets of Las Vegas emerged as the veritable gambling mecca. The city underwent a transformative phase, propelled by the burgeoning entertainment industry and the emergence of iconic figures in music, film, and sports. The Rat Pack, featuring luminaries like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, became synonymous with Vegas’ entertainment scene, drawing in crowds seeking both sophisticated entertainment and the allure of celebrity culture. As pop culture continued to shape societal norms, the city adapted, embracing themes from blockbuster movies and pop music in the design of its casinos and attractions. It became a symbol of excess and indulgence, mirroring the cultural zeitgeist.

Fast forward, and here we are with online casinos and betting. The point is, the whole gambling shebang started simple, but now it’s this global, tech-driven industry and, at the same time, a part of modern society.  It’s a story that goes from dice to digital, showing we’ve always been hooked on a bit of risk and reward. 


Symbolism that transcends centuries

With the establishment of gambling, slot symbols emerged as integral elements in shaping the visual language of casinos. Let’s get back to the Liberty Bell with its symbols like horseshoes, stars, and, of course, the namesake liberty bells. 

Reflecting the cultural milieu of its time, these symbols were not arbitrary; rather, they carried profound significance. Horseshoes, long associated with luck and protection from evil spirits, are also a practical tool in everyday life familiar to many who have to do with horses. Stars, emblematic of aspirations and celestial wonders, added a touch of mystique and anticipation to the spinning reels. In the context of the United States, stars could also carry deeper layers of meaning, symbolising the sheriff’s badge or the stars on the American flag. The liberty bells, however, were the pièce de résistance, symbolising the core values of freedom and independence. 

In the contemporary realm of online classic slot machines, the symbols of stars and horseshoes have undergone a transformation, adapting to modern pop culture. Stars, once emblematic of celestial wonder and aspirations, now carry an allure reminiscent of celebrity culture. The horseshoe, steeped in historical superstition, has evolved into a symbol of prosperity and good luck, reflecting a more optimistic and positive outlook in modern culture. 

The concept of the number 7 is a vivid example of the collective unconscious. It is a universal symbol of luck. Its special powers are attributed to the seven days of the week, seven wonders of the ancient world, seven colours in a rainbow, and seven continents. In astrology and numerology, the number 7 is linked to positive traits such as intuition, spirituality, and good fortune. 

We can’t but mention the triple-seven combination that solidified its reputation as a symbol of luck in the early to mid-20th century. Psychologically, the repeated pattern of the same digit triggers a sense of rhythm and predictability that the human brain finds appealing. In the chaotic world of chance, the ordered sequence of three identical numbers provides a comforting illusion of control, fostering a belief in the auspicious nature of the combination.

The inclusion of fruits in slot machines can be traced back to the influence of anti-gambling laws. In the early 20th century, there were various laws and regulations governing gambling, and slot machines were often designed to skirt these laws. Some machines would dispense fruit-flavoured gum or candy as prizes, allowing the machines to avoid some gambling restrictions. 

These symbols were simple and easy to recognise, embodying simplicity and familiarity. Their vibrant colours and intrinsic association with freshness and sweetness evoke positive emotions. They trigger a visual appeal that goes beyond mere chance, playing on the psychology of attraction.

The allure of fruit symbols in slot machines harks back to ancient times when our survival instincts were finely tuned to seek out essential sustenance. In those primal days, our eyes evolved to discern the colours of fruits amidst the greenery and leaves, a crucial skill for locating nourishment. The inherent attraction to these colours became ingrained in our psyche as a symbol of abundance and vitality, a visual cue that transcends time. Thus, when fruits adorn the reels of slot machines, they tap into this ancient connection, triggering a primal sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

When it comes to today’s video slots, classic fruits such as cherries, lemons, oranges, and plums still trigger that nostalgic feeling. But don’t be fooled into thinking the job is done. Nowadays, people’s eyes, accustomed to an overwhelming amount of visual stimuli from social media and the entire online entertainment industry, have become more discerning.

Slot developers now face the challenge of enhancing the visual appeal of these fruits, making them even more enticing and distinctive. Thanks to advancements in technology, creative interpretations have flourished, giving fruits a modern and stylised makeover. Art designers constantly explore innovative ways to maintain the fruits’ recognisability while capturing players’ attention in a sea of options.


The image of a casino slot in modern pop culture

The classic charm of old-school slots has been vividly portrayed in cinematography, fueled by the heightened popularity of casino culture during the Golden Age of Las Vegas. The glitz and glamour of the casino scene were on a cultural high, inspiring filmmakers to capture and celebrate the timeless magnetism of classic slots and the broader gambling experience. 

Let’s mention The Las Vegas Story (1952), directed by Robert Stevenson; Diamonds Are Forever (1971) – a James Bond film directed by Guy Hamilton; Casino (1995), directed by Martin Scorsese, this epic crime film starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone depicts the rise and fall of a casino empire in Las Vegas. In Twin Peaks: The Return, which aired in 2017, one of the main characters finds himself in a series of comedic and surreal situations while interacting with slot machines and casino personnel. 

On the flip side, we witness a reel reversal, where slot machine developers draw inspiration from blockbuster movies and hit series. Consider, for instance, the case of Light & Wonder’s collaboration with Netflix, where they crafted a slot game inspired by the sensational Korean thriller-drama series Squid Game. Another interesting example – Aristocrat Gaming’s slot machine based on Dune – an epic science fiction film. 

It’s as clear as day that developers are tapping into society’s love for the latest and greatest in pop culture and create products to hit the sweet spot for a whole generation.

It’s not always about riding the wave of a movie or series release hype. Sometimes, drawing inspiration alone is enough to craft a casino product that truly resonates with the audience. A case in point is Evoplay’s Bloody Brilliant online slot game, inspired by films penned by Guy Ritchie, including The Gentlemen, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch. Cultural archetypes embedded in the movies have served as our muse, and we’ve transferred them to the game:

  • The Mentor Archetype: Represented by the Boss, this character guides players as an experienced figure, unveiling the intricacies of the underworld.
  • The Antihero Archetype: Through the game’s bandit symbols, players encounter antiheroes – protagonists lacking traditional heroic traits, navigating morally ambiguous scenarios and pursuing personal interests.
  • The Underworld Archetype: A concealed and dark gangster world within the game, complete with its unique rules and hierarchy, epitomised in the game by a hidden bar.
  • The Power Struggle Archetype: The Bloody Brilliant plot introduces a compelling power struggle within the gangster world, as conflicts for dominance and control unfold between the Boss and smaller thieves.

Sequels have become an integral and defining component of modern movie culture, reflecting a desire for continuity and familiarity among audiences. The success of sequels is often tied to the establishment of cinematic universes, where interconnected stories unfold across multiple films, creating a sense of cohesion and anticipation

The influence of the sequel phenomenon in modern movie culture has transcended into iGaming. Video slots developers are adopting a similar approach by replenishing their products with new features and filling them with a sense of continuation. From a holistic business perspective, a logical extension becomes imperative if a product proves to be a success. The process of cultivating a successful idea demands substantial time and effort, and when those investments pay off, it necessitates further development.

A prime example is Evoplay’s games with follow-ups, like Hot Triple Sevens Special (the next chapter of Hot Triple Sevens) and Mega Greatest Catch (the sequel to The Greatest Catch).

The influence of sports is undeniably on the rise as a pop culture phenomenon. While football remains a perennial favourite, the surge of MMA into pop culture has been nothing short of remarkable. MMA, once a niche interest, has now catapulted its stars into a realm where they rival Hollywood celebrities in terms of fame and influence. Notably, the allure of MMA has even reached the tech titans, as both Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk attempted to add their own hype to the scene by announcing a potential face-off in the cage.

With this burgeoning fascination for sports, particularly the escalating interest in MMA, we created The Belt of Champion slot game, planned for release in December 2023. Recognising the substantial number of individuals engaging in MMA betting, we aimed to provide them with a digital arena where they can place a bet when live battles are not accessible. The game encapsulates the thrill of MMA competition, offering an immersive experience for fans and bettors alike.


The evolution of casino slots reflects the deep intertwining of gambling with cultural shifts – from ancient practices to the glitz of Las Vegas and the online gaming landscape. It is an interplay that extends into every nook and cranny of the entertainment industry and gambling as its part.

On one hand, slots have long been a canvas for the expression of popular culture. Conversely, the influence doesn’t stop there. The glamour of casinos has also seeped into the pop culture. The portrayal of gambling in blockbuster movies or the depiction of casino settings has become a source of inspiration for creatives across various mediums.

The relationship between slots and pop culture is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of entertainment. It’s where one side inspires the other, creating a dynamic feedback loop that keeps both worlds fresh and exciting.

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Partnerships welcomes cutting-edge games from Evoplay

23 November 2023

Exciting news! Evoplay is teaming up with, one of Bulgaria’s most dynamic iGaming operators. has really grabbed the interest of iGamers, mainly because of its prominent position and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch content to its player audience. 

The partnership with is poised to be a valuable addition, enhancing Evoplay’s strength and reinforcing its presence in the CEE market. We’re confident that our widely acclaimed portfolio of online slot games, boasting a global fanbase, will resonate well with players on the operator’s platform, garnering a multitude of likes!


A roaring party for the most roaring iGaming premiere

20 November 2023

Evoplay has consistently been recognised for its unique approach to unveiling our flagship games and their marketing campaigns that grab prestigious awards. Creating a buzz and a WOW factor in the industry is what sets us apart. And when it comes to showcasing our top-notch gaming titles, we’re here to make it an event to remember.

Fueled by the innovation behind our highly anticipated flagship title, we aimed to capture the essence of its storyline and provide an exclusive introduction to the game for our partners. This led us to the idea of hosting an invitation-only party in the sunny vibes of Malta, where our guests could immerse themselves in the game’s world while enjoying a fantastic time with the Evoplay team. 


Gear-shifting creativity of Evoplay’s racing event invitation

For our big event, we wanted to keep things hush-hush and give our flagship title the grand entrance it deserves. As Evoplay is known for its passion for gamification, we decided to spice things up a bit. So, we’ve developed an invitation that’s basically a secret agent. We stashed all the event details in a box with covert text that only spills its secrets under a flashlight’s spotlight. We figured, let’s kick off the party vibes right from the get-go and toss in a bit of gaming flair for our guests!


Racetrack party to capture the racing game experience

Launching a new flagship game is always a big deal for us at Evoplay. With it on the horizon, we wanted to create a special event that would not only shine a well-deserved spotlight on it but also fully capture and convey its unique experience. As the upcoming key release is dedicated to street racing, the concept of an exclusive party at a racetrack was born. Here, we immersed our guests in the exhilarating vibes of high-speed racing, offering a glimpse into the pulse-pounding excitement that our game has to offer. 

The Hal Far Raceway, nestled in sunny Malta, turned out to be the perfect spot to host such an event. We wanted to make it a grand-scale party where we could treat attendees to what we cherish the most – entertainment, a hefty dose of fun, and an absolutely immersive atmosphere

The racetrack gives a sensory experience that engages not only sight and sound but also the sense of speed and competition. To amp up the performance, we went all out with a lineup of selected sports cars: McLaren 720S, Ferrari 488 GTB, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and Lamborghini Huracan. 

Before the start of the racing, guests were treated to a high-energy cheerleader show that ignited the crowd. As we know that betting on sports, including racing, is an activity many enjoy, we decided to ramp up the excitement by offering attendees the chance to place bets on winning cars in four race rides. We also hooked them up with a real thrill – getting a ride in a racing car with a pro racer and feeling the burn of the asphalt from the inside.

In addition to the racing experience, Evoplay prepared an entertainment program featuring a host program, a bartender show, two DJ sets, and a go-go dancers part where everyone could shake themselves up after a heart-pounding experience of riding inside a roaring racing beast. 

The main highlight of the gathering was unveiling our highly anticipated flagship game. Guests were treated to an exclusive sneak peek into the winter premiere – a groundbreaking 3D street racing game. Vladimir Malakchi, Evoplay’s Chief Commercial Officer, took the stage to introduce the game, emphasising its status as an industry-first 3D racing product, with its manual control, skill-based nature, impressive car physics, a choice of three characters, and multiple racing routes, offering a refreshing and innovative approach to iGaming.

The party was a hit! We’re getting some awesome feedback from the guests, and it feels like we crossed the finish line with flying colours. It perfectly matched the pulse of excitement and dynamics our upcoming flagship game is going to bring to the iGaming world. 


Curious to know more about the game? Let us know at [email protected].

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Savour the season: Unveiling November game releases

9 November 2023

November is here, and Evoplay is geared up to deliver a gaming experience that will excite the casino gaming community. We’re thrilled to present our extraordinary roster of game releases designed to whisk players away into enthralling narratives.


Cursed Can & Cursed Can Bonus Buy

Release Date: November 7 & November 23

The world of Cursed Can is the kind of spooky farm you won’t find anywhere else. It’s a hilarious and slightly creepy place where veggies get up to some pretty mischievous business. But when the clock strikes midnight, that farm comes alive with wicked wonders you wouldn’t believe!

The main thing here – is a cursed watering can that hands out Free Spins like candy and turns those veggies into wild, evil versions of themselves. The crazier they get, the fatter players’ rewards!

The Cursed Can symbol unlocks 10 Free Spins when you hit three or more. These nifty Crop symbols transform into Wilds during Free Spins. Plus, a Random Event spices things up by highlighting reels with high-paying symbols. 

In the next chapter, named Cursed Can Bonus Buy, those evil spine-chilling veggies are making a wild comeback! Free Spins are up for grabs for the brave souls willing to take on this veggie rebellion. And for the impatient bunch, we’ve got the Bonus Buy feature, an express ticket to Free Spins.


Jhana of God: Scratch

Release Date: November 16

Instant scratch games hold a special place in the hearts of players because they offer immediate thrills and gratification. The anticipation of scratching away to reveal hidden prizes, paired with the simplicity and quick results, makes them a favourite among iGamers.

So we’ve created Jhana of God: Scratch – the next chapter in our awesome series. It’s all about diving into the mystical Southeast Asian jungles where symbols get all wild and lucky, drawing their vibes from a secret rainforest river. 

You just need to match three or more of the same symbols, and boom, your winnings start to multiply. The cooler the symbol, the bigger the pay-off. And here’s the kicker: snag four Spirit Animals, and you get another shot at winning as you keep on exploring the jungle.


Drop us a line at [email protected], and let’s team up to see how our exciting new games can boost your casino! 

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Driving business value as Head of Finance: Leadership masterclass

8 November 2023

Name the first term in the associative array connected with financial specialists’ work. Let me guess, it’ll be something like ‘number-crunching’ or ‘balance sheets’. But, if to break it down with some hard figures, a strategically crafted financial plan, meticulously executed, can translate into millions in cost savings, boost profitability by a substantial double-digit margin, and ensure optimal capital allocation for maximum returns. 

This isn’t just theory; it’s a data-driven approach that holds the key to a company’s financial well-being and overall performance. 

Let’s delve into the exact mechanics of how financial specialists drive value for businesses, supported by real-world examples and figures that emphasise their pivotal role in the corporate landscape.


Give it a 360-degree perspective

An effective financial department is one that works closely with all other teams, ensuring that every decision we make is in perfect harmony with our strategic goals. This means keeping a watchful eye over financial planning and conducting in-depth analyses, all to safeguard the company’s financial well-being and guarantee its long-term sustainability. 

At Evoplay, our collaborative framework is designed such that any decision originating from any department finds its way through the review process of the finance department. It’s not solely a matter of numerical figures; it’s the comprehensive understanding of the entire company’s dynamics – a 360-degree perspective.

The objective here extends far beyond conventional accounting and report consolidation. The pivotal role is to act as a driving force behind the company’s expansion and prosperity. 


Know your business inside out

To truly grasp the inner workings of a business, you’ve got to put in the time and dedication to stay in the know and actively involved. A Head of Finance who’s not only on top of financial intricacies but also tuned into the bigger picture of the business is in a prime spot to make meaningful contributions to the company. 

The initial mission of an effective financial specialist goes far beyond creating a finance system; the primary goal is to attain a holistic comprehension of the entire business. Delving deep into a company’s history and operations is absolutely essential. This in-depth exploration allows you to spot trends, assess past financial performance, and pinpoint areas that need improvement. The historical analysis yields invaluable insights for shaping future financial strategies, helping you identify what’s been successful and where changes or enhancements can be made to boost the company’s financial well-being and performance.

In general, you must have a solid grasp of the past, a keen awareness of the present, and the ability to craft strategies for the future.

To illustrate Evoplay’s example, a comprehensive evaluation of data from previous years resulted in the identification of spots for improvement, particularly concerning cash flow and income/cost management. The subsequent financial plan for the new year was rooted in a principle that emphasised not merely slashing costs but recognising their value and aligning resource allocation with our financial performance and cash flow. This strategic approach ultimately led to a remarkable +101% growth in Evoplay’s annual P&L.

Another important toolbox for knowing the company from A to Z is communication and networking

Interacting with leaders and teams across various departments is a must. It fosters an understanding of how each function contributes to the company’s success. The key to effectively addressing any issue lies in building dependable partnerships and assembling a team of skilled professionals and consultants from various fields. Networking is also paramount, given that, for the most part, companies in the industry face similar challenges. So, understanding the industry and the people within it is indispensable.


Turning data into dollars via forecasting models 

Forecasting models are like a crystal ball in the business world. They help financial experts see around corners and navigate the twists and turns that lie ahead. 

The approach to financial forecasting isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal – it depends on a bunch of factors, like your industry, your company’s uniqueness, strategic goals, and market conditions. Some companies might swear by the classic yearly forecast, while others go all-in with scenario-based or real-time models.

Scenario-based forecasting can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re dancing in the uncertainty of the markets. It’s like having a backup plan for your backup plan.

But here’s the exciting part – we’ve got some fancy tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning stepping into the game. They can crunch through mountains of data, finding those hidden trends that might be challenging for humans to identify. But remember, they’re not all-knowing. They need good data and human smarts for that fine-tuning.

Speaking of smarts, financial forecasting is more of an art than a science. It’s a mix of numbers and gut feelings. As a Head of Finance, you’ve got to blend the quantitative data with your own expert view on this to deliver the best decisions.

To ride this wave of trends and innovations, every company needs to look in the mirror and figure out what suits it best. What does your business need, and how does it fit into your industry’s domain? Keep your eye on the ball, stay updated, and you’ll stay ahead.


Playing the long game is the biggest value

For the sustained success of an iGaming business in a fiercely competitive and ever-evolving industry, a well-defined long-term financial strategy and vision are crucial. These strategic blueprints offer clarity, guidance, and a structured decision-making framework, which are indispensable for achieving financial stability and fostering growth.

Contrary to the misconception that financial specialists and accountants are mere number-crunchers, they play a far more significant role. They have a unique talent for translating the actions of various departments into numbers. This enables them to assess how these figures impact the overall health of the company. Their insights, stemming from a deep understanding of the business, go well beyond numerical reports. They function as strategic partners, capable of identifying weaknesses and roadblocks that hinder growth and progress. In this way, financiers play a pivotal role in the company’s ability to adapt, thrive, and flourish in an ever-shifting market.

So, here we witness the true value that an effective Head of Finance brings to the company. No chaos, no uncertainty. Instead, a company secures its roadmap to financial prosperity, and it’s where financial experts win the day.

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Double triumph at EiGE Awards: Two wins secured!

2 November 2023

In a resounding affirmation of excellence, Evoplay has once again proudly emerged as a dominant force. This time, we have secured wins in two highly coveted categories at the prestigious EiGE Awards (The European iGaming Excellence Awards), solidifying our reputation as an industry leader.

The honours bestowed upon Evoplay were none other than the titles of Best iGaming Supplier in 2023 and Best Mobile Gaming Provider in 2023.

This dual victory serves as a testament to Evoplay’s relentless commitment to innovation and creating groundbreaking products. It inspires us to continue following our mission of redefining the future of iGaming through state-of-the-art technologies and an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional online entertainment.


Optimising player engagement: strategies for account managers

1 November 2023

Player engagement is crucial for the financial health of the iGaming industry, as it drives casino revenue. In 2023, industry leaders are realigning their strategies to enhance player involvement and meet financial goals.

In this article, we will explore how personalisation, communication, and gamification can ensure the long-term success of casino-provider partnerships that keep players interested in iGaming products.



  • Analysis and Data-Driven Decision Making

Evoplay invests significant time in analytics, both internally and externally. Our analytics department has developed over 100 reports to analyse the outcomes of promotions, games, countries, regions, currencies, player activity, and various other metrics. Account managers can use the data to enhance the results. Our decision-making process is founded on empirical results and past experiences rather than relying on intuition.


  • Segmentation for Targeted Offers

In the iGaming sector, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Providers’ account managers must customise their offers to match the unique attributes of each operator. This involves understanding the operator’s nature, whether it’s a crypto casino or a traditional iGaming platform, as well as the market it operates in and the corresponding regulations.

Additionally, it’s crucial to identify the operator’s target markets. Player preferences differ significantly across regions. For instance, if the operator targets Latin America, the offer should be tailored differently than if it’s aimed at Europe. Managers need to create offers and select games that resonate with the operator’s specific audience.


  • Custom Offers

Segmentation is crucial, but provider managers can also foster creativity by collaborating closely with partners to create unique, brand-aligned offers that engage players uniquely. After understanding partner regulations, target markets, and player demographics, meaningful communication helps evaluate past promotions and select the most suitable games and mechanics. For instance, we may suggest adjusting parameters like minimum bets based on regional preferences. Our goal is to offer a customised, relevant solution.

At Evoplay, there are a variety of data-driven promotional tools and optimise strategies for maximum impact. Partners with segmented website sections can get tailored game suggestions for each category, ensuring strong performance.



  • Scheduled Updates

Account managers must maintain consistent and timely dialogue with partners, providing them with real-time updates on new game releases and engagement activities. This empowers partners to effectively prepare and share these updates with their players.

As a game provider, Evoplay releases approximately four games per month. Our partners always have a roadmap to plan their internal and player communication. Every month, we share a list of our top-performing games from the previous month, granting partners access to the best options. Additionally, there is a calendar that outlines the release schedule for our games, allowing partners to plan, make informed decisions, and align their strategies with our offerings.


  • Feedback Channels

When it comes to our B2B partners, we conduct a quarterly satisfaction survey to gauge their contentment with our services. This ongoing feedback process is needed in our continuous improvement efforts, helping us identify areas where communication and services can be improved. 

It’s important to stay attuned to our partners’ needs. If a partner has an urgent issue or specific need, our account managers are responsive and committed to finding solutions. This dedication to adapting and optimising internal processes is a testament to their commitment to partner success.


  • Client Area

This upcoming feature will grant partners direct access to vital information, streamlining data exchange and updates. When combined with our 24/7 support and dedicated managers, partners receive prompt assistance and easy access to information. Managers should always be trying to make services more convenient and better for partners so that the customer journey is as simple and convenient as possible.


Promo tools and gamification

At Evoplay, we always research and improve our tools to meet market and industry standards, staying up-to-date with the latest innovations.



  • Tournaments

Tournaments are a tried-and-true method to boost player engagement. Providers can strategise to offer both network-wide and local tournaments, depending on the partner’s audience and goals.

Network Tournaments: These are expansive, spanning multiple partner casinos. They can create a sense of camaraderie among players and build excitement on a grand scale. We can take part in the tournament development process with the marketing team – and take into account the needs of partners and the experience of holding previous tournaments, sharing insights and best cases.

Here is the average indicator of one of the previous tournaments:

  • Bet Sum has surged by an impressive 183%, showing that players are eagerly participating.
  • The retention rate has soared by 63%, indicating that players are not only joining but sticking around.
  • The number of spins has seen a substantial increase of 139%, reflecting heightened engagement.
  • The User Count has also experienced substantial growth, with an impressive rise of 116%.

It can depend on many factors. However, the experience of holding online tournaments for 2 years shows that this is an effective tool.

Local Tournaments: For partners with a more specific player base, localised tournaments are a great option. These tournaments can cater to a particular audience, allowing for tailored betting requirements and rewards. They create a sense of community among players who share the same geographical or cultural background.


  • Random Prize Drops

One of the ways to keep the gaming experience exciting is through Random Prize Drops. This tool is about adding a touch of surprise to the casino’s games and keeping players engaged.

How It Works: Random Prize Drops are randomly distributed cash prizes that players can get while playing Evoplay’s games. These drops can happen at any time, creating an element of anticipation and excitement. It’s like receiving an unexpected gift during your gaming session.

Research proves a 30% increase in player engagement and a 25% jump in player retention, thanks to the element of surprise. It’s a win-win situation, fostering player loyalty and creating a more enjoyable gaming environment while increasing casino revenue.


  • Quests

Quests enhance player retention significantly. They are not only entertaining but also encourage longer gaming sessions. For instance, Evoplay Quests offer additional tasks with in-game rewards.

Players are drawn to quests because they provide fulfilment and engagement. Completing missions and earning rewards heightens the sense of achievement, increasing player retention. Quests tap into the human desire for accomplishment, fostering loyalty and emotional connections with the gaming platform. Account managers can customise quests to align with the operator’s brand and player preferences.


  • Branded Games

For partners looking to create a unique and memorable gaming experience, branded games are an excellent option. Account managers can collaborate with their partners to design custom games that reflect the operator’s brand, style, and vision.

For example, The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy, branded for our partners, quickly gained attention in Europe, boosting key metrics. The custom-branded game outperformed the original, showing significant growth in GGR, Bet Sum, Round Count, and User Count. Similarly, Penalty Shoot-out, with special editions, saw a remarkable 120-160% increase in Bet Sum and GGR compared to the original game, illustrating the impact of personalisation and branding for both player engagement and business success.


To wrap all up

The future of iGaming is all about keeping players engaged. Chat it up with your partners, roll with the changes, and don’t be afraid to stir up some new ideas. Listen to what partners are saying, and create open lines of communication that build trust. And always remember, it’s not just about business – it’s an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together.

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Empowering iGaming: Evoplay and BetFlag’s synergistic partnership

We are thrilled to introduce the exciting partnership between Evoplay and BetFlag!

BetFlag, a renowned iGaming and sportsbook services provider from Italy, has been catering to clients since 2009. Its versatile platform encompasses a wide array of services, including casino products and sports betting, making it a multifaceted player in the iGaming industry.

This partnership offers Evoplay a remarkable opportunity to introduce our cutting-edge and captivating titles on BetFlag’s platform, expanding our audience and establishing a stronger presence in Italy. 

We look forward to this collaboration revving at full power, poised to embark on a journey where we aim to raise the bar for the Italian iGaming market!

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