Game Promotional Methods to Boost Casino Metrics. Part 2

10 April 2023

It both matters – what and how. In the previous article, we have discussed a bunch of tools that help increase player involvement and enhance loyalty. In this part, we will consider ‘how’ – surefire online casino promotion delivery methods that evoke player incentives to explore the iGaming title. 

Ways to offer promotions 

To benefit from a game to a maximum, casino websites can use their total capacity for promotion. Here are some of the most effective methods for making a game visible and exposed to an end-user.


Colourful and visually attractive banners with high-quality images and animations are an effective solution to catch a player’s eye and one of the ways to promote casino games. A banner’s design plays a crucial role as Internet users often have a so-called ‘banner blindness’ because of the considerable number of ads available on the web. To avoid it, casinos should consider every single aspect of a banner: a colour palette, its size, font, placement, etc. Moreover, if a banner looks like a simple product advert, it shatters users’ trust, and they don’t want to click it.

The first step is to pick the colours based on the impact they have on users and marketing tips. For example, according to Creatopy, white, black, red and blue are the most popular for ads as they show the best performance. However, every industry has different specifics concerning a banner’s visuals, font and size, which should be taken into account. But one thing is for sure: to increase a banner’s click-through rate (CTR), it should have a clear call to action (CTA), stimulating a player to follow the link.

The type of content – static, animated or video – also depends on an ad’s purpose, promoted product and a banner’s placement on a website. In general, the most used designs for ads are as follows:


A web widget is another performing tool that can assist in promoting casino games to players in a natural way. It is a small page embedded in a website’s interface, which functions as a separate application. For example, a widget with a casino game can be placed in a lobby on sports betting sites. It is a win-win situation for both a gambler and a casino. While players can diversify their gambling experience with a new type of entertainment, casino operators increase their gaming revenue.

The widget design should be eye-catching, displaying the most appealing game features to entice players thus acting as a casino promotion tool.

Sections and game categorisation

Categorising casino games is one of the easiest methods to make them more visible to the audience and stand out among other titles. Moreover, it is an intuitive casino game advertising, looking natural to website visitors. 

A ‘Top games’ category, for example, is a surefire way to promote a game and increase players’ interest in it. Gamblers often search for new iGaming products to try and are ready to follow recommendations. The best or most popular games section is expected to include players’ top picks. It motivates other gamblers to try the recommended titles by themselves.

However, ‘Top games’ isn’t the only category to attract players. The power of exclusivity allows sparking even more interest. Such products make users feel unique, privileged, involved in something limited. Thus, the ‘Exclusive games’ section lures most players as it creates high value. They are more likely to choose a game from this list as it is associated with something special. 

One more method to prioritise a game and put focus on it is to add the title to a separate tab on an online casino website. It adds value to the game, makes it more exposed to players and indicates its exclusiveness. 

Creative icons

Well-designed icons can help to highlight a game, help with conversion rate optimisation, and generating more revenue from it. To create an icon that everyone wants to click, use animated, bright and aesthetically pleasing designs. Casino game icons also can include the words describing a title’s category – ‘top’, ‘exclusive’, ‘new’, etc.

Customised newsletters and push notifications

As mentioned above, consumers want to feel themselves ‘special’. Different types of messages and notifications with personalised offers are an excellent opportunity to put a spotlight on a game. An email or a push notification inviting a player to try a new slot, for instance, specifying that it is a special proposition, can result in a high CTR rate. Such messages activate a sense of curiosity and have an element of urgency. Players feel gratified by a casino because they are those ‘lucky people’ belonging to a small circle of ‘the elite’.

Promotion via influencers

Streamers and celebrities became powerful online casino games promotion channel. A personal brand allowed them to create hype around games with minimum effort. 

89% of marketers have confirmed that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or even better than other marketing channels.


Streamers, social media influencers and celebrities can promote a casino game just by playing it and streaming this to the audience of viewers. Such a live presentation of a game, examination of its features and storyline, as well as the trust in an influencer’s choice can raise its conversion rate and be one of the most effective casino promotions as players want to try the title themselves.

Based on Evoplay’s experience, casino game marketing strategies involving campaigns with streamers perform pretty well – x5 growth for a game and +30% in the number of players. Running approximately 45 streams of our games with the help of online casino influencers results in reaching 16.5 million potential players.

A game is a core of the iGaming business and its main component. Casino promotion ideas help to capitalise on it. By increasing a game’s metrics, an operator increases a casino’s performance and, of course, its revenue. 

Ready to take your casino performance to the next level? Don’t hesitate to give a shot at these casino game promotion tips!

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