Choosing the Ideal Casino Provider

7 October 2022

Because of technological innovation that has flourished in the past decade or so, the casino industry has undergone massive transformations and evolved. Numerous online gaming companies have sprung up as a result of technological innovation. Aside from online gambling technologies, we also have innovations such as virtual reality, live casinos, and so on.


The pandemic has created a general shift in how we conduct our work. These advances have resulted in the rise of numerous gaming suppliers. Finding a trustworthy provider who will suit the casino and please the players’ tastes is a difficult but necessary task for operators; however, we have prepared this blog post to make your job easier. 


Advantages of Choosing a Good Online Slots Provider 

There are many advantages to choosing the perfect online casino software provider; here are some of them;

  • Game Availability

When deciding on a casino, most players check out the available games first. You can rest easy knowing that your gambling site will be a success if the game provider you’ve partnered with can supply you with a wide variety of well-liked games. Make sure that the games are exclusive and unique. 

  • Customer Retention

If the games you offer are of great quality, then choosing a reputable software developer will help you gain the trust and loyalty of your clients.

  • Reputation and Credibility

When you’re first starting out, your reputation is everything. Having well-known casino games on board and partnering up with brand names will cause your reputation to skyrocket, and you’ll attract players who have been with these software providers for years.

  • Entertainment 

Online casino players are solely in it for entertainment value. Actually, the more enjoyment they get out of using your service, the longer they will stick around. Finding a game developer that can keep your casino fresh and exciting is essential to its success. But just slot games are not enough, finding providers that host tournaments and leader boards are key, and to partner with a supplier that offers something new and fresh is important. 


What To Look Out for When Choosing a Casino Game Provider

Now that we’ve established why it’s important to work with a reputable online casino slots provider let’s go over what to look for as you evaluate potential partners.

  • Licensed Game Provider 

When a game provider has a legitimate game license, you know you can trust them. Using unlicensed games, however, can have disastrous results, making this a costly mistake, while integrating licensed game content will give you confidence your site offers a product that meets all safety rules both for you as a business and your players.

  • Mobile version

 These days, mobile devices are the go-to for 75% of people who enjoy gambling at online casinos. Therefore, it is essential that your provider fully supports mobile devices. Evoplay slots provider takes that into account and creates unparalleled games for desktops as well as mobile devices, developing games that will run smoothly with optimal game speed on all devices and phone models. 

Evoplay premium online slots provider


  • User-Friendly Interface – UI/UX 

No one wants to play on a confusing user interface. This is why your game provider needs to provide your players with a simple and easy-to-use UX/UI experience. This is why Evoplay has highly skilled designers who apply the design principles that make a game smooth and hassle-free to use when they are developing every game.

  • Game Modernisation and Elevation

An additional consideration when picking a casino slots vendor is finding one that updates its library of games on a consistent and timely basis. A player’s interest may wane if he or she always has the same experience with the game. But updates can make games more enjoyable and engaging for players. Evoplay constantly and thoroughly checks all of our games and inputs necessary updates so that some of our older games don´t get left out. 

  • Tech Support 

The operator’s need for great tech support is just as important as the players’ need for professional customer care when selecting a casino game provider. The proper provider will give both support options 24/7. Qualified technical support is distinguished by agents who consistently engage in training and education. This is done so that technical assistance can swiftly and efficiently handle the problem that the client has, whether basic or complicated.

  • Game Graphics

You should also think about the providers capacity to create visually appealing and engaging material when making your decision.  Having access to high-quality 2D and 3D visual content on a single platform is a major selling point for gamers and is likely to increase the site’s user base. The availability of high-quality sound effects is especially important in online casinos, which are otherwise limited in terms of physical location, in order to provide players with a more realistic and exciting gaming experience and atmosphere.

  • Gamification 

Your platform’s games are the undisputed “main attraction.” This is why it’s important for the developer to offer multiple gaming options. It is critical that the games supplier offers access to widely played games so that users do not feel deprived. Another important thing to consider is the gamification aspects of these games. Are there exciting bonuses, free spins, and jackpots? Does the supplier offer tournaments and giveaways? Just a couple of scatter symbols are not enough to attract and entertain players.  Below you can see the type of tournaments and promotional packs we offer. 

Evoplay premium online slots provider

  • Picking Reliable Providers

The overall reputation of an online slots provider can sometimes be difficult to figure out. Checking on things like whether they attend exhibitions and conferences, whether they have awards, whether they are present on social media and what people are saying about them are just a couple of factors to vet. 


Why You Won´t Find a Better Slots Provider than Evoplay 

Taking into consideration all the previous aspects to keep in mind when choosing a casino gaming provider, Evoplay meets all of them. We are Gaming Labs Certified as well as eCOGRA and ISO Certified as well as local game certificates from Malta, the UK, Romania Bulgaria and Italy. 


We offer the best mobile-friendly gaming experience, with sound effects to please the ears and visual graphics to satisfy the eyes. And not just that, our games are filled with exciting gamification features that make the players enjoy every second of playing them. Apart from that, we constantly come up with innovative games to stay relevant and follow the trends, such as the upcoming Football World Cup, for which we have numerous games, you can read more on that here.


Evoplay will provide you with vast marketing materials so that your casino visitors will know exactly the kind of games you offer and their specifications. And be sure to follow us on our exhibitions, interviews, and events as we are always present and try to educate others about the world of online casinos. 


With Evoplay, you can be sure that you are getting the best games, support, and overall experience. So we hope to see you among our partners. 


Evoplay slots provider reaps two trophies at the SBC Awards 2022

29 September 2022

We always follow fewer travelled paths in our iGaming journey, resulting in outstanding awards that Evoplay eagerly picks up. Our team has recently returned from the SBC Summit Barcelona, where it has honourably accepted the gold and silver at the SBC Awards 2022!

We are pleased to announce that Evoplay premium slots provider has won the Innovation in Casino Entertainment category and a silver award as Casino/Slots Developer of the Year. It is a real honour and pleasure to be recognised by such a major industry event, and we feel revitalised and poised to release more unique, immersive, and rising-buzz iGaming titles!


Evoplay marks Romania expansion with Superbet deal

22 September 2022

We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new partner! We have just inked a new deal with one of the leading Romanian operators, Superbet, to unleash even more potential in the market with a bunch of our gaming peak performers. 

To expand our following in Romania using Superbet’s platform, Evoplay has included 62 innovative video slots and instant games ready to deliver the finest online gambling experience.

For us at Evoplay, it really is a great honour to enter into a partnership with a leading regional operator and enhance its portfolio with our high-tech and immersive titles! 

Commenting on the launch, Vladimir Malakchi, CCO at Evoplay, said: “Partnering with Superbet is an important milestone for us as we look to expand our footprint in the region, seeing a strong performance of our games in Romania and amazing feedback from players.

Having Superbet’s support, recognition and player loyalty is crucial for Evoplay to establish our strong position in the market. Romania as a market has shown strong growth over the last few years, and we look forward to making our mark in the territory.”

Nicholas Yu, Gaming Commercial, Content & Live Casino Manager at Superbet, said: “We’re thrilled to be able to provide our audiences with access to a selection of Evoplay’s top performing iGaming products. Our pledge to players is to deliver the very best that iGaming has to offer, and by establishing a long-term partnership with a developer of Evoplay’s stature, we continue to deliver on our promise.”


Top Spooky Slots and Instant Games for Halloween 2022

21 September 2022

Halloween is slowly creeping up, which means that all the witches, goblins and zombies are going to be in great demand this October; therefore, you need to ‘trick-or-treat’ your players to some spooktacular Halloween-themed slots.

Everyone loves Halloween and the ghouly holiday atmosphere that comes with it, which means that online casino players will be looking for some spooky spin slots that will make them grab the edge of their seats and fill their screens with iconic Halloween characters. 


Why You Need Halloween-themed Slots for Your Online Casino

Come October, people are starting to get into the spirit of the holiday and are automatically drawn to all things Halloween. So casino players will purposely be looking to spice things up by playing Halloween slots for online casinos, giving you a great window of opportunity to capitalise on this, if your casino doesn’t offer them what they’re looking for, then the players will look elsewhere. 

Another more technical reason is that Google’s search results page will be filled with players searching for Halloween-themed slots, meaning that you can prioritise adding some slots to increase traffic to your website and, who knows, maybe even attract a non-casino-playing audience by advertising Halloween style banners and gaining new players.

Thirdly, this gives your online casino a great opportunity to create some fun and exciting tournaments, and people will be more inclined to participate all for the spirit of Halloween. Players can climb up the leader board to receive some tasty prizes. You can also provide promotions and bonuses such as free spins, which will be a great marketing move for your online casino. Here is one of the marketing banners we provide to attract more attention. Below is a promotional poster that we offer for special events and as marketing material.

Evoplay premium online slots provider


Lift Your Spirits With Evoplay’s Halloween-themed Casino Slots

You see, at Evoplay, we have a deal with the International Ghouls and Goblins Association, and they constantly send us their scariest witches, skeletons and Grim Reapers, who act their hearts out in our instant slots, bringing you only the best Halloween experience on the market. Here are some of these games:


Hungry Night

Evoplay premium online slots provider

Our spookiest slot yet takes you into the darkest corners of the underworld where no light touches as the merciless struggle between the two rulers the night play out.

Max Win: €36,000

Game Features:

  • Night Wings: A wild bat appears on the middle reel, occupying three symbols on the diagonal and each respin changes its position on the reels.
  • Wild Hunt: The spider leaves cobwebs on the field, and all the bats that fall into them become Sticky until the end of the respins.
  • Queen of the Bats: Bat symbols fly into a cave after each Free Spin. All bat symbols leave the cave for the last Free Spin. The cave can only hold 15 bats.
  • Queen of Spiders: As the reels spin, one or two 2×2 spiders may descend on the field, or one 3×3 spider and take a random position on the reels.



Evoplay slots provicer

Necromancer slot that contains 5 reels with 4 symbols on each of them will not leave anyone indifferent due to the stunning graphics and three-dimensional world. 

Max Win: €44,850

Game Features:

  • Full 3D on Any Device: Full HTML5 3D technology, allowing players experience total immersion in the 3D world. Possibility of moving the camera to change the view
  • Full VR: Full VR on your smartphone in the browser without any additional downloads. A completely new level of 360-degree game experience.
  • Re-spins: In the Main game, any winning combination activates one Respin. Necromancer sacrifices the winning symbol, and it appears in an increased quantity on the reels.
  • Free Spins: During every Free Spin, the randomly selected symbol is sacrificed and appears in an increased quantity on the reels.


Night of the Living Tales

Evoplay premium online slots provider

Night of the Living Tales is an enchanting adventure inspired by the classic German fable, featuring lavish visuals and a wonderfully immersive soundscape.

Max Win: €252,975

Game Features:

  • Snow White Blue Flowers: 5 spins with payout in a row animate the Snow White statue and trigger the 7 Light Free Spins.
  • Light Wild Symbol: The Light Wild symbols appear during the Light Free Spins only on the 2nd and 4th reels. Each Light Wild symbol that appears on the reels gives 1 additional Free Spin.
  • The Witch Red Flowers: 7 spins without payout in a row animate the Witch statue and trigger the 5 Dark Free Spins.
  • Dark Wild Symbol: During Dark Free Spins, each Dark Wild symbol becomes Sticky and boosts the win multiplier by x1. All winnings from Free Spins are increased by the accumulated multiplier.


Forest Dreams

Evoplay premium online slots provider

The night forest is a place where secrets are hidden around every corner. Inspired by the works of Hayao Miyazaki and time-honoured Japanese mythology, Evoplay Entertainment has created not just a slot, but an adventure into the deepest recesses of the night forest.

Max Win: €64,125

Game Features:

  • Night Re-spins: Winning combinations trigger Respin and 5 yellow spheres. Wild symbols fly to positions marked by spheres and collect their energy to awaken the Forest Spirit.
  • Peekaboo: If the Wild symbol is not part of a winning combination, it can be reserved. In a round or Respin without wins, the hidden Wild symbol returns.
  • Free Spins: The energy of 4 or 5 yellow spheres collected during Respins awakens Spirit of the Forest, activating 8 or 12 Free Spins with Wild symbols with multipliers x2, x3 and x5.


Wolf Hiding

Evoplay premium online slots provider

Do you hear the howls of a wolf? Wolf Hiding, our newest game, is creeping up on you somewhere in the dark forest, where the night-charmed animal hides its secrets.

Max Win: €900,000

Game Features:

  • Wild Symbols: Wild symbols can appear on any reel. They substitute all symbols except Free Spins symbols.
  • Free Spins Game: 3 or more Free Spins symbols trigger the Free Spins game. Mystery symbols fill the 2nd and 4th reels. Free Spins wins are multiplied by x1. The multiplier increases each time the Hidden feature is triggered. Free Spins continue until no Mystery symbols remain.
  • Mystery Symbols: Mystery symbols trigger the Hidden feature when they land in stacks of 4. Mystery symbols reveal regular, Wild, or Full Moon symbols when the Hidden Feature is triggered.
  • Full Moon Feature: Full Moon feature is triggered when the Mystery symbol reveals Full Moon. Each Mystery symbol position will spin and land on Coins with a bet multiplier or Free Spins symbols once triggered. A Coins symbol has an x1 to 2500 bet multiplier.


Goblin Run 

Evoplay premium online slots provider

Welcome to the world of a third-person runner crash game – Goblin Run! A cute goblin, Gnos, wants to get his hands on the dragon’s treasure, but it’s not going to give it away without a fight. Whilst collecting coins, the goblin runs away, escaping the dungeon, with the rampant wyvern snapping at his heels.

Max Win: €750,000

Game Features:

  • Bets: A player places a bet on how far the goblin can run or chooses the range of bets. What’s more important is that you can have multiple wins in one round with a Side bets feature!
  • Unique Formula: Our unique formula works for low-risk (early cash out) and high-risk players. It’s x1000. The multiplier grows from 1 but can crash at 0
  • Skins Shop: Customise your hero and choose your favourite in-game skin to play with by clicking the “Change skin” button. The in-game skin is just a visual, and it does not affect any gameplay features.
  • Leaderboard and Chat: Compete with other players to score the best result and get listed among the top 100 players or even lead the leaderboard. Feel free to share your results or communicate with other players via the in-game chat.


Give Them Pumpkin to Talk About with Evoplay

With our wide selection of Halloween-themed games, players are certainly going to have a sea of slots to play this Halloween. But that’s not all, our games have unique storylines that grab players’ attention, alongside our top-notch game features that add that extra bit of spice to slot games.

When choosing to partner with us this Halloween, you can expect to receive a plethora of marketing materials such as banners and tournaments. And, of course, an unparalleled gaming experience that doesn’t just satisfy players’ basic casino needs but offers them a special type of entertainment. 

You can rely on us to provide the best Halloween slots for your online casino. 



TOP 8 Instant Betting Games for Sportsbooks

16 September 2022

There are various categories of slot games: classic slots, video slots, table games, instant games, etc. Today, our primary focus is on instant betting games – the type of online casino game that is a cross-play product and can be integrated by sportsbooks for their betting offer diversification and new audience – iGamers – reach. 


Instant game = instant result.

Instant games are popular among casino slots players exactly for that – their instant results. Players are able to find out whether they have won almost instantly, with one click. These games are perfect for players who are interested in quick and hassle-free results and want to get straight to the point. 


Why Your Sportsbook Website Needs to Add Instant Games 

For so long Sportbooking websites have provided sports bettors with technically one service, and that is; placing bets on real-life sports games. 

This article aims to propose and hopefully convince you that your Sportbooking website, can offer and benefit much more from acquiring some instant games. 

Why Your SportsBook is still You won’t be limited to live sports fixtures. Instead – you will receive alternative betting opportunities to supply your bettors with 24/7! 


  1. Waiting For Special Events

Sports bettors are tied to special events like the Premier League or other sports. No bets will be placed if there are no matches because sports bettors wager on their favourite team or player. If their favourite team or player doesn’t have a match, they can’t wager. This was exactly the case with the rise of COVID-19, where it was impossible to place bets on teams because practically no matches were happening. 

What could be done to leverage these situations when Sportbooking websites see a seasonal decrease in revenue as major sporting events come and go? 

This is where instant slots come in. Providing your players with a similar alternative when there are no matches around could be crucial to customer retention and increases the number of returning players. Bare in mind that the typical instant slot game, which is typically scratchcards, might not be of much interest to sports bettors; this is precisely why we at Evoplay have developed the types of sports-themed games that are very closely related to the mechanics and beloved aspects of sports betting. Evoplay has a wide variety of slots that might attracts sports bettors;



Penalty Shoot-out is a dynamic gambling instant game where you need to beat the goalkeeper, score a penalty shootout and get the prize!

  • Choose the country for which you will play 
  • Place a bet and start scoring some goals. 
  • Select a specific area between the goalposts, or rely on the will of chance.


Football Bet

Place your bets on the various championship events, including the 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and the championship final.

  • There are 16 national teams to choose 
  • Predict the outcome of the match, such as how many goals were scored, or the general outcome of the match.


Penalty Series

Players are provided with an opportunity to attack the opponent’s goal while having to keep eye on their own.

  • Guess the direction of the opponent’s shot by clicking on the highlighted area.
  • Players can have multiple wins in one round with a side bet feature.

Football Manager

You have to work with a sports exchange and compete with thousands of other managers in order to get the most financial gain from the sale of services of football players. And when you become the most successful and lucky manager, your name will appear in the TOP 100 best managers.

  • Monitor the progress of other players in real-time, and there are many additional settings for a comfortable auto-game. 
  • The interface is designed taking into account the latest trends.


High Striker

Whole result changes within a fraction of a second! The riskiest player will get up to x1000 bet multiplier! As participants place bets, the scale of the multiplier starts growing.

  • The longer you wait, the bigger would be your prize. 
  • Be aware that the multiplier may crash anytime and the game finishes.


Save the Hamster

Save the Hamster is Evoplay’s new colourful instant multiplayer game, where your goal is to save the cute hamster, Tom, who dreams of flying to the stars.

  • Two bets feature allows you to place two bets on the same round. 
  • Top 100 List gives an opportunity to see the scoreboard.
  • A unique formula ensures low-risk play in the form of early cashout, or for big risk takers x1000 maximiser.


Lucky Crumbling

Lucky Crumbling is a multiplayer game designed in the stock style, where you need to try to predict when the stock graph will crash in exchange for the highest winnings.

  • Two Bets feature, 
  • Top 100 List, 
  • Unique Formula.


Pride Fight

Pride Fight combines the freedom of mixed martial arts with the thrill of making a bet on your favourite fighter. No barriers, fighting techniques from various combat sports, and the power of your choice turn every stake into an extreme rush of adrenaline.

  • Pick a country, and a fighter’s skin, place bet’s on his victory, and even participate in battle tactics


  1. Lack of Availability 

Sportsbetting websites do not always accept bets 24/7, bets are accepted during specific hours, and this is usually up until the second the game starts. This means that those that didn´t have an opportunity to place a bet, miss out. Including Instant games on your website ensures that there are games that can be played around the clock.  


  1. Waiting Time 

The waiting time to receive the results and reap your winnings is usually quite long. First off you have to wait until the match has happened, and then sometime after that for the results and the prizes to be distributed. All of this takes a lot of time during which players will leave your website (resulting in a drop in website traffic). 

Providing instant games for customers to play whilst they are waiting for results, entertains them like a time-killer would, and ensures that their attention remains on your Sportbooking website. 


  1. Attracting a Wider Audience

Another huge benefit of including casino betting games on your website is that you have more chances of attracting casino players to your website, widening your target market. On the subject, adding betting sports games to your website will surely increase your organic traffic, as casino players will type into the search engine, ´instant games´ for which you will then rank. 

Those searching for instant games, now have a possibility to land on your website, and when an opportunity arises to increase your target market, why wouldn´t you take advantage of it? 


  1. Bigger Incentives

Sports bettors, while playing instant betting games have a higher chance of going home with a bigger prize, as aside from the sports bet they placed, they also have a high chance of winning at least one round of instant games and increase the chances of them playing other instant games. 

This also increases the chances of bettors returning specifically to your website as you provide multiple ways for them to leave with winnings, rather than just placing sports bets.


  1. Football World Cup is Approaching

We are all aware that the football world cup is approaching, which means that sports bettors all around the world will be automatically drawn to all things football. Such as memorabilia, souvenirs, merch, and of course, sports bets. You can provide Evoplay´s football-themed simple betting games, which will most likely attract sports bettors who are excited about all things football. 

  1. Great Marketing Move

Including instant games can be a great marketing move. You can provide your players with cross-offers such as welcome packages that word off the basis that if a player wins a bet they have placed, you offer them an X amount of free spins on the instant slot game, which will have more chances to hook the player, resulting in them placing more bets. This is also great for retention as the customer is left with a pleasant feeling that they just received something for free. 

Why you need Evoplay´s Instant Games 

Now that we have covered why implementing instant games can be very beneficial, let´s cover why you should go for one of our sport-themed online slot games. 

As mentioned above, providing your players with just any instant game, might not give you the edge that you want. Focusing on not only sports-themed slot games, but also making sure that the game mechanics are similar to what sports bettors are used to, is what will make a difference. Evoplay offers multiple football-themed instant slots where players can choose for which country they play for, bet on the outcome of the game such as shots scored, and compete in leader boards creating that healthy competition – all aspects that sports bettors adore. 

We have other instant games which might be of interest to sports bettors such as the Pride Fight. This might be of particular interest to boxing bettors. In Pride Fight players can choose which country to fight for, as well as pick body locations on which to blow their punch. Which is an amazing gamification function that adds excitement to otherwise routine games.


Let´s Attract a Wider Audience Together

To sum up, adding instant games, with a sport-themed style could open you up to a new and bigger audience, it can increase your customer retention rate, and overall provide a better experience for your betting website visitors. This is the perfect time to provide some instant games for your players as the world cup is approaching, and this is a great opportunity to pleasantly surprise your customers.   

We are constantly available to answer any of your questions, so feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. And here is an article about why you should choose Evoplay as your designated slots provider. 



Evoplay is among the nominees at the SBC Awards Latinoamerica!

15 September 2022

One of the most rewarding moments for a game provider is when the dedication to the product, its quality, and uniqueness pays off. The hit nominee for the SBC Awards Latinoamerica 2022 – Star Guardians – our flagship game, is yet another key indicator that we are on the right track.

The game, which is a true groundbreaker in our portfolio and the entire industry, has made it to the finals of the Industry Innovation of the Year category at such an outstanding event!

We are proud to be recognised for making a difference in the iGaming vertical, and we believe Star Guardians will ​​rise to the top and nail the award! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


Evoplay slots provider and Relax Gaming strike a milestone deal

14 September 2022

Prominent partnerships initiate long-term success stories: by announcing a groundbreaking agreement geared at exceptional commercial growth, Evoplay premium slots provider for online casinos and Relax Gaming have unlocked even more iGaming possibilities.

Relax Gaming is a top-tier iGaming provider and aggregator with which we share a common goal: to provide highly innovative and unique content to a diverse audience, ranging from gamblers to non-casino players. It’s a great honour for us to contribute to the company’s Powered By Relax programme, which is designed to deliver premium gaming and online slots solutions. 

 The collaboration with such an outstanding provider is a significant asset to Evoplay’s partner network. We are thrilled to have crossed paths in business and are excited to see how much we can achieve together!


Top Online Casino Innovations – How to Attract New Audiences

6 September 2022

Everywhere you look, there is innovation around us; every industry depends on that one company that will make waves. For the mobile/tech industry, it was Steve Jobs with The Apple I, and for the Online Casino world? It´s Evoplay. 

Innovation inspires us, it opens up never before seen opportunities, and it combines two or more familiar aspects into one ground-breaking idea. For us, those two aspects are entertainment and online casino games. 

Let’s start by underlining why innovation is an integral part of the igaming industry and how through innovation, you can attract a much bigger audience that currently might not even be interested in your product. And this is precisely what we are doing at Evoplay – turning traditional online casino games into something a little spicier. 


Why the Online Casino Industry Needs Innovation

First, take a look at this statistic; a study done in the US in 2021 concluded that, In 2020’s second quarter, most US casino mobile game players were 45 to 54 years old. Only 10% of gamers are younger than 24. And this is one of the main reasons why ensuring that your online casinos are filled with new and innovative games is important. The generations are changing, and so are the preferences with them. The younger generation is more innovation-thirsty, they want something new, something fresh, so we must adapt and gain their attention.

 As an example, let’s take a look at Evoplay´s 2022 innovation-filled flagman game, Star Guardians

We decided to go bold with this game, and it has not disappointed; Star Guardians is the industry’s first game of its kind and is more than your typical video slot game. It is a third-person shooter game with manual controls with incredible gamification features, such as choosing which character you will play with out of 3 different options. This gives casino players that extra bit of excitement and a feeling of control over the game. 

There is a more comprehensive younger generation that is expecting something a little more exciting from online casinos than the typical slot machines. Being surrounded by technology and video games from a young age, they are searching for entertainment wherever they can find it, so 

Make sure that your online casino is one of the first places players will come looking for innovation. 



Gambling-Related Audience – Sports Betting

The same goes for sports bettors and computer-mobile gamers. Providing the types of casino games they will find interesting is key to staying a competitive threat to other casinos. We take that into account at Evoplay and have released multiple football-styled slot games, such as the Football Bet slot game, adding some real-life features such as choosing for which country you want to play and betting on the exact outcome of the score. 


3D Animation

The convenience and simplicity of slot games have made them a favourite among gamblers in many countries. Although online slot games are a product of modern technology. We have taken a simple concept and classic design of the traditional slot  and transferred them to the digital world. Nowadays, a more distinctive and enticing appearance is vital to ensure players´ eyes don’t wander off the screen, ultimately terminating their gaming experience.

We also continuously work on our more traditional games, such as the Fruit Super Nova, for which we ensure that graphics and design are up to today´s standard; you don’t want your casino goers to be disappointed with the 1980´s Pac-Man style graphics. 

We want to provide you with fascinating games with 3D animation; this encourages players to keep going and adds excitement to the experience. 3D graphics in slot machines have revolutionised how people think about and play video poker and other online gambling games.


Mobile-first Gambling

The days of waiting patiently by a slot machine or eagerly rushing home to gain access to your computer are long gone. In today’s competitive market, casinos that don’t allow mobile access will quickly go out of business. This technology is already in widespread use on many different sites. Companies in the modern gambling industry are making great strides to provide a better mobile gaming experience for their customers by adopting new technologies. 

More than 75% of our traffic is generated via mobile users.

Choosing an online slots supplier that is able to provide mobile-friendly slots is a must. This is one of the things we focus on at Evoplay. Without an in-house customised engine – Spinential engine, which is our innovative little helper, with which we x10 optimise all of our slot games so that your casino players can get the most out of the gaming experience on the go with no glitches and crashes. 



In order to draw in more customers, online casinos have upgraded their user interfaces and aesthetics, and they have also incorporated innovative new features into the games themselves. 

New players can choose from a wide variety of welcome incentives, including;

This innovation allows many players to try out online casinos for free, increasing the allure of these sites. 

Having organized the tournament for our partners, we have seen the slot count grow by 60-80% on average while reaching 250% growth at its peak.

Apart from creating unparalleled online casino games, we strive to raise awareness of the need for innovation by providing online casinos with various marketing materials and hosting tournaments. 


Virtual Reality

New, higher-quality experiences are now within reach of gamers thanks to constantly improving technology that is widely accessible worldwide. Once the stuff of science fiction, virtual reality is now being put to heavy use in the realm of online gaming. With VR, it’s possible to create an almost identical environment to a traditional gambling establishment, complete with live dealers and other players to chat with. It doesn’t alter the larger picture (you still play to win or lose), but it sets the mood and adds to the game’s enjoyment. 

We provide a couple of VR online slot games such as Sprinkle and Necromancer which are both playable in VR on your smartphone in browser without any additional downloads and are completely new level of 360-degree game experience.


Let´s reel in players together

It is important to keep evolving with the world and your target market. Providing your casino goers with products that they will find irresistible both in their innovation and entertainment is what will make you stand out from the crowd. 

At Evoplay, this is precisely what we do; we closely monitor the market and ensure that we provide you with the best slot games out there. 


In-depth Introduction to Evoplay Slots Provider

31 August 2022

Since we have welcomed aboard a couple of new partners, we wanted to give you a little refresher on Evoplay’s slots provider core values, vision, mission and the exciting journey ahead of us. So take this as a re-introduction, so you get a better idea of why you should definitely partner with us!


Belief Particles That Makeup Evoplay

Evoplay slots provider was founded in 2017 to bring data-driven innovation to the online casino business and change the way people perceive gambling, this is not an easy endeavour, but we are confident that it’s our duty to bring ground-breaking and never seen before games to the market. We add a new look and feel to casino games compared to some industry giants with more traditional and conservative approaches. We live and breathe innovation, and we want to transform the conventional perceptions of casinos and gambling., and bring the best casino slots to the market.

We develop the sort of games that people desire to play, not only for the benefit in the form of winning but for the entertainment.


We deliver not just games, but gaming journeys

With Evoplay’s core values in mind; innovation and entertainment, we are bringing to you 40-45 unique online casino games annually from various different categories such as:

  • Video slots – for someone who likes traditional gambling excitement, both 2D and 3D
  • Classics – for those who adore the classics and like to reminisce
  • Instant games – to attract a whole new demographic of players who enjoy entertainment
  • Table Games – for fans of poker, roulette, and other table games


And boost each title with the currently most popular gamification solutions such as:

  • Bonus Buys is an amazing feature for those who like to get straight to it without any time wasted.
  • Jackpots – those lucky few with winnings
  • Gamification aspects such as inviting friends, competing in tournaments, and ranking up the leader board.


We bring gambling awareness. With over 160 casino slot games, each one is subjected to stringent local regulatory checks, after which we, our partners and players, can be sure that everything is operating as it should, with minimal malfunctions.  

We are ISO, MGA, and Gaming Labs Certified, enabling us to deliver our best products to Europe, and we are expanding to ensure that we can provide these games to every corner of the world. 


Spinential engine which allows to feel each spin’s essentiality

Our in-house customised engine or the Spinential system is our innovative helper thanks to which we are able to x10 optimise new casino games and those that are seeing a drop in popularity, resulting in mobile-friendly games that run as smoothly and glitch-free as possible, enabling you to play wherever, whenever. 

Our casino slot games are sure to fulfil your senses, from the top-notch graphics full of a vast array of colours and designs and visual effects to well-thought-out music and sounds that satisfy your sensory receptors with every click of the mouse.

That’s why when our partners and players think about Evoplay, the first comes the quality of visual design and graphics. 


Flagman Gamesan annual innovative cherry on top

When it comes to casino games, Evoplay recognises there’s more to them than just the standard fruit slots we’ve all come to adore. However, in order to draw in a younger demographic, we are continuously working to develop cutting-edge games that are both enjoyable and exhilarating enough to keep gamers interested in them for years to come. 

To give an example, “Star Guardians,” our new flagman game, is the first third-person shooter gambling game with manual control.

Point-and-click shooters offer a feeling of more control than standard slot games. Over 80,000 people participated in Star Guardians’ inaugural tournament after its debut.

We strive to produce iconic flagship online casino games every year to bring to our partners and players the most exciting games. 


Achievements we are proud of

Being five years in the iGaming market is not a lot; however, we’ve already gained global recognition; earning some of the industry’s prestigious accolades such as:

Evoplay Slot Provider Nominations


And this, of course, this made us achieve amazing commercial results

  • Business results: 212% growth in B2B deals, an increase in the number of B2C partners by 40%, 158% in revenue growth, and 350% increase in leads.
  • 1,650 000 users, and that number is growing each day rapidly
  • 317% GGR
  • 88 new integrations 
  • 8 new regulated markets 
  • Entrance of 9 new markets 
  • Global market expansion from 10% up to 90% with local certificates and MGA Recognition Letter
  • Obtaining ISO certification
  • System of regular partner’s support with promotional tools based on audience, market, and cooperation conditions

Over the years, we have partnered with numerous high-profile platforms and operators such as;

  • ORYX Gaming 
  • Soft2Bet
  • Blue Ocean Gaming
  • SoftSwiss
  • Parimatch 
  • Meridian Bet. 


We partner with the best and we cannot wait to see you on that list. 

At Evoplay, we are invested in not just gaining new partners but gaining new relationships. When you choose to partner with us, we’ll be here tomorrow with innovative and exclusive game titles, marketing materials, Tournaments with delicious rewards, promotional events, giveaways, game testing on all devices, and 24/7 customer support.


Evoplay is for online casinos

Evoplay, an online casino games provider, is expanding into sports betting and gambling. We feel there are prospective clients waiting for the casino sector to deliver them something interesting.

And also for sportsbooks

We are already dipping our toes into the Sports Betting industry and have released three titles that include features loved by sports bettors, such as choosing which country you play for and predicting penalty shootouts – all of which add a little bit of spice. These are;


We are constantly focusing our efforts on Affiliate marketing, collaborating with industry influencers and experts to make sure that not one person lives another day without knowing about Evoplay! 


Let’s Rock the Casino World Together 

As mentioned above, we want our online slot games to attract all generations, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z (those that are of legal age), and all of these generation categories have different gaming preferences, which we take into account and produce titles that appeal to each and every one of them. 

To emphasise, this post isn’t so much about us as it is about what we can do for you, which is to bring in new and fascinating players from a variety of markets and entertainment vectors that were not initially interested in the casino sector but were lured in. 

We look forward to having you on our partner’s list, and together we can bring innovative, never seen before igames to your online casinos.


Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we will share with you all the outstanding activities planned for this year to make sure you get the best out of it!

And in the meantime, feel free to give our other blog post a read, fascinating interview with our CEO Ivan Kravchuk, and CCO Vladimir Malakchi.


Evoplay games are coming to DemoSlot!

27 July 2022

We know how important it is to try games out before choosing the selection of favourite titles that hit all the right places. Our latest partnership with DemoSlot allows players to experience Evoplay’s premium content in a trial mode.

The website is a perfect platform for players to familiarise themselves with iGaming products, their features, rules briefs, and experts’ opinions on them. We are confident that DemoSlot will quickly establish itself as a popular entry point into the world of our captivating and inspiring games suited to every fancy. 


Evoplay welcomes GiG as a new partner!

19 July 2022

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we’ve partnered up with Gaming Innovation Group Inc. (GiG). The company will be our trusted companion in helping to expand our audience of players in markets governed by MGA jurisdiction.

GiG is an award-winning iGaming technology provider with a player network yearning for high-quality, innovative games, and we are totally geared up to provide that demand! Our gaming portfolio contains 62 titles, including enthralling slots and instant games, that are ready to entertain players and immerse them in fun-loaded plots and settings.

We are excited to welcome a new audience and deliver our top gaming content to a player base across more European countries!


Evoplay made it into 5 shortlists for the SBC Awards 2022!

12 July 2022

We have exciting news: Evoplay scored a whopping 5 shortlists for the SBC Awards 2022! It is the event where the true stars of the iGaming industry are recognised for what they do. 

We are honoured that our ambitious goals and passion for online games, together with the unwavering purpose and commitment to excellence, have been acknowledged by the vertical’s influencers. Check out the following nominations below where our company, its people, and products have received fervent support from the judges:

  • Employer of the Year;
  • Leader of the Year (Vladimir Malakchi, Evoplay CCO);
  • Casino / Slots Developer of the Year (Star Guardians);
  • Innovation in Mobile (Star Guardians);
  • Innovation in Casino Entertainment (Star Guardians).


We believe in our victories and work hard to make them a reality! Stay tuned for more updates!

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