Bonus Buy: The Unsung Hero of the iGaming World

28 December 2022

Modern online casinos have Bonus Buy features that offer exciting rewards. These bonuses only activate after you land a predetermined number of special symbols—usually 3 Scatter symbols on the reels—or complete a seemingly impossible set of game requirements. In 2017, a new Bonus Buy method boosted online casino games. This new method lets players activate the Bonus Buy feature without waiting for the symbols to fall into place. Evoplay´s latest release is a commercial success and amazed the online casino industry with its success. 

What does this mean for players? 

The use of the Bonus Buy feature in itself wasn’t such a huge change in itself, but this brought huge possibilities for players; players can enter the Free Spins game instantly by using the Feature Drop, which activates their bonus spins or rounds. This means that; 

  • Players save time and enter the real game immediately
  • Higher RTP In the Free Spins game, they find all the most precious prizes the game offers
  • Casinos benefit from players’ amazing activity in the game that gives them the commercials stats they’ve never seen before!


Evoplay’s Bonus Buy Games

To answer the “Where”, our answer is: Right Here. 

Evoplay is all about producing data-driven, entertaining and innovative online casino slots. We constantly monitor world events and holidays, such as the FIFA World Cup or Halloween, and gather research regarding these occasions. We constantly keep in contact with our partners for whom they created surveys which concluded that players’ most popular and loved game mechanic is Bonus Buy.

We constantly try to be in the know of the latest trends and produce the most anticipated games that rake in great results, and here they are alongside their features;

Evoplay premium online slots provider

All of these games were created with current trends at the forefront. Each has exciting gamification features as well as the show-stopping Bonus Buy Feature. With more exciting Bonus Buy mechanic games to be released in 2023. So don’t look any further! 


Contact Evoplay through email: [email protected], to incorporate these wildly popular titles. If you already have their games on your website, get in touch with them regarding implementing games with the Bonus Buy mechanic, as they will be more profitable. 


Surf the Bonus Buy wave with Evoplay!


Have Fun and Be Merry!

23 December 2022

The winter holidays are right at our doorsteps, and we are here to extend our warmest greetings from everyone here at Evoplay!

We wish you all a joyous occasion during this festive period, with the magic of the season immersing you in miracles, captivating stories, and unforgettable adventures – the atmosphere so unique to our games.

When you’re with Evoplay, the holiday fun never stops, and neither does the entertainment!


Your Mega Greatest Catch

8 December 2022

There are at least 2,000 registered online casinos as of 2022, and in each of those casinos, there are hundreds if not thousands of games of all the possible themes, which leaves you with countless titles to choose from for your online casino. 

This begs the question, What makes a great online casino game?’.

Evoplay knows a little about making innovative and award-winning titles as we proudly brought home the title ‘Game Provider of the Year’ in the 2022 SiGMA Europe awards. So to elaborate further, we will use one of our newest and most favoured titles, Mega Greatest Catch Bonus Buy, to break down all the elements that make up an awesome game.

Evoplay premium online slots provider


Mega Greatest Catch Bonus Buy is a Video Slot, and video slots are usually quite popular among casino players as they have an additional layer of multimedia, such as animations, sound effects, thematic graphics, and even levels you can pass, such as earning free spins once you get past a certain level which we have in The Greatest Catch.

Mega Greatest Catch was in our top 3 performers for 3 months straight in all of Evoplay’s portfolio. It was specifically created to resemble a fishing trip. Fishing and gambling actually have quite a few similarities which make fishing-themed online slots even more popular; 

  • You easily forget time and as both are relaxing and exciting at the same time.
  • Near victories, such as a symbol on a reel being one space off from a jackpot, or the sensation of a fish faintly tugging on the fishing line, motivate you to keep playing/fishing.
  • The few significant triumphs stand out, whereas the many failures are forgotten quickly.


In the online casino industry, everything is down to chance… but one thing – Game Creation. The thought and process that goes into making award-winning titles are all but a fluke. For Mega Greatest Catch Bonus Buy, we took into account some statistics that state that 70% of online gamblers are between the ages of 18 and 39, with 47% of them aged 20-29 and with 82.4% of them male. A Fishing-themed online slot seemed perfect to cover the older male target audience. Here is what our CEO had to say about Fishing-themed slots and why they are so popular.

Evoplay premium online slots provider


The Greatest Catch Stats

The Greatest Catch turned out to be so popular among casino players that we decided to create 3 more versions;

Adding a Bonus Buy version of the game adds excitement for the player as they are now able to buy free spins to increase their chances of winning. 

Mega Greatest Catch differs from The Greatest catch in the number of paylines it has. Mega Greatest Catch has 5×4 paylines, one more payline than The Greatest Catch, meaning that there will be more frequent winning combinations. 

Evoplay premium online slots provider

Having that extra payline as well as the Bonus Buy feature, makes this game the best out of all the previous releases. Adding to the fun and excitement with frequent wins. 


Evoplay premium online slots provider

Evoplay premium online slots provider

From the statistics above you can see that we compared the original The Greatest Catch Title against Mega Greatest Catch and saw insane percentage increase in GFR, Slot Count and Bet Sum. Because we saw such a promising increase, we compared Bonus Buy version and the increase was even more impactful! Which told us that we were on the right track to making exciting and popular titles.


The Greatest Catch Breakdown 

The games all feature high-quality graphics that are meticulously crafted to look like a fishing trip. After all, if a game is not aesthetically pleasing to look at, players are not going to play, as with gaming titles; it is all about judging a book by its’ cover. This game is irresistible with its vibrant colours, fluid water animations, and soothing sound effects.

Gamification features are something that Evoplay puts a lot of hard work into. The Greatest Catch Series contain multiple fascinating features such as the; 

  • Scatter Symbol 
  • Wild and Extra Free Spins 
  • Fishing Feature 
  • Dynamite Feature 
  • Bonus Buy Feature (in Bonus Buy game versions) 

By incorporating game elements such as the Scatter Symbol, which can multiply a player’s bet by as much as 10,000x, we’ve upped the ante and made these fishing slots a lot more exciting.

The user interface is of paramount importance when it comes to digital products, especially online casino games. While the visuals of a game may be appealing at first glance, the experience may quickly turn frustrating as you struggle to find the “spin” button.

Here are some of the questions we ask when making a user-friendly interface;

  • How well does the game let the players know they’ve won?
  • Is the spin button in a convenient place? 
  • Does the reel spin smoothly without lagging? 
  • Is the interface clean and clutter-free? 
  • Is there a well-defined visual hierarchy? (with the spin button being the obvious attention-grabber) 


Don’t Hear It From Us 

Our partners have compiled data and collected feedback from their players, and they state that The Greatest Catch series, specifically the Bonus Buy versions, have been at the top of the charts and are among the most popular games.

Our affiliates have also seen a particular rise in interest and excitement when livestreaming our games. They’ve reported that not only do these livestreams generate new leads and interest towards Evoplay, but they also create an opportunity for players to share their experiences with others. The result is more people who become interested in playing our games. 


Hook the Players with Evoplay!

Mega Greatest Catch Bonus Buy is not only pleasing to the eye, featuring an excellent RTP and an insane increase in GGR, but it is also well thought out and has undergone countless rounds of bug testing to ensure that players receive the highest quality product possible. This is one of the guiding principles behind Evoplay. Despite the fact that we have only been on the market for a relatively short amount of time, we have already made some waves in the industry thanks to the original and engaging content provided by our titles, as shown by The Greatest Catch titles. 

If you would like to feature our newest record-breaking title Mega Greatest Catch Bonus Buy on your website, please don´t hesitate to contact us via email – [email protected].

Provide your players with the games that they deserve with Evoplay!


All Casino-related Information at Your Fingertips, Curtsey of Our Newest Partner

7 December 2022 is your one-stop shop for reliable, safe and trustworthy online gambling information. 

From in-depth reviews by industry professionals to helpful how-to guides and other resources, has it all. Because of them, you can save time scouring the depths of the Internet for legitimate online casino sites. 

They provide advice on which online casinos to avoid and why, with reasons like “Unclear wagering restrictions,” for instance, as well as prevent you from feeling like a newbie thanks to their in-house ‘Learn Hub,’ which features in-depth guides on how to play all the most popular games, including Poker and Roulette.

Players will bypass time-consuming research and jump straight to playing the greatest games from the most reputable online casinos. We are excited about this partnership and are optimistic that this collaboration will yield positive results! 



What Type of Casino Games Will Attract Sports Bettors During the World Cup?

22 November 2022

With huge anticipation from people all around the world, the Football World Cup is upon us. This event will make waves not just in the football world, with fans eagerly gathering together and cheering on their favourite team. But also in the online casino and sports betting world. Being prepared for the year’s biggest sporting event could result in a phenomenally profitable quarter for you; to aid you with that, we will go over the types of online casino games you want to equip for your online casino to attract sports bettors in time for FIFA World Cup 2022. 


Sports-themed Games

Sports bettors will undoubtedly seek sports-themed online casino games, notably football-themed games. The FIFA World Cup has captivated the attention of the entire world. Even if players are not so excited about the event and wouldn´t call themselves football aficionados will still be drawn to football-related games among all the craze. Especially if the online casino is providing some sort of tournaments, leaderboards, promotions and freebies – all of this is a great way to attract more players during the World Cup. Providing sports-themed games will give bettors a familiar feeling, and offering them something they´re used to will draw their attention. 

If you’re looking to boost your website’s traffic, try these football-themed games from Evoplay;


Instant Games

Instant games will be particularly popular during the World Cup for a couple of reasons. One of which is that Instant games will attract sports bettors as the results from the type of bets they place usually take weeks to come in. Instant games here serve e a refreshing alternative. 

Instant games = instant pleasure. Whereas sports betting is a delayed pleasure. 

Another incentive is that bettors will be able to swiftly get onto your website and play games between matches, on their way to the stadium or a pub, or even at half-time, giving them a way to pass the time while earning! Have a read through our blog post on instant games to find out more. Meanwhile, here are some of our most popular Instant games, and you can browse all of them here;


Crash Games 

Sports bettors and casino players will undoubtedly seek similar rushes as they do while placing bets or watching football events. The kind of rush that sends blood all around the body and speeds up the heart’s ´lup-dup´ sound. Players will want to feel the same sense of urgency, and crash games are ideal for this.

Crash games are the optimal solution to reproducing those emotions because they are a ‘risk it all’ sort of online casino game that will immerse you in a tense yet exciting environment; after all, the surge of adrenaline is what keeps players coming back for more. Here are a few of our most well-known crash games:

Evoplay premuim slots provider


Added Gamification Features

Casinos can also make their offerings more exciting with exclusive player vs player tournaments – these increase engagement and build camaraderie between players as they compete against each other. 

Adding games with gamification features, such as tournaments and leaderboards, will be very popular among sports bettors as it will submerge them into a competitive atmosphere similar to the one at FIFA World Cup. 

Other gamification features such as point-and-shoot, which we have in our games, Penalty Shoot-out and Penalty Series, where players can choose which corner of the goalpost they want to try and score a goal or even choose which country they play for, are all gamification features which will be extremely popular during the world cup. 

Evoplay premium slots provider

Evoplay premium slots provider

Back of the Net 

The Football World Cup is one of the most events, and even if you are not a football fan, you can´t help but get enveloped by the intense atmosphere that comes with it. Adding some of the above-mentioned games to your website will surely increase traffic to your website and keep the players coming back for more. 

Exclaim, `Back of the Net!´ With Evoplay´s online casino games just in time for the World Cup.


Evoplay strengthens its Italian presence with Scommettendo

11 November 2022

We have once again harnessed our power of partnering up with the iGaming industry heavyweights, this time landing a deal with Scommettendo. The Italian operator, which has made a name for itself as the market leader in one of the most promising European marketplaces, with a profound player base.

The partnership sees Evoplay going live with Scommettendo, delivering a roster of its innovative and unrivalled titles to the operator’s platform. By doing so, it will bolster our presence among Italian players, contributing to Scommettendo’s ability to drive yet even more traffic to its online casino.    

There is no doubt that the operator’s experience, topped up by our superior gaming portfolio, will help both of us expand our footprint in the Italian market.


All the Relevant Slots Information From Our Newest Partner

9 November 2022

It’s understandable to feel a little overwhelmed when faced with the seemingly endless options of slots when choosing which slots will be the one you take a risk on. There are many factors that you should consider, such as the RTP rate, whether you are playing on trusted websites, what type of deposit and withdrawal options are there available, and many more. 


This is why we have partnered with Gratis Gokken, a platform that eliminates all of your unanswered questions and expedites the process of selecting the best online slot for you. You can find reviews from experts on specific games with positives and negatives, characteristics, bonus terms, payment methods accepted by the casino, and any current bonuses, as well as summarised Terms and Conditions, making your life that much easier! Gratis Gokken is a fantastic Dutch platform for any online casino player.

This partnership with Gratis Gokken will open up a fast-track lane to enjoying the best games that are available from the most trusted online casinos without having to go through all the hassle of researching yourself. We’re positive that this collaboration will produce beneficial outcomes.


Evoplay announces a partnership with Novibet!

This month marks the arrival of a major partnership: Novibet, a dynamic and rapidly evolving iGaming company, has joined our ranks of partners.

The collaboration with such a reputable casino operator allows Evoplay to offer a selection of its 62 exclusive gaming products, including video slots and instant games, to players in MGA-supervised markets and Ireland.

It’s an honour for us to team up with Novibet and have our games available on its platforms, bringing together iGamers looking for high-tech, cutting-edge, and one-of-a-kind online entertainment. We can accomplish a great deal when we work together!


Evoplay premium slots provider signs Italian deal with Sportbet

1 November 2022

Our 65 high-performing and revenue-generating titles are poised to win over the audience of Italian players as Evoplay goes live on Sportbet’s online platform.

Sportbet is an outstanding operator that exclusively offers premium, high-quality and entertainment-filled products to iGamers, and we are super excited to be adding our gaming front-runners to its roster! Our collaboration offers mutual advantages, and we are confident that our games will boost traffic and significantly improve our partner’s business KPIs.

We are incredibly thrilled to begin working with the operator and can’t wait to see our online slots on their website!

Commenting on the launch, Vladimir Malakchi, CCO at Evoplay, said: “We’re pleased to add yet another up-and-coming brand to our network of partners, reinforcing our ever-growing presence in Italy. Establishing deals of this kind is of paramount importance to our business, and we look forward to providing Sportbet’s customers with round-the-clock entertainment in the build-up to the tournament.”

A Sportbet spokesperson added: “We’re thrilled to go live with a name as prominent as Evoplay in a deal that will provide us with additional exposure. In addition to the developer’s sport-inspired titles, we are excited to deliver a real variety of themes to our customers that guarantee both excitement and engagement.


How Will Casino Games Rise in Popularity During World Cup?

28 October 2022

With the football World Cup right around the corner, players from all sorts of industries will be on the hunt for some sports-themed online casino games. During the World Cup, sportsbooks typically see a significant uptick in business as a result of an increase in the number of bettors looking to place bets on their preferred teams. On the other hand, we are here to tell you why casino games will be the perfect addition to your sportsbook or casino website, particularly titles that are themed around sports.


Cross-selling Offer

Numerous betting opportunities will be available during the World Cup, and casino games are not restricted to casino players only. The majority of people who bet on sports are already quite familiar with the mechanics that come with placing bets on sports, and many of them are looking for something that is a little bit more on the entertaining side. With carefully curated games, you can provide a whole other betting experience, an experience which, in some sense, is quite similar to what they are used to. 

Let’s illustrate this further with one of our games, Football Bet. When sports bettors encounter this game for the first time, they are likely going to fall in love with the similarities it bears to betting on football games. It offers choices that are very similar to those offered by sports betting, including the ability to choose which country you want to place your wager on and even the outcome of the score. You are offering them a new and exciting product that will go hand in hand with sports betting. 


Wider Experience

When you provide casino games in time for the World Cup, you are not only providing a new product, but you are also providing more ways for players to win. Sports betting is simply sports betting, but when combined with casino games, you are providing your players with even more opportunities to profit from their wagers. And the mechanics are different from that of sports betting, which broadens the betting experience that players gain when they visit your website by giving them another option to choose from. 

According to an analysis done by FIFA and Sportradar, bets on the Football World Cup accumulated nearly €136 billion in 2018, which tells us that sports bettors and football fans adore are eager to place bets on anything football-related and capitalising on this will go a long way for your online casino or sportsbook website. 


More Control

With sports betting, players really don´t have any control over the whole process. They place bets, wait for the results and either win or lose. Whereas some of the more innovative casino games give the feeling of having some sort of control over the outcome. 

We will use Penalty Series, Penalty Shoot-out and Star Guardians as an example. These types of games give an impression that the player is in control, you are able to point and shoot at the goalpost in hopes of scoring a goal and winning. This adds a little more excitement to the whole wagering process – something that sports betting lacks. 


Evoplay premium online slots provider


Instant Results

It´s a fact that for sports bettors to be able to place bets, they require certain events to be going on, and even then, the whole process from start to finish takes a certain amount of time. So once a bettor has placed their bet on the upcoming World Cup, your sportsbook website will most likely exit the site. 

Now, providing these bettors with an alternative method, an almost instantaneous method of winning, is something that they might be looking for. And it doesn’t necessitate any sporting event to be happening, it´s simpler and more hassle-free, resulting in more visits to your website and increasing the session length of each visit, thus improving your website ranking, which is an important technical benefit. 



Many football fanatics will rush to place bets on their favourite team in the World Cup, even those who might have never done it before. 


Fans want to feel connected to the players, they wear the merch, they shout the chants, and they go through a whirlwind of emotions; betting further immerses them in the game, making them both excited and nervous. Punters are compelled to wager by the intensity of their feelings about a given event.

Finding the perfect casino games with exciting gamification features to add to your website will amplify those emotions. Features such as leaderboards, giveaways, tournaments and more will get players even more involved and add to the whole sporting spirit. What’s more beneficial is that when players participate in these tournaments and whatnot, it drives exposure for your sportsbook website and casinos. Evoplay, for instance, creates promotional materials like banners and videos of streamers playing our games, both of which are likely to bring in more users to your website.


Evoplay premium online slots provider


Way to Let Off Steam

Let’s face it: betting on sports can be a little bit nerve-wracking. As was just discussed, bettors become emotionally invested in the entire process, particularly during the time spent waiting for the results. Giving them access to casino games that are, technically speaking, not connected to real-life teams in any way will help them relax, boost morale and keep them on your website for longer, this will come in handy, especially during such a massive event – The Football World Cup. 


Evoplay premium online slots provider


Score a goal with Evoplay

To sum up, the Football World Cup brings a lot of traction in many areas, including casino games and sports betting, and providing multiple betting opportunities to players will widen your target audience and bring more exposure to your website. So, head over to our games page to select which games you would like to provide for your players during this event. 


Most Detailed Game Reviews from our Newest Partner Gamblescope

20 October 2022

Before you make a decision about a game that you’re interested in playing, it’s a good idea to gather some reviews on it. This is the motivation behind Evoplay’s partnership with Gamblescope. Players will have the ability to compile all of the reviews and information they require regarding a particular game with the assistance of Gamblescope.

In addition to that, Gamblescope will announce any beneficial promotions, bonuses, tournaments, and special offers that we will be running. 

We are confident that this partnership will be a fruitful one and will bring us and the players even closer together as we continue establishing close links with our fanbase. Additionally, it will relieve the players of the burden of having to conduct the research on their own and get straight to enjoying our games! 


How to Choose the Perfect Slot for Your Online Casino

When it comes to online casinos, games are the main attraction, and the success of your business will depend greatly on the variety of slots you offer. Like any other aspect of running a business, finding the best products for your players is no easy feat. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of criteria to consider when choosing the perfect slots. 


  • Reliable Provider

It goes without saying that you must select a trustworthy and dependable vendor. We have a separate article on how to choose the best slots provider; however, a couple of things to consider are; whether they offer technical help and can quickly resolve any technical issues that may emerge. Is the vendor well-equipped to operate in your market? Does the provider support your native language and currency? Most of the time, it is more convenient to select a vendor rather than a specific game, as it is more advantageous to select numerous titles from one vendor rather than just one game.


  • Game Appeal

The games are what will attract players to your online casino, and there are numerous aspects to consider. For starters, when players visit your website’s games, they will first notice the game’s design, visuals, and sound effects. All the buttons, the animations, and the sound effects must all look aesthetically pleasing to the player.  To attract a diverse range of gamers to your casino, you should attempt to give a selection of titles with varying themes and volatility, RTP, etc. Evoplay has over 170 titles from various categories, such as Tree of Light from our Video Slots category, Fruit Super Nova from the Classics, European Roulette from our Table Games, and many more to choose from! All are carefully designed to fit the theme and immerse players into the gaming experience. 

The game’s design is not enough to attract players. If you´re a regular Apple Products user, you may find the UX of an Android quite difficult to navigate; the same goes for websites that have not been designed to have a user-first approach. And, of course, this applies to games.

Things to consider; is the game´s user interface and user experience easy to navigate? Is the game itself easy to understand? Does the game follow specific design guidelines to make playing more natural and enjoyable? 

One way to check this is to play demo versions of games before you decide to offer them on your website. You can browse through our games and test each of them out here.

Another thing to consider is whether the provider follows the latest trends in game development and implements in the game the themes, features and mechanics that players search for. Are they creating out-of-the-box innovative games that will attract a wider audience?


  • Mobile Optimised

Around 74% of online casino players use mobile devices to fulfil their gambling needs. This means you have to choose a provider that creates fully optimised mobile games that are natively integrated so that you don´t miss out on potential players. Another point is that mobile gambling is much more convenient. Most computers require Wi-Fi to run online casino games, whereas most phones have a data plan selected. This means that people will be able to enjoy the games anytime, anywhere (with cellular available, of course).


  • Game Feedback

As an online casino, the last thing you want is for your players’ needs to go unmet. This happens when the game mechanics have not been thought out properly; the player dedicates 10 minutes to a game and realises that nothing much is happening and there are no winnings. So what he does in this case – is he leaves to another title which offers much more!

Make sure that the generosity of the game mechanics allows for multiple and calculated winning combos so that the player is not left bored and eventually switches to another title and casino that has this title. 


  • Gamification

Gamification is the practice of incorporating gaming elements typically associated with online video games such as strategy, adventure, first and third-person shooter games, and endless runner games. As web technology advanced, so does the new generation of casino players this means that most games won´t quite cut it. Sourcing games with added gamification features such as Leaderboards, Bonus Buy features, Jackpots, Free Spins, and tournaments are an essential part of modern online casino games. We organise monthly tournaments for our partners to keep the players entertained, you can see the sort of promotional banners we do in the image below. 

Evoplay premium online slots provider


Slots with interactive and exciting in-game and out-of-the-game gamification features are what will set you apart from other online casinos. Not only is it giving players an entertaining aspect (due to which they are less likely to stop playing your game), but it also opens up an opportunity to attract a wider audience, such as computer gamers and sports bettors. 


Evoplay premium online slots provider


Evoplay takes gamification and innovation very seriously as we believe that the younger generation, who are and will be the future target market for online casinos, prefer games with added excitement. This is why we constantly release innovative flagman games that will surely attract players, such as the Star Guardians and Goblin Run.


  • Game Recognition 

Once you have chosen a provider and the games that have taken to your liking, another thing you can do is check whether specific games have awards or nominations and have been recognised within the online gambling community. There are many b2c-focused websites such as and,  that provide you with best-rated games, reviews on them and any other necessary information. You can also have a look at other reviews from B2C, streamers, influencers, etc. 


When browsing through our available games, you can scroll down when on a specific game page and read through the media reviews to gain more knowledge regarding our games and any game awards which we might have received. 


Another thing to keep an eye on is B2C streamers and influencers. Is the public talking about them? At Evoplay, we constantly have notable streamers producing live content whilst playing our games, you can see the screenshot from one of their streams below. This means that we are more connected to the streamer´s audience bringing the relationship closer between the players and our games. And after the streaming is over, players will certainly be looking at which online casino they can find out games at. 


Final Thoughts

Slots are a crucial component of any online casino, and there are a wide variety of players with varying gambling needs; it’s important to cater to as many of those needs as possible by offering a wide selection of trustworthy, comprehensive, and attractive games.


We hope that we have loaded you with all the necessary information you need to choose the perfect slots for your online casino. But you don´t have to wander far! Visit our website, and we are sure you will find games that will fulfil your players´ needs.

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