Innovation vs classics: Interview with Evoplay CEO

31 August 2023

Players in online casino games are drawn to a delicate balance between innovative mechanics and classic gameplay for distinct yet interwoven reasons. Innovative mechanics inject a fresh burst of excitement into the gaming experience, enticing players with novel challenges and unexpected twists. These mechanics often introduce unique features, offering a departure from the predictable and fostering a sense of exploration. 

On the flip side, classic mechanics hold an enduring appeal that resonates with players on a nostalgic level. These timeless elements evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort, reminiscent of the traditional casino atmosphere many have come to know and enjoy. 

In our most recent interview with Ivan Kravchuk, the CEO of Evoplay, we delved deeply into the core aspects of both traditional and innovative game mechanics, exploring the fundamental elements that make them players’ choices.


Classic casino game mechanics often evoke a sense of nostalgia. Can you explain how this sentiment contributes to player engagement? 

Ivan: The main advantage of classic game mechanics is that they feel familiar to players. They understand how everything works, which makes these games feel more relatable. And, of course, we can’t overlook the power of nostalgia. There’s a significant audience that appreciates gameplay they’ve already experienced and isn’t necessarily looking to explore something new.

We can draw a comparison here with McDonald’s. When we catch sight of its iconic golden arches, it triggers memories of the familiar taste of its classic food, transporting us back to simpler times. The same principle applies to the allure of traditional online slots that evoke the gambling experience of players in brick-and-mortar casinos. These elements create a deep emotional connection.

Fundamentally, nostalgia is rooted in the brain’s intricate memory and emotion system. The brain excels at linking sensory cues with emotions and experiences, and these connections are particularly potent when formed during significant life moments. When someone comes across McDonald’s recognisable logo or the distinctive sounds or visuals of classic online slots, the brain retrieves memories associated with those stimuli. These memories are often tinted with positive emotions and feelings, resulting in a wave of nostalgia.

Many times, players have their initial casino gaming encounters at brick-and-mortar casinos. This experience often shapes their decision to continue with similar activities. In response to the demand from this group of players, we create video slots that closely resemble what they’ve had in land-based venues.

We achieve this by not only designing the reel sets accurately but also by creating an overall atmosphere that mirrors offline slot machines. This might incorporate features like neon lights and other effects commonly associated with traditional slots.


Classic mechanics have stood the test of time. How do you infuse these mechanics with a sense of freshness that prevents them from becoming stale for both new and returning players? 

Ivan: Evoplay is known for its bold and pioneering approach, unafraid to delve into experiments. This philosophy extends not only to our incredibly innovative range of products but also to our classic online slots. 

For instance, take our Fruit Super Nova series – these are classic slots that have been given a modern twist. The games boast stunning visuals, impressive sounding, and are perfectly optimised for mobile phones. We designed these games with a strong focus on user interface and experience, featuring a vertically aligned reel set that captures the authentic atmosphere of traditional slot machines. When these games were first released, they brought a fresh perspective to the iGaming market, and this approach significantly contributed to their popularity.


From your perspective, why do players gravitate toward games with innovative mechanics? What psychological factors might drive this attraction? 

Ivan: When we talk about gaming products that feature innovative mechanics, it’s crucial to understand the audience they’re potentially targeting. Let’s consider the 25-35 age group, a significant demographic for us. These individuals have grown up with video games that have essentially become the backdrop for their exploration of more cutting-edge forms of entertainment. They’re drawn to games that offer more than just gambling; they crave gameplay that goes beyond the typical casino experience. They’re after diversity, action, and dynamics – all the elements synonymous with video games.

To cater to this audience, we’ve developed instant games. These games are straightforward yet immensely enjoyable, providing a platform for storytelling that transforms them into products capable of captivating the next generation of iGamers. Take, for example, a game like Goblin Run – an immersive third-person runner crash game featuring 3D graphics, a rich narrative with characters, a skins shop, and five levels with diverse settings.

Speaking of recent releases, I’d like to highlight Penalty Shoot-out: Street. This instant football game has quickly risen to become one of our top 5 games. Its consistent upward trajectory in terms of metrics indicates a solid potential to break into the top 3 soon. What truly sets this game apart from other iGaming products is its seamless fusion of a betting component with an instant format. This fusion resonates strongly with younger audiences who seek quick, engaging online entertainment experiences.


How do player preferences for innovative or classic mechanics influence your development decisions?

Ivan: At Evoplay, our game development process is fueled by the collective creativity of our dedicated team. They are the driving force behind crafting the captivating concepts and innovative ideas that shape our games. 

While our creative minds are busy developing exciting game worlds, we also place a huge emphasis on data and thorough audience research. It’s like having the best of both directions: the imaginative sparks that come from our team’s brainstorming sessions and the solid foundation of insights derived from understanding player behaviour and preferences.

The player profile is a strategic tool that guides our game development process. By having a crystal-clear understanding of the players who will potentially enjoy our games, we can fine-tune every aspect of the gameplay to resonate with their desires. 

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Riding the edge: the psychology behind crash games

23 August 2023

In the dynamic iGaming world, a distinctive breed of games holds a special place — crash games. These titles offer a thrilling concoction of uncertainty and psychology that distinguishes them. As players walk the tightrope between risk and reward, the allure of crash games lies not only in potential payouts but also in the intricacies of the human psyche.

Crash games introduce an exciting premise: predicting escalating multipliers before they crash. Players place bets and observe real-time multiplier growth, aiming to cash out at the opportune moment for maximum payout. This blend of timing, risk evaluation, and anticipation creates an electrifying atmosphere that draws players’ attention. As we explore the psychology behind crash gambling games, we’ll uncover their popularity factors, the adrenaline-inducing responses they elicit, and the intriguing dynamics binding players to the precipice of uncertainty. Let’s dive in!


Popularity Among Players

Crash games have swiftly gained traction among players, establishing a unique presence within the broader gambling landscape. Several common reasons contribute to the widespread popularity of these games, bridging the gap between casual entertainment and high-stakes excitement. 

The immediacy of gameplay, where rounds unfold rapidly, and results are swiftly revealed, caters to the fast-paced nature of today’s digital era. This quick cycle of anticipation and outcome keeps players engaged and provides a sense of instant gratification, aligning perfectly with modern lifestyles. Crash games’ popularity continues to grow, and here you can see the statistics that show how much our crash casino game metrics have grown over the summer alone.



And if the general reasons for its popularity are more or less clear, then there is a deeper layer we need to consider.


Psychological Factors

Delving into the human mind, every crash casino game leverages psychological triggers that keep players enthralled. These triggers provide valuable insights into why players find crash games so good and exhilarating.



The Thrill of Uncertainty

  • Unpredictability

The heart of the thrill lies in unpredictability. Every crash online casino game introduces an element of uncertainty that resonates deeply with players’ innate desire for novelty and surprise. The inability to accurately predict when a multiplier will crash heightens the excitement, creating a tantalising sense of the unknown.


  • Potential Gains

Anticipation, a potent psychological mechanism, plays a pivotal role in crash games. As multipliers escalate, players experience a surge of anticipation — a cocktail of hope and excitement. This emotional buildup culminates in the critical decision of when to cash out, transforming each round into an emotional roller coaster.


Dopamine Rush

  • Outcome Anticipation

At the heart of the psychological experience in every casino crash game lies dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with reward and pleasure. The brain’s reward system responds to the anticipation of potential gains, releasing dopamine and intensifying the exhilaration as players strive to reach higher multipliers.


  • Amplified Excitement

Dopamine isn’t just a bystander. It actively amplifies the emotional highs and lows of crash games. The rush experienced during multiplier escalation is further intensified by dopamine, contributing to the nature of the gameplay and reinforcing the cycle of anticipation, risk, and reward.


Social Interaction

  • Chat

Beyond the gameplay itself, crash games often offer social interaction features, such as live chat rooms. These platforms foster a sense of community among players, providing an outlet for sharing strategies, celebrating wins, and empathising with losses. The interactive nature of crash games enhances the overall experience.


  • Motivation and Engagement

The social dimension in crash games goes beyond mere entertainment. It positively impacts motivation and engagement. The sense of belonging to a community, coupled with shared experiences, keeps players interested. 


Competitive Edge and Prestige

  • Pursuit of High Crash Multipliers

Crash games tap into players’ competitive spirit. The pursuit of high multipliers becomes a quest for prestige, where players vie for recognition. The allure of achieving an exceptional multiplier adds a layer of ambition to the gameplay.


  • Boosting Self-Esteem through Accurate Predictions

Successful predictions boost players’ self-esteem and confidence in their decision-making abilities. This psychological reinforcement creates an environment where players continue to challenge themselves, seeking validation through precise predictions.


Among the array of developers creating captivating crash games, Evoplay stands out for its innovative approach and engaging gameplay. Some of Evoplay’s most popular titles have gained a devoted following due to their immersive graphics, dynamic mechanics, and the adrenaline rush they provide. Games like Lucky Crumbling, Long Ball, and Save the Hamster have become really popular in the crash gaming community.

Lucky Crumbling is a multiplayer game that immerses players in the world of stock predictions. In this captivating stock-style setting, your goal is to anticipate the stock graph’s crash for maximum rewards strategically. The game’s blend of strategic thinking, gambling tricks, and competitive spirit make Lucky Crumbling a rewarding experience.

In the Long Ball crash casino game, you will play as an iconic striker in a top-tier football league where your multiplier soars with each advancing yard, potentially reaching x1000 of your initial bet. The pursuit of greatness is showcased on the Top 100 list, a constant reminder of your competitive edge. 

In Save the Hamster, you play as Tom, the hamster on a quest to reach the stars. Navigate him through a maze of obstacles using an array of aircraft while dodging toads, stones, and birds. The game’s dual-bet feature and Cash Out option add strategic depth, and a competitive edge emerges with the Top 100 list, where players compete for supremacy. 

Want to grow your casino stats with our top crash games? We’re here to connect and offer the best solutions — reach out to us at [email protected]

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Portugal unlocked with partnership

In a groundbreaking move that promises to reshape the Portuguese iGaming landscape, we proudly announce our grand entry into the market through an exclusive partnership with This strategic collaboration sets the stage for an exciting new era of entertainment for Portuguese players, as 30 of Evoplay’s cutting-edge titles are now available on the operator’s platform. 

Embarking on this business journey hand in hand with marks more than just a milestone; it’s an embodiment of Evoplay’s relentless commitment to innovation and excellence. As our cutting-edge creations take their place in the operator’s portfolio, players can expect an immersive blend of innovation and entertainment as we craft experiences that resonate with them at their core. 

With unwavering confidence, we anticipate that this partnership holds immense potential and a plethora of opportunities for mutual growth.


Evoplay sweeps 7 nominations at the SBC Awards 2023

10 August 2023

We are absolutely thrilled to share our latest achievement: Evoplay has once again taken the spotlight with a series of prestigious nominations! We’re honoured to be shortlisted for the upcoming SBC Awards 2023 in 7! categories. 

The nominations we are contending in are:

  • Employer of the Year;
  • Leader of the Year – our CCO Vladimir Malakchi;
  • Casino/Slots Developer of the Year – thanks to our outstanding Football Pack;
  • Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation and Software – Football Pack and our football-themed hit Penalty Shoot-out;
  • Innovation in Mobile;
  • Innovation in Casino Entertainment – Football Pack and Penalty Shoot-out;
  • Industry Innovation of the Year – Football Pack and Penalty Shoot-out.


With excitement growing, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming awards ceremony. This recognition fuels our passion for pushing the boundaries of gaming excellence. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this remarkable journey!


Cashing in: Techniques that propel online casino profits skyward

In the competitive realm of iGaming, the million-dollar question echoes: How do online casinos make money, considering the most effective products, channels, and business approaches. Profit is a fundamental indicator of a company’s financial health, indicating that its strategies are working well. 

Online casinos have reported growth rates of 30% or even higher when decoding the potential of effective engagement and retention strategies. We’ve conducted extensive research and analysis, unveiling the most impactful practical methods for engaging players and fostering loyalty towards a casino brand. 

Here are some tips and tricks that can become a compass for online casinos in the deep waters of the iGaming business.


Bet on engagement and retention 

While luck and chance play a pivotal role for players, the real secret behind the soaring profits of online casinos lies in their ability to create and foster the right engagement and retention strategies.

Engagement, in the context of online casinos, refers to the level of active involvement and interaction players have with the platform. This comprises not only the variety and quality of games offered but also additional advantages that keep players immersed and entertained.

Yet, engagement alone isn’t enough to secure the consistent growth of online casinos. This is where the concept of retention comes into play. Retention involves the strategies employed by online casinos to ensure that players keep coming back. The goal is to establish a connection between the player and an iGaming brand.

The growing profits of online casinos can be attributed to their adeptness at mastering the delicate balance between engagement and retention. Through captivating games, innovative technology, personalised experiences, and data-driven strategies, online casinos make money and manage to create an ecosystem that thrives financially.


What’s hidden under product engagement and retention?

Engagement and retention flourish as a result of a complex interplay of multiple factors. From immersive user experiences and diverse game offerings, the success of an online casino hinges on its ability to navigate this intricate web of elements. It’s time to delve into the key components that collectively form the backbone of online casino engagement and retention strategies.


Casino Retention & Engagement Principles



Gamification emerges as a pivotal driver of online casino engagement and retention, infusing gameplay with interactive elements like achievements, challenges, and rewards. This strategy triggers dopamine release, amplifying positive experiences, and fostering a sense of accomplishment, ultimately establishing a deeper connection between players and the platform. 

At Evoplay, gamification stands at the very core of all our products, and we can’t afford not to use it as it is one of the factors directly influencing GGR. Our approach entails a rich array of gamification elements seamlessly integrated into our games. 

In one of our latest creations, Penalty Shoot-out: Street, players take on the exciting challenge of filling up a progress bar by scoring goals on Brazilian streets. This experience provides them with a genuine sense of achievement and satisfaction. 

Our slots from the fishing-themed series, The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy and Mega Greatest Catch Bonus Buy made a real splash in all casino metrics. A trendy theme accompanied by a Bonus Buy feature, which let players dive deep into a whole new gaming round, made quite the ripple effect. Its number of players grew by 320% and Round Count – by 147% during the first months after its release. Buoys, indicating progress, enhance players’ enjoyment of the gaming process and desire for accomplishments. 

Goblin Run, a third-person runner crash game, became the treasury of gamification elements. Tick fingers off: a runner mechanic, betting feature, skins shop, several game settings, 5 levels, and a leaderboard. The game had no choice but to become a bestseller, as it quickly gained popularity among an impressively diverse audience, including iGamers, sports bettors, and video game players.


Game variety (Read: Innovative game selection)

Offering a diverse range of high-quality casino games caters to different player preferences and keeps them interested in exploring various gaming options. In short, it means that your players will never get bored with the games you offer and will always find something to meet their interests at that time. It is where product engagement and retention take the stage. 

Have you ever wondered how an online casino works, showing incredible business growth? Innovative products do this magic of bolstering online casino engagement, enhancing player retention rates, and driving substantial profit growth. Research indicates that introducing novel games can lead to a remarkable increase in engagement levels, with some online casinos experiencing up to a 25% surge in player activity within the first month of releasing innovative titles. 

Moreover, cutting-edge games are instrumental in retaining players over extended periods, with retention rates boosting around 15-20%. Such retention directly translates into higher player lifetime value, helping online casinos secure a competitive edge and potentially witness profit gains of up to 30% compared to conventional offerings. 

We have developed an extensive game library that has garnered significant attention, with more than 5 million monthly active players engaging with our titles. Our online video slots are renowned for their cutting-edge graphics and storytelling approach, making every product a captivating story a player wants to explore. We go further with our instant games turning them into a true entertainment industry product enriched with a betting feature. It allows us to offer instant games at the nexus of gambling and video games, appealing to a broader range of audiences. Whether it’s casino table games, classic slots, or Bonus Buy games, we’ve got players covered!


Game mechanics and features 

Casino games with a combination of features and mechanics strategically crafted to resonate with gamblers encourage their engagement significantly. These elements tap into psychological, neurological, and behavioural factors that make the games more enticing.

Here’s how the variety of features and mechanics impacts casino metrics:

  • Engagement and immersion: incorporating captivating features and mechanics increases the level of engagement and immersion for players. They are usually accompanied by animations, themed visuals, or effects that make players feel more connected to the gameplay.
  • Extended playtime: intriguing features and mechanics often lead to extended playtime and allow players to explore the game deeper. 
  • Emotional investment: they have the power to evoke emotions in players. These emotional responses create a stronger attachment to the game, whether it’s the thrill of a near-win, the satisfaction of levelling up, or the excitement of unlocking a bonus round.
  • Reward structures: innovative features and mechanics can create unique reward structures that encourage players to keep playing. Whether through achievements or rewards, they provide a sense of progression and accomplishment, motivating them to stay engaged.
  • Psychological appeal: certain game elements, such as the anticipation of bonus rounds, tap into psychological triggers that heighten excitement and engagement. This creates an emotional rollercoaster that keeps players coming back.


When crafting our products, we take great care to thoroughly contemplate a diverse array of factors, ensuring that they forge a genuine connection with the player base. Within our games, players will discover not only the latest trends but also exclusive mechanics found solely within Evoplay’s titles. When we introduce a new feature to a game, we view it as a potential revenue generator, much like the highly popular Bonus Buy feature, which has proven to be a favoured choice among players and has substantially bolstered our partners’ profits. Games featuring this attribute exhibit an impressive increase of up to 500% in key metrics when compared to their counterparts without it.


Regular updates and new releases

In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, where user preferences and expectations constantly evolve, providing fresh content is crucial to keep players excited and invested. It only prevents monotony but also serves as a magnet for both existing and potential players. When players encounter novel games or innovative features, they experience a renewed sense of curiosity and anticipation, which often translates into extended gameplay and increased interaction with an online casino.

Furthermore, the importance of fresh content extends beyond player engagement – it directly influences a casino’s competitiveness and market positioning. Regular updates and new releases provide the perfect opportunity to showcase a casino’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the gaming landscape. 

This is where collaboration with a trustworthy iGaming developer becomes incredibly important. Teaming up with Evoplay, our partners get a continuous stream of high-quality, innovative gaming content, ensuring that the online casino remains relevant and prosperous in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem.


Tournaments (& other activities)

Players flock to online casinos that offer more than just a bunch of games. iGamers often seek the exhilarating experience of tournaments, a dynamic element that adds an extra layer of excitement to their gameplay.

At Evoplay, we understand the thrill players want, so we offer a diverse range of network and local tournaments. The satisfaction of emerging victorious taps into the fundamental human drive for competition, making tournaments a magnet for players who seek the ultimate test of their luck and the exhilaration that comes with it. To fuel the competitive spirit, our tournaments are fitted with a leaderboard updating in real time as a pop-up. To cater to players with different preferences, we offer four different accumulation systems, including total wins, bets, spins, or the highest total win multiplier in a single round.

Eyes on the prize – our tournaments proved to be an effective revenue booster among our partners. It demonstrates how an online casino makes money and isn’t solely reliant on a product but also on the manner in which it presents and delivers it. These competitions amp up GGR and Bet Sum, give a swagger to the casino’s brand exposure, and get players totally engaged!


Average game dynamics during a tournament (growth by %)

Bet Sum28%



Embracing the spirit of innovation and a hunger for competition, we have ventured beyond conventional boundaries to unveil remarkable Evoplay Quests. This revolutionary tool is designed to inject an extra dose of gamified excitement into the casino realm, propelling the entire experience to new heights of engagement. 

At the core of this groundbreaking tool lies the ingenious Challenge-Achievement linking mechanism. Players accomplish specific missions, such as completing a designated number of spins within a specified time frame, to unlock exclusive rewards that enhance their gameplay by providing additional opportunities.

Through an intricate interplay of challenges and competitive vibes, Evoplay Quests has emerged as the ultimate catalyst, catapulting player retention to new levels:

Retention rate+30%
Amount of spins+34%
Bet Sum+33%
Average amount of sessions+28%
Average session time+26%



Social gaming elements

Social gaming elements are crucial in casino games as they foster a sense of community and engagement among players. They create opportunities for players to connect and share strategies, adding a layer of excitement and competitiveness. Additionally, social elements can extend player retention by creating a more immersive environment where players feel a sense of belonging.

Our games, High Striker, Football Manager, and Lucky Crumbling, truly stand out as leaders in multiplayer products in terms of Bet Sum and Round Count. These games offer a unique opportunity for players to engage in friendly competition with others, highlighting the significance of challenging fellow gamers. 

Our commitment to enhancing multiplayer experiences extends to our titles with in-game chat functionality as well. Take, for instance, one of our creations, Long Ball. This game seamlessly blends the thrill of placing bets on sports events with the joy of social interaction through its in-game chat feature. With Long Ball, players not just bet on outcomes; they engage in conversations and connect with other players. The chat allows them to extend greetings, express their feelings about the game using a variety of preset phrases, add a personal touch with emojis, and showcase their victories by reposting their winnings right into the chat. 


Retention vs acquisition – who wins?


Retention is generally cheaper than acquisition in the online casino industry. And here’s why:

  1. Marketing costs: acquiring new customers often requires substantial marketing efforts and expenditures. Online casinos need to invest in advertising, promotions, and incentives to attract new players to their platforms.
  2. Learning curve: new players typically take time to familiarise themselves with the casino’s offerings, which may result in lower initial spending. 
  3. Competition: the iGaming industry is highly competitive, and attracting new players often involves outbidding competitors, leading to increased acquisition costs.
  4. High churn rate: new players may not always stay loyal, and the churn rate (percentage of players who stop playing) can be relatively high for recently acquired players.
  5. Existing player relationship: retaining existing players leverages the established relationship and trust between the casino and the players. Repeat players are more likely to engage with the casino without requiring extensive marketing efforts.
  6. Repeat business: loyal and satisfied players tend to spend more and have higher lifetime value, leading to increased revenue and profitability over the long term.
  7. Word-of-mouth: satisfied and engaged players may act as brand advocates, bringing in new players through word-of-mouth referrals, further reducing acquisition costs.


While retention is generally cheaper, it doesn’t mean that acquisition should be neglected. Attracting new customers remains crucial to the growth of a casino. A balanced approach focusing on retention and acquisition is the key to sustained success in the casino industry. 

In essence, engagement and retention work hand in hand to create a cycle of profitability for making money from a gambling business. Engaged players are more likely to stay loyal to a platform, while a focus on retention ensures that these players are consistently enticed to return. 


Ready to chat about growing your profit by enhancing engagement and retention? We are waiting for you with practical solutions here – [email protected].

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Sun’s out, fun’s out: Meet Evoplay’s August game releases!

2 August 2023

Evoplay continues summertime joy with a new wave of releases! We unveil a fresh portion of thrilling online video slots and instant games, ensuring that players will dive into a sea of fun and high-quality entertainment. 


Europe Transit & Europe Transit Bonus Buy

Release date: August 1, August 17

We are driving onto the road of adventure with Europe Transit – our latest slot game, full of action and adrenaline-pumping twists.

Carrying a clandestine cargo, a transport entrepreneur, John Hawk, takes a roundabout way through central Europe, avoiding unnecessary attention. He strictly adheres to two crucial rules: never opening the cargo and keeping it a complete secret from everyone else.

The game’s dynamic is heated up by its features. With the multipliers appearing on the 5th reel, players gather speed as the winning combination appearing on the same payline with them will be increased. 

In Europe Transit Bonus Buy – the sequel to the game – the driver becomes even more high-skilled as he continues this journey with the Bonus Buy feature available to players. They take the wheel with more Free Spins at hand for purchasing, navigating through all the excitement of the gameplay.

Set the wheels in motion with a spin button, step on the gas but don’t get spotted – the winning destination is worth the cargo!


Lucky Porker & Lucky Porker Bonus Buy

Release date: August 10, August 22

Cute piggy bank, bringing luck, a talisman that has turned out to be a special item for Mr. Joker – a business mogul. The deep-pocketed man activated the piggy bank’s power by putting its first special ancient coin into it. He doesn’t even think the lovely statuette is just a place to store spare change. The first coin holds all the luck that has helped Mr. Joker to multiply crisp banknotes and gold bars.

Lucky Porker is a light-hearted title, giving players a sense of relaxation and full immersion into the story. Spinning the reels, they will encounter a set of features and symbols expanding the winning opportunities. The Bonus Game adds a gamification layer as players can shoot at Piggy symbols containing exciting prizes.

Lucky Porker Bonus Buy, the title following the release of the classic game, allows players to open the piggy bank’s safe and get more Free Spins. A pink coin jar holds golden opportunities inside, and the Bonus Buy feature is here to unlock them! Players can buy more Free Spins and see the story unfolding with the additional round filled with more lucky coins!


Elven Princesses: Crown Quest

Release date: August 31

The Elven Kingdom is once again shaken by epic battles! Its courageous princess Amaniel leads her army to victory in our instant game – Elven Princesses: Crown Quest

The army headed by the elven princess goes through the field filled with triumph and obstacles. When players come across the Crown symbol, they secure a winning step for the princess, gaining her favour and strengthening her army’s morale. However, the perilous journey is not without dangers, as Skull symbols can wipe out all the achievements. Players can strategise the game by choosing a risk level that regulates the number of Skulls on the field. 


Now is the best time to consider adding Evoplay’s August releases to your game offering! Just drop us a line at [email protected] to discuss how you can maximally capitalise on our upcoming products.

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Evoplay scores a double win – gold and bronze!

Evoplay has hit a double win at two high-profile iGaming industry awards, and we’re pumped! Our cross-channel Football Pack snagged the bronze as B2B Marketing Campaign at the EGR Marketing & Innovation Awards. We also rocked the Innovation in Mobile category at the EGR B2B Awards. 

We’re beyond grateful for recognising us as true industry innovators, as it’s the best appreciation of our revolutionary products and an offbeat approach to marketing.

Cheers to more leading-edge games and groundbreaking solutions ahead!

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