Why sports iGaming content will continue riding the hypetrain

29 September 2023

The world of sports is a remarkable achievement of human strength, passion, unity, and competition. From the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro to the quiet countryside villages of England, sports have an unparalleled ability to transcend boundaries, cultures, and languages.

Football, for example, or soccer, for our friends across the pond, has captured the hearts of an astonishing 3.5 billion fans globally, making it the undisputed sports champion. We also can’t overlook cricket, boasting an impressive 2.5+ billion devoted fans, or tennis, steadily garnering a remarkable 1 billion enthusiasts. Not a football or tennis fan? What about martial arts? On a global scale, this sector is swiftly expanding and is projected to surge to an impressive $171.14 billion by 2028. 

Sports are a dynamic and ever-evolving domain, with each sector boasting a dedicated fanbase hungry for sports-related content. Amid this fervour, iGaming providers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to integrate and resonate with this audience seamlessly. And this untapped avenue for engaging fans will only be increasing. 


Sports content keeps topping the charts, and here is why

Sports content is a perennial chart-topper, first, due to its unparalleled ability to evoke raw emotions and passion from a diverse audience. True sports fans are a special breed. They are not just watching, they are living and breathing every moment of the game, cheering like there’s no tomorrow, and painting the town (and themselves) in their team’s colours. Every big sports event is like a wild family reunion where everyone’s in the same crazy outfit, and this emotional connection is what keeps the sporting world spinning.

The sports scene is a buzzing hive of excitement, constantly churning out news hooks that captivate the masses. Take the recent colossal move of Messi joining Inter Miami – it was a true game-changer that set the media ablaze, fueling the already passionate football community. The hype around such monumental events amplifies the excitement, keeps the conversations rolling, and fans on the edge of their seats. That’s the undeniable allure of the sports world – always in the spotlight, always stirring the chatter.

Second fact: the evolution of technology has amplified the reach and engagement of sports content. With the advent of streaming platforms, social media, and mobile apps, fans can now access and interact with sports content anytime, anywhere

Keeping this in mind, to meet the constant demand for sports content, we’ve developed a bunch of sports-themed games that have shown impressive results on a scoreboard. Take, for instance, Penalty Shoot-out: Street, Penalty Series, Football Bet, and Football Manager.



To keep the good times rolling, we don’t stop at the success of already released games. After Penalty Shoot-out rocked the scene, we decided to create Penalty Shoot-out: Street, the game targeted at Latin American players. That has worked perfectly, and the game has been shown to increase retention by more than 20%, which is absolutely fantastic. Moreover, the title performs exceptionally well in the LatAm market, representing a dominant share of 60% in Bet Sum, 55% in GGR, 53% in Rounds, and 70% in Users compared to the overall traffic across all regions. 

The success of sports-themed games is all about giving fans exactly what they hunger for. These games deliver the intense atmosphere of a sports competition right to players’ fingertips. It’s like stepping onto the virtual field and taking control of the game. With the betting feature implemented in our sports titles, we’ve tapped into the very essence of what makes sports-watching exhilarating for many, that extra adrenaline rush when you’ve got a stake in the game. It’s a winning formula, mirroring the real-life practice of watching a match and placing a bet on it.

What sets sports-themed iGaming content apart is the freedom it offers. No more being confined by TV schedules or waiting for the next match. Players want to experience the thrill of sports, players dive in whenever they want. 


Wrapping it up

The global spectator sports market is set to soar, reaching $354 billion by 2026. This results from emerging market growth, rapid urbanisation, rising sponsorships, and an increase in internet-accessible devices. Sports fans represent a significant economic force, generating revenue through merchandise, sponsorships, media rights, and related content consumption. Sports betting accounts for around 30-40% of the worldwide gambling business – and this is one more side of how fans interact with their favourite sports. 

To connect the dots, with that fiery passion for sports in mind, the world of sports merges with the world of sports-themed casino games. What I’m saying here is that we, the iGaming industry, can either watch this mighty river or become part of the flow and reap its benefits. Without offering content that resonates with sports enthusiasts and bettors, casinos risk falling behind in a highly competitive landscape, missing out on revenue, and engaging a substantial audience.

Evoplay is your winning play to ensure you never miss scoring that goal. Reach out to us at [email protected], and let’s chat about leveraging our sports-focused content, supported by proven metrics, to meet the relentless demand for it.


Want to grow your casino stats with our captivating games? We’re here to connect and offer the best solutions — reach out to us at [email protected].



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Out-of-the-box approach pays off: Evoplay wins Industry Innovation of the Year

26 September 2023

Evoplay’s innovative spirit, cutting-edge products, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of iGaming have paid off in the most spectacular way. Today, we proudly announce our recent Industry Innovation of the Year award at the SBC Awards 2023. It is not just a validation of our achievements but also an inspiration to continue developing new groundbreaking experiences. 

The team at Evoplay was thrilled to be present at the SBC Summit Barcelona, where the award ceremony took place. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the SBC Awards for recognising our efforts and contributions to the industry. This achievement would not have been possible without our team’s dedication and the trust and support of our valued partners. We are more inspired than ever to live up to our slogan – The Future of iGaming. Today


Case study: How we created a game that dazzled LatAm pitch and outpaced other titles by 542% + Infographic

25 September 2023

In Latin America, football isn’t just a game; it’s a way of life. Imagine this: over 90% of people across the region share a fervent passion for the sport. It’s like a unifying force, a glue that holds fans together. Over 70% of Latin Americans are die-hard enough to regularly show up at local matches. Around 85% of families pass down their love for the sport from one generation to the next. It’s a cultural phenomenon that transcends time. This connection is about being fans of a game that is more than just 22 players on a field; it’s the enduring power to inspire, unite, and define the very soul of Latin America. 

To expand our presence in Latin America, cater to this football-fanatical audience, and build on the success of our metric goalscorer, Penalty Shoot-out, we’ve embarked on the development of a new game infused with a Brazilian flair, drawing inspiration from the authenticity of street football matches. It sounded the opening whistle for Penalty Shoot-out: Street, an instant game poised to become a bestseller not only among LatAm football fans but worldwide.


Here is Penalty Shoot-out: Street’s winning score globally

And here is the captivating backstory behind the triumph of Penalty Shoot-out: Street.


From training camp to the stadium with all eyes on the game  

Latin America has produced a plethora of world-class footballers, many of whom are revered globally. Legends like Pelé, Ronaldo Nazário, Ronaldinho, Neymar, and many others have left an indelible mark on the game and continue to inspire aspiring players and fans alike.

Penalty Shoot-out: Street is a celebration of all those iconic traditions that motivate young talents to dive into amateur football to become one of these superstars. Throughout the game’s development, we devoted our utmost efforts to portray the natural atmosphere of football fervour that permeates the region.

We designed a vibrant backdrop to capture the essence of a local football field nestled within the bustling streets of Salvador. To enhance the game’s complexity, we incorporated both aerial and ground-level perspectives, featuring a white football net as a symbol of scoring goals and a goalkeeper as the focal point. 

Research shows that for Latin American iGamers, realism and authenticity come out in the first place. Accurate representation of players, teams, stadiums, and leagues is crucial. It’s worth noting that street football is a whole different ballgame compared to its standard version. We conducted extensive research, delving into aspects ranging from the appearance of the goalposts to the type of pitch covering used.

Spending hours just glued to videos about Brazil, soaking up all the sights of its streets and diving into its culture did wonders for us in nailing down the background details. The colour palette we used in Penalty Shoot-out: Street was meticulously curated to harmonise with the unique cultural nuances of Brazil. To recreate the unique climate of Latin America and immerse players in the gameplay, we included a blazing sun, under which players skillfully manoeuvre the ball. 

Taking one of our most popular mechanics, we ‘played’ with it, adding a layer of interactivity to enhance the game’s dynamics. It gave ample scope to the imagination: we made the football net more interactive, which immediately influenced the goalkeeper as he needed to move more. We tested this, and it was fascinating to observe how he handled the challenge. Even though he was skilled enough, he still had to make lots of moves. That’s when we decided to incorporate a few effects on the ball to work around this. 

To infuse some innovation into the game, we introduced a feature that allows players to aim for any section of the net. Moreover, players can now use the sliding mechanic to guide the ball, enhancing the game with a unique allure and adding more control to the process.

The title’s fast nature totally matches the Latin American temperament. By removing unnecessary intermediate steps, we allow players to dive into the game the moment they spot the ball. To amplify this experience, we fine-tuned the code and animations, maintaining a high tempo throughout the gameplay.

One of our primary goals was to create gameplay that’s both dynamic and immersive, providing a balance of excitement and relaxation. We wanted players to feel cheerful and optimistic as they engage with the title. And we did a good job!


Penalty Shoot-out: Street – the goalscorer formula

This is how Penalty Shoot-out: Street entered the iGaming field, giving players an inspiring story where local football enthusiasts chase their big dreams of reaching the top leagues and landing those lucrative six-figure contracts.

We framed the title into an instant game format that perfectly fits into both – casino platforms and sportsbooks. Fast and dynamic gameplay that maximally resonates with Latin American players includes a betting feature – a gambling factor that lies at the core of both industry sectors. Players pick their favourite country’s team, make a bet, and select a spot on the net to take their shot. As they score more goals, the multiplier goes up, delivering the same thrill and excitement that gamblers experience with each spin or bet.

The game brought together the best of both worlds, the gambling nature of casino games and the betting mechanic of sports betting, allowing casinos to instantly engage new audiences and sportsbooks – to retain bettors even when the real football matches calendar is empty.


A new player is stepping onto the pitch

Lionel Messi once said: “Goals are only important if they win games.” When creating any of Evoplay’s products, we have a clear goal. We understand who will play this title and how it will find success in the iGaming field. 

There are 5 billion football fans worldwide, with Latin America having one of the largest fanbases, and Penalty Shoot-out: Street is definitely the product to capture its attention.

Having launched the game exclusively among a selection of partners in Latin America, we received some really positive feedback. What is more, the title performs particularly well in the LatAm market, and it has definitely shown in our metrics:


Penalty Shoot-out: Street in LatAm accounts for 60% of Bet Sum, 55% of GGR, 53% of Rounds, and 70% of Users from the overall traffic across all regions. 


The partners recognise the game’s superpower when it comes to retention, so it’s no surprise that, in the region, the game’s stats are growing on a weekly basis – by 24% in Round Count, 32% in GGR, 30% in Bet Sum, 16% in Users. 


What we see now is that comparing the title’s performance in Latin America with other regions where it’s live, LatAm boasts a 53% higher Bet Sum, 20% – GGR, 15% – Round Count, and 160% – Users.


Penalty Shoot-out: Street has paved the way not only for our expansion in this region but also for reaching sports fans on a global scale. FIFA’s vision “to make football truly global” has become the source of our inspiration as football is the world’s most popular sport, meaning the demand for such content is literally in every corner of the earth.

That’s why the title quickly made its way into the top 2 games across all KPIs, holding the number 1 spot in Bet Sum growth pace among all the products Evoplay introduced in 2023. It’s also securing a top 3 position among all our games in terms of metrics growth tempo, surpassing even strong performers like The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy and Hot Volcano.

At the core of any game is the audience, the players. Their engagement and feedback are the most valuable asset, shaping the overall success of a product. In the context of Penalty Shoot-out: Street, the use of social media enabled us to obtain significant insights into its reception and perception among iGamers. 

To illustrate, on Evoplay’s official YouTube channel, the video about the game got x3 more views compared to other content. It showcases the gameplay’s flow and highlights the main features, painting a vivid picture of its atmosphere. This lets viewers dive right into the storyline and form a genuine emotional connection with the game, starting from the very first minute. Our statistics back this up by demonstrating impressive engagement levels, affirming that the title truly strikes a chord with the audience and captivates them. 


It’s time to hit the back of the net with Penalty Shoot-out: Street

The sports betting audience, which accounts for roughly 70% of gambling revenue, is one of the biggest honeypots for casinos. On the flip side, sportsbooks have their work cut out to keep die-hard football fans in check while their favourite teams hit the training ground and gear up for upcoming matches.

Crafting Penalty Shoot-out: Street, we had this in mind. So, we saw it as a real win-win play – serving as a cross-sell product that reaches both goals. We let our casino partners kick off by connecting with the sports bettors’ crowd. And for sportsbooks, it’s a game-changing ‘hook’ that keeps their crowd roaring, even during those off-match days.

To score big on this, we orchestrated a hat-trick of powerhouse elements primed for maximum engagement: a betting feature, an ever-pumped sports theme, and an instant game format.

The fusion of these elements led to incredible success, especially in the rapidly growing LatAm market, where football-passionate iGamers are in abundance. The street soccer vibes not only resonated with players locally but also scored big on a global scale.


You can have a meticulously selected game collection to offer your audience, but it won’t feel complete until you have that one top-of-the-line game. 


Penalty Shoot-out: Street has shown an impressive performance, gathering a stadium of fans worldwide. And it can gather the one for YOUR iGaming platform! 

Just kick off the opportunity by emailing us at [email protected]

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Evoplay shines with 2 shortlists at the EiGE Awards

22 September 2023

Evoplay has secured nominations in two prominent categories at the esteemed EiGE Awards. These nominations stand as a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch gaming solutions:

  • Best iGaming Supplier in 2023;
  • Best Mobile Gaming Provider in 2023.

Being shortlisted in such prestigious categories is a genuine honour for us, and we are profoundly grateful for each and every vote that has supported Evoplay. We eagerly anticipate the award ceremony and the opportunity to celebrate the iGaming excellence!



Evoplay and Casino Online join forces to elevate iGaming!

15 September 2023

We are proud to present the thrilling partnership between Evoplay and Casino Online. is one of the best Netherlands hubs for iGaming fans, offering a repository of insights into the latest trends, in-depth game analyses, exclusive promotions, and more. All listed casinos and games undergo meticulous scrutiny by expert assessors, who evaluate aspects like bonuses, offerings, and unique features to help players choose the best products.

This partnership presents a valuable opportunity for Evoplay to exhibit our cutting-edge and captivating titles to an expansive audience. Casino Online is a perfect platform to showcase our latest releases, ensuring that players are treated to an unmatched level of entertainment and gaming excellence. 

We are genuinely excited about this collaboration and are poised to chart a course into the future of iGaming!


The story beyond games: Evoplay’s immersive design

According to Statista, in 2023, the global online gaming market generated approximately $26.14 billion in revenue. A significant share of this owes to player engagement, which, in turn, depends on immersive design.

The term “immersive” has become a buzzword that encapsulates what modern iGamers crave – an all-encompassing, captivating experience. Immersive design is the heartbeat of interactive entertainment, and when it comes to casino games, the stakes for immersion are higher than ever.

Casino games’ design transports players into carefully crafted worlds where every detail, from graphics to sound effects, contributes to the overall ambience. This engagement drives players to explore new realms and uncover hidden treasures within their screens. This approach is used by Evoplay, one of the leaders in the iGaming industry, renowned for its innovative commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming experiences.


The art of immersiveness

A well-thought-out game design considers various elements such as gameplay mechanics, storytelling, and player progression, as well as animations, visuals, and sound. These elements work harmoniously to draw players into the game’s world, making them feel like an integral part of the adventure and establishing emotional connections with them.



“To craft a title’s backdrop that immerses the player in the atmosphere, it should harmonise seamlessly with the game’s theme and style. By incorporating various elements and infusing depth through both near and distant planes, along with rich detailing, you can create an environment that captivates the player’s attention. Take into account the impact of background colours on the player’s mood. The colour palette you choose should effectively convey the intended emotional experience. For an added touch of uniqueness, consider incorporating atmospheric effects like fog, rain, snow, or sunlight. They can work wonders in setting a distinct tone and feel for your game.”

– Game Designer at Evoplay


Graphics, sound, and animation are essential components that significantly enhance user engagement in casino games. High-quality visuals can transport players to breathtaking landscapes, intricate character designs, and captivating environments. Sound design adds depth and atmosphere, immersing players further into the game’s narrative by providing an auditory backdrop that complements the visuals. Meanwhile, animation breathes life into characters and objects, making the game world dynamic and responsive. These elements collectively stimulate the player’s senses and create a more profound connection to the game’s story and gameplay.


Creating legends: Star Guardians, Goblin Run, and The Greatest Catch

While all our games are renowned for their exceptional design and aesthetics, a select few have earned legendary status among players, truly becoming the crown jewels of Evoplay.

Star Guardians redefines the igaming experience, breaking away from traditional video slots. This game introduces a third-person shooter concept, allowing players to take manual control of one of three unique characters. But the game offers even more than its innovative gameplay. The development team has poured their creativity into crafting a captivating world, complete with a comic book and artbook that delve into the game’s rich lore and stunning visuals.



Goblin Run is a thrilling third-person runner crash game with stunning 3D graphics, a bunch of skins, customisable game settings, and different levels to run through. The immersive design goes beyond the mere mechanics of a runner crash game, drawing players into an enchanting realm filled with rich details and a playful art style. This personalisation allows players to form a deeper attachment to their character and surroundings, making the quest for the dragon’s treasure all the more engaging.



The Greatest Catch is the game series we are really proud of. During the first months following its debut among partners, it rose to the top of players’ choice, and it’s our highest-performing game since our company’s inception making it a record-breaker in our statistics.

The story immerses players in the life of an elderly fisherman, Harry, and his quest to catch the biggest fish. The game’s design creates a visually appealing gaming environment, with simple and clear mechanics that make it attractive to many players.



First of all, let’s talk about Harry, who is one of the top 5 characters in Evoplay’s games. Cartoonish character design contributes to creating a playful atmosphere in games, invoking a sense of nostalgia and whimsy. According to a survey conducted by Gaming Industry Insights, 78% of players believe that cartoonish character designs enhance the overall fun factor of a game. This is true for Harry because players genuinely like him, and viewers pay attention to him during live streams. Videos featuring The Greatest Catch received 114% more views on streamers’ channels than any of our other games.



The next thing is the very theme of fishing has always been interesting to players and combines the calming and monotonous occupation with the exciting expectation of the win and reward. To make it even more attractive, the design of this particular game was visually split into an underwater world with reels and all the active elements and an above-water world with the totally chill character, Harry the fisherman.


“The popularity of fishing-themed games is a shining example of how players’ hobbies can influence their online gaming experience”.

– Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay



At Evoplay, we don’t merely develop iGaming content; we craft immersive experiences that have earned industry-wide recognition. With a portfolio featuring more than 200 slots, instant games, and table games, we consistently enhance the player’s experience and transform their sessions into lasting and captivating stories from the world of next-gen iGaming.

Want to grow your casino stats with our captivating games? We’re here to connect and offer the best solutions — reach out to us at [email protected].



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Four shortlists, four times lucky!

8 September 2023

We are on cloud nine with four fantastic nominations at the SBC Awards Latinoamerica 2023! Evoplay is shortlisted for the titles of Employer of the Year, Rising Star in Sports Betting (thanks to our dazzling Football Pack), Industry Innovation of the Year (again, courtesy of the revolutionary Football Pack), and the grand title of Casino & iGaming Supplier of the Year. 

We are counting down the days to the big event and want to extend our gratitude to the esteemed judges for selecting us as nominees!


September to remember: Upcoming game releases

5 September 2023

Get ready for an exhilarating entertainment experience in September with Evoplay’s upcoming releases! We’re unveiling a fantastic game lineup that guarantees an immersive journey through a variety of captivating stories.


Thunder Mega Sevens & Thunder Mega Sevens Bonus Buy

Release Date: September 7, September 19

Prepare to embark on a thrilling odyssey within the realm of Thunder Mega Sevens, a game where the electrifying symbols of fortune promise to illuminate your gaming adventure.

In this game, the spotlight shines brightly upon iconic symbols, each deeply rooted in diverse cultures. At the core of the action lies the trinity of Sevens and the omnipotent Wheel of Thunder, acting as magnetic beacons for both newcomers and seasoned players alike. A whole bunch of features awaits, including Wild, Scatter, and Bonus symbols, alongside Free Spins and multipliers. 

The journey extends into the next chapter with Thunder Mega Sevens Bonus Buy, where the electrifying adventure continues, and players hold the power to enhance their gameplay from the very outset.

Opting for the Bonus Buy grants you access to extra spins and exclusive bonus rounds, catapulting you onto the express lane to fortune. Prepare to feel the exhilarating surge as you set forth into the next chapter of the Thunder Mega Sevens saga, armed with this popular feature at your command.


Jhana of God & Jhana of God Bonus Buy

Release Date: September 14, September 21

The enchanting world of Jhana of God is calling! The captivating energies of sacred animals intertwine with destiny, drawing their ancient powers from the ethereal waters of a secluded forest river. This mesmerising journey will whisk you away into the heart of Southeast Asian jungles, where the enigmatic secrets of past civilisations lie in wait.

Within this immersive game, you’ll encounter a vibrant tapestry of symbols, each resonating with the spirit of a bygone era. With every spin, align these symbols in harmonious combinations to awaken the slumbering Golden Buddha, unlocking a mesmerising Bonus game that unfolds like an ancient scroll.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. Venture deeper into the heart of the ancient Asian jungle with Jhana of God Bonus Buy, where the energies of sacred animals and the mystical river surge to life, casting an iridescent glow over the lush wilderness, promising even greater thrills and discoveries.

Set the reels in motion and align symbols to weave harmonious combinations that resonate with the very soul of the jungle. Get ready to journey into the emerald depths, where the mysteries are unveiled through the empowering Bonus Buy feature, and destiny awaits your touch.


Hot Mania

Release Date: September 26

Get set to be captivated by the Hot Mania title, where the reels come alive with a fiery dance of fortune. This heart-pounding 3-reel slot game is sure to ignite your gaming journey!

The fruity symbols – lemons, cherries, plums, and more – form juicy combos. Yet, it’s the central feature, the Extra Win Wheel, that truly turns up the heat, adding an element of suspense to your gameplay!

Spin the reels and allow the flames of luck to guide you through this sizzling slot adventure, where each whirl will leave your heart burning with excitement! 


Catch the Wind 

Release Date: September 28

Step into a daring maritime journey with Catch the Wind, where you’ll join the Captain and navigate the Caribbean Sea in search of hidden treasures, embracing the life of a genuine adventurer.

The game will transport you to the illustrious era of piracy. Match identical symbols to secure your winnings, trigger Free Spins by unveiling the Captain’s Ship symbols, and amplify your rewards with the Walking Multiplier Wilds.

Prepare for an exhilarating escapade amid pirates, untold riches, and the limitless possibilities of the open sea. Chart your course alongside the Captain, and let the gusts of fortune steer your way!

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your gaming offerings this September with Evoplay’s upcoming releases. Reach out to us at [email protected], and let’s explore how you can maximise your profit by enhancing your casino with our newest titles.


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