Strengthening Italian roots: Evoplay teams up with PinterBet

25 March 2024

Having forged partnerships with premier iGaming brands in Italy and establishing a presence on 40% of all online casinos, Evoplay is advancing further in the country with an exciting new collaboration. Meet PinterBet, a leading operator boasting a steadfast and devoted player community and our latest ally in bustling Italy!

Together, we’re pooling our resources to offer the Italian audience the crème de la crème of our iGaming content. This includes beloved titles like Mega Greatest Catch, Inner Fire Bonus Buy, and Penalty Shoot-out. Our gaming portfolio has already garnered praise among Italian players, and we’re confident that teaming up with a new platform will extend its reach to a broader audience.

The partnership with PinterBet marks a significant milestone for us, and we anticipate that our presence in the country will soar to new heights thanks to this agreement.


Evoplay and partner up!

12 March 2024

In a big move to redefine the way players experience crash games, we team up with Renowned for our knack for innovation, we’re pumped about this collaboration, as it provides an optimal platform to roll out our latest creations to a wider audience.

Crash games hold a special place in the iGaming community, and here at Evoplay, we’re diving headfirst into this trend. Our partnership with is about creating more space for players to immerse themselves in our cutting-edge titles.

With our presence on, iGamers can now discover in-depth information about Evoplay’s crash games and explore what sets them apart from the rest!


Evoplay boosts its presence via the EnergyCasino partnership

27 February 2024

Driven by our growth ambitions, we have finalised a valuable partnership with EnergyCasino. The operator is renowned for its big customer base across Europe through its MGA license.

Under the agreement, EnergyCasino will integrate over 60 of our top-notch titles into its platform. Ranging from beloved classics such as Hot Volcano and Fruit Super Nova to innovative gems like The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy, this integration guarantees that our diverse entertainment reaches an even broader audience within the iGaming community.

The deal solidifies Evoplay’s position as a top-tier iGaming provider as we continue our impressive growth trajectory with an intention to accelerate even further.


Evoplay teams up with for games spotlight

23 February 2024

We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Evoplay and, a leading platform renowned for its comprehensive reviews of online casinos, sportsbooks, and games, as well as valuable insights into no-deposit casino bonuses. This collaboration opens up an incredible avenue for us at Evoplay to connect directly with the iGaming community through’s extensive reach.

The partnership allows us to seamlessly integrate information on our cutting-edge releases and innovative products on It has already begun showcasing a selection of our most captivating and entertainment-fueled titles, including sizzling Hot Rio Nights, dynamic Penalty Shoot-out: Street, and the adrenaline-pumping racing masterpiece Adrenaline Rush: Super Boost

We believe this collaboration will enhance players’ gaming experience and foster stronger ties between Evoplay and iGaming fans.


Make it agile: why you shouldn’t overlook flexibility in iGaming marketing

14 February 2024

It feels like we all need a touch of an agile approach in our lives and, definitely, business. And it’s especially relevant when we talk about marketing in iGaming. If you want to stay ahead in the game in such a dynamic industry, where player preferences and trends evolve at a lightning pace, adopting agile strategies ensures your marketing efforts remain effective.


When your experience works for you and pays off

Nothing beats experience. It’s the teacher of all things. In the development of iGaming content, the tendencies observed with already launched products can be easily transferred to the upcoming ones. Analysing released games, assessing their marketing, and identifying what has worked well and what leaves room for improvement serves as an invaluable guide for the future.

The primary role of marketing is to regularly analyze trends, monitor player preferences, and adapt strategies accordingly. Keeping a finger on the pulse of player preferences is paramount. Regular surveys and direct communication channels can provide insights into changing tastes and expectations. Gather feedback, spot patterns, figure out what really clicks.


Quick response

The “power of now” concept is highly relevant in the iGaming industry. What’s a major hit today may fade into obscurity the next day. Quick responses to emerging trends, such as incorporating popular themes or introducing innovative features, can keep the product relevant and attract new players. This principle also holds true for its marketing strategies.

A McKinsey study found that 70% of executives believe that the speed of decision-making will be a key source of competitive advantage in the future. A quick response to shifting market demands and instantaneous optimization of a product and marketing roadmap are paramount for iGaming businesses striving to stay ahead in this fast-paced environment.


Generations change, and so do your marketing strategies

The #1 rule for being reactive and flexible in iGaming is to observe and follow the flow of changing generations. 

So much has been said about Gen Zers (and Millennials) and their approach to consuming online gambling as entertainment. However, we still underestimate the significant influence next gens wield. 

According to YPulse, 95% of Zoomers play games. 

While we’re on the topic of their interest in video games, do you still think iGaming has nothing to offer them? Definitely not!


How we describe Gen Z

  • Imbued with the profound impact of technology, notably the internet and social media.
  • Inherently digital natives, raised in the embrace of technology from their early years.
  • Proficient with the latest tech.
  • Characterized by a brief attention span yet maintaining high standards for content.
  • They are plugged into their smartphones.
  • They appreciate uniqueness and actively seek brands that align with these values.
  • As natives of the digital realm, they are in their element while navigating a variety of digital platforms and devices, displaying a keen interest in consuming content.
  • They possess a clear understanding of the world’s diversity, particularly in entertainment, shaped by their upbringing in the era of the Internet, social media, and smartphones.


How to market to them

In a world where humans’ attention spans are perpetually dwindling, there is a significant difference between capturing consumers’s attention and having them give it to you. With Gen Z, it’s even more true. Their attention span is shrinking to 1.7 seconds *marketer sighs*. So, with them, the “here and now” approach comes into play. 

And, at this juncture, iGaming has a lot to offer.

Let’s illustrate this with Evoplay. To keep up with what Gen Z likes, we’re into making instant and crash games, titles with smaller and faster bets that provide this type of gratification. We also blend gambling with their favorite genres. Our newest flagship title – Adrenaline Rush – is a racing game that offers a skill-based, manual control experience, allowing players to choose their character, car, and map, yet an opportunity to place a bet. 

Genz-ify it! Your content should speak in Zoomers’s tone of voice.


Providing a stellar product tailored to next-gen preferences is just the tip of the iceberg. A savvy marketer goes beyond the basics, remaining adaptable, delving into their desires through thorough research, and incorporating post-launch gamification. This goes beyond games to further promotions; think tournaments, quests, and beyond. The real magic happens when we not only analyze but also deliver tailor-made offers that cater to their cravings.

Adaptability and flexibility are key when targeting Gen Z. Businesses should stay tuned to what’s currently on their radar. What really plays into the hands of the iGaming business is Zoomers’ ideology. For them, gambling is all about entertainment, not a route to financial wealth. 

Gone are the days of exclusively long-term marketing plans. iGaming businesses, especially developers, need to adopt flexibility in their marketing strategies. Agile marketing campaigns that can be adjusted on the fly based on emerging trends or player feedback ensure that promotional efforts remain in tune with the ever-changing landscape. 

Change is the only constant in life. Embrace it.


P.S. Here’s a handy hint-sheet to guide you on what to let go and what to welcome in for agile marketing! Feel free to use it.

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Evoplay shines bright with silver at GGA!

12 February 2024

Evoplay has earned a new wave of recognition at Global Gaming Awards (GGA). Our game, The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy, has been awarded silver in the Product Launch of the Year category. Receiving such an award is a testament to the talent and creativity of the Evoplay team. We’re incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication that brought this title to life and further success.

As we celebrate this achievement, our dedication to raising the bar for excellence in the industry remains unwavering. We keep working to deliver top-notch entertainment products to iGaming. Stay tuned for thrilling new game releases from Evoplay!


From concept to launch: a comprehensive guide to game development strategies

26 January 2024

Imagine a casino game as a stage performance. Before it dazzles the audience, there’s a meticulous preparation with many crucial phases. The flawless execution of each step transforms the game into a masterpiece, ready to captivate players like a well-rehearsed performance.


What sparks the beginning of game development?

Every creation starts with an idea, and game development is no exception. How does a good idea appear? Well, it’s not pulled from a wizard’s hat. It’s all about using effective approaches to generate ideas with the potential to triumph.

First things first, take a thorough look at the markets and what players are vibing with. Data analytics and player surveys will help you understand what appeals to the target audience right now. What types of games are most sought-after? Which themes and mechanics are dominating players’ preferences? Are there any particular features that enjoy extra popularity among the iGaming audience? Each answer will inch you closer to the recipe for a killer game.

Sometimes, you strike gold without looking too far. Your existing games might hold clues. Check out what clicked with players before – that could be your roadmap to fresh, inventive twists. Using this approach led to the creation of our super successful game last year – Penalty Shoot-out: Street. We decided to breathe new life into our previous football-themed game, Penalty Shoot-out, resulting in impressive metrics. 

In the new game, we introduced a Brazillian setting infused with a street football atmosphere and amped up the excitement by enabling players to select a spot on the goal to send the ball. The gameplay turned even more dynamic, which contributed to the title’s triumph. As a result, in 2023, Penalty Shoot-out: Street became one of the best-performing games in Latin America by all metrics (1st by Bet Sum and Round Count, 2nd by Users, and 5th by GGR).

Sometimes, conversely, it’s worth looking more broadly, beyond the iGaming bubble. Scan the scene outside – sports events, films, TV series – what’s got people buzzing? Capture its essence and craft a game that conveys that excitement. Keep the finger on the pulse of what’s going on around you and turn it into the secret sauce of your games. 

After brainstorming ideas, take time to access your possibilities. Limited time, budget, and workforce are some of the challenges that may arise. Give the green light to the ideas that can be implemented with top-notch quality within the desired timeframe. And consider saving complex ideas needing additional resources for more opportune periods. The idea may be the star, but the standing ovation comes from its flawless execution. 


Turning the idea into a well-defined concept

This is the stage when ideas take clearer shape. The crucial tool to use here is the game design document (GDD). It serves as a roadmap for the entire team, ensuring a successful realisation of the game’s vision.

Here are the key components of GDD:

  • Concept of the game: give a brief description of the overall concept and add more information on the visual and thematic elements that will define the game’s atmosphere.
  • Gameplay mechanics and special features: provide a detailed overview of the core mechanics and special features of the game. If that’s a slot machine, these might be Wild and Scatter symbols, multipliers, Free Spins, fixed jackpots, and any other features that enrich your creation.
  • Rules and payouts: outline the rules of the game, minimum and maximum betting limits, and add a list of all the used symbols with their respective payouts for different combinations.
  • Design of the user interface: sketch out or describe in detail how the game is supposed to look. The layout of the game screen, the placement of buttons, and other elements that enhance the player experience are some of the things to consider. It’s worth keeping in mind that easy-to-understand UI is one of the keys to the game’s success. 
  • Graphics and animations: think of the visual aspect of the game, such as background, symbols, animations, and any other graphical elements. All of them should align with the game’s theme and contribute to a more enjoyable and immersive player experience.
  • Background music and sound effects: decide on the audio elements that will best suit the atmosphere and add a captivating touch to your game.

Once the core elements are clearly outlined, graphic designers dive into crafting visuals. The vibrant game’s world starts to emerge gradually.


Developmental mastery and rigorous testing 

As soon as designs are approved, the development phase kicks off. Using appropriate programming languages and tools, developers integrate the designed graphics, animations, and sound effects to bring the game to its final form. Specialists’ experience and skills are the determining factors for the success of your project at this stage. 

You can create a fantastic concept, design stunning graphics, and add top-notch features, but annoying bugs might sneak in, threatening to spoil your masterpiece. What helps to ensure that every aspect of your game will function flawlessly? Rigorous testing is the key. Armed with extraordinary attention to detail, QA team members perform different checks. 

  • Load testing is done to check how well the game performs under expected and peak loads (when, for example, it is played by a large number of users simultaneously).
  • Compatibility testing ensures the correct game’s functioning across various devices and screen sizes.
  • Cross-browser testing specifically focuses on the evaluation of the game’s performance across different web browsers.
  • Bug testing involves identifying and fixing software defects (bugs, in other words) that can negatively impact the game’s functionality, security, or user experience.
  • Performance testing evaluates the responsiveness, speed, and overall efficiency of the developed game under different conditions.
  • Network stability testing helps assess how well the game performs under varying network conditions to ensure, for example, consistent experience for players with different quality of Internet connection.


Crafting a successful release strategy

If you want your new gaming star to shine at its brightest, diligently arrange the stage for its stellar performance. 

A good release strategy begins with choosing the right launch window to maximize visibility and player interest. Factors to consider here are holidays, important industry events, and potential game releases from competitors that can shadow your star.

Next, start generating buzz among the audience using all the power of anticipation marketing.

  • Teasers 

Craft teasers to provide glimpses of the game’s storyline and main features without revealing everything. The goal is to spark curiosity and make players want to get more details. It’s crucial to work well on visual and audio elements to create a strong emotional impact.

  • Social media campaigns

Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to share thematic content, communicate with users, and build a community that eagerly awaits the launch of your game.

  • Email marketing

Craft emails directed at casino operators to share exclusive information and highlight all the benefits the game will bring to them. Ensure that your emails are visually appealing, concise, and contain compelling calls to action for maximum effect.

  • PR

Work closely with gaming journalists, influencers, and media outlets to secure articles and interviews highlighting the unique aspects of the game. Focus on releasing information gradually to build a narrative that captivates the audience’s interest over time.

Don’t consider the game’s release as the final curtain; it is a pivotal scene in the ongoing performance. Maintaining engagement after the launch of the game is essential. Implementation of new features, adding game-related challenges with rewards, and community interaction on different platforms significantly enhance post-release engagement. Just pick the path that will keep your gaming star shining bright for as long as possible.

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iGaming in 2023, a look at Evoplay’s achievements, and 2024 trends

22 January 2024

In retrospect of the dynamic developments in the iGaming landscape during 2023, we have gathered all significant occurrences, highlighting Evoplay’s notable milestones. Our presence has undeniably shaped the industry, setting remarkable yearly benchmarks.

As we turn our gaze to 2024, we anticipate an even more thrilling trajectory for the iGaming sector. In the essence of sharing our foresight, we invite you to explore Evoplay’s comprehensive analysis of the happenings in 2023 and our forward-looking predictions for the industry in 2024.

Read the PDF available at the following link.


Evoplay clinches Innovator 2023 at SlotsWise Gaming Awards!

12 January 2024

Evoplay proudly announces its recognition as Innovator 2023 at the SlotsWise Gaming Awards! This win is a testament to our relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the iGaming industry. At Evoplay, we’ve always believed in challenging the status quo and embracing a groundbreaking approach in every aspect of our business.

Our passion for innovation is deeply ingrained in our DNA, influencing everything from product development to marketing strategies and business expansion. This recognition is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our talented team, who continually strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions that redefine the online gambling landscape. 

As we celebrate this achievement, we’d like to express our gratitude to SlotsWise Gaming Awards for acknowledging our innovation journey!


January joys: Upcoming game releases from Evoplay

3 January 2024

New year, new thrills! And we can’t wait to unveil the exciting lineup of Evoplay’s games slated for release in January.


Winter Star & Winter Star Bonus Buy

Release Dates: January 4 & January 25

In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, we often forget to pause and look up. Yet, in that very act lies an escape from the daily chaos. Gazing at the sky, the soul is filled with peace, and all worries fade away.

From that spirit of tranquillity emerges our new slot game – Winter Star. Set against a crystalline winter sky with stars and occasional flickers of passing satellites, the stage is set for the unfolding actions. Players are invited to experience the magic of the season as they spin the reels adorned with delicious fruits, letters, bells, and the charming Winter Star itself. Aligning to create winning combinations, they bring rewards to lucky sky watchers.

The presence of Wild Symbols and Scatter Pays adds even more excitement. But the real magic lies in players’ hands, as they can navigate their adventure with the special Multichoice Free Spins feature.

An enchanting journey across the crispy sky reaches a new level in Winter Star Bonus Buy. Here, Free Spins aren’t just at the mercy of chance – players can decide when they roll in thanks to the Bonus Buy feature. Each of the purchase options unlocks a distinct experience: players can choose among 8 Free Spins adorned with the thrill of high volatility, 12 Free Spins, offering the optimal balance with medium volatility, and 16 Free Spins with a mild touch of low volatility.


Battle Roosters Bonus Buy

Release Date: January 9

The mightiest birds are gearing up for a triumphant return to the ring in Battle Roosters Bonus Buy. The title of champion and a taste of absolute supremacy are at stake, promising intense battles that can’t be missed.

All enthusiasts are invited to gather around the ring, where emotions are about to erupt, and feathers will vigorously ascend into the air above. And when exhilarating Free Spins are triggered, players turn from mere spectators into the masters of the ring. With the Bonus Buy feature, they have the power to handpick their Hero for epic showdowns against other roosters.  

With every spin, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as these feathery contenders strive to win as many rounds as possible to secure a victory in the fight. Each successful battle propels the chosen Hero closer to the ultimate showdown against the Boss, a formidable and skilful opponent. Triumph over him will not only crown the Hero as the coveted champion but will also shower the player with generous rewards.

Get ready to witness a clash of feathered titans like never before!


Temple of Thunder II

Release Date: January 16

Ancient Greece, steeped in the ethereal glow of myths and legends, continues to enchant contemporary minds with its timeless allure. At its heart stands the majestic Mount Olympus, a realm where gods and goddesses reside, and now, a breathtaking background for our new game – Temple of Thunder II.

Inhabitants of the mortal world are invited to spin the reels and seek the favour of the divine beings. At the forefront awaits Zeus, the ruler of the gods, seated regally upon his golden throne, ready to grant thunderous multipliers to the bravest ones. Beside him, there is Hera, the queen of the gods, who graces the reels with her presence, showering blessings upon those who dare to take a spin. Meanwhile, Hades, the enigmatic god of the underworld, offers a thrilling descent into the depths of hidden riches. 

Let the enchanting magic of Olympus sweep across the reels, bringing Wild, Mystery and Coin symbols to elevate winnings to godly heights. And the presence of Free Spins and Hold & Win Bonus is what gives an extra layer of excitement to this divine gaming experience. Every spin here is a chance to write a new legend and claim the treasures of Olympus!


Let your players explore the thrill-packed world each of our games brings! Contact us at [email protected] to discover ways of setting your casino apart with our exceptional products.

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